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God Level Demon – Chapter 122 Bahasa Indonesia

122 – Lil’ Bros

“Big bro, what will it take for you let us go?” Feng Hetang was really distraught. He is aware that he may be beaten up to within an inch of life now that the scoundrel has him by the throat.

Han Shan and company have a bellyful of anger and regret. If they knew beforehand that the scoundrel is so fierce, they would never have provoked him. But it’s too late now.

Now that the bastard knows that they can’t quit the competition at will. If he doesn’t take this opportunity to torture them, that would be strange.

“You want me to let you go? Those are some unpleasant words! Am I such a villain? Everyone knows that, I, Xia Ping, am a most kind, generous, and helpful person.” Xia Ping showed a righteous expression.

Kind my butt!

Feng Hetang is so mad that his teeth ache. Everyone knows that the bastard is a most cruel and vile character who enjoys torturing others. Just moments ago, Feng Hetang had his arms dislocated the scoundrel god knows how many times.

He even fainted from pain, but then was forcibly woken up. If anyone dared to claim that this guy is kind, he would beat the other party up.

But he won’t say it out loud. He bowed his head and assumed a fawning expression, saying: “Yes, that’s right. Big bro is a most kind person. Since it’s getting late, why don’t you let us go.”

“After all, the competition is what truly matters at the moment. If you’re late, the tokens will be seized by others.”

He can’t wait to leave this devil’s side.

Xia Ping waved his hand: “There’s no rush. We still have three days left. That’s a long time. Let’s take things slowly.”

Take things slowly?!

Feng Hetang and the others gnashed their teeth. The bastard may have time, but they don’t. Three days is neither little nor much. If you don’t pay attention, it will pass in the blink of an eye.

Thinking till here, Feng Hetang gritted his teeth and said, “Big bro, what do you want? Give us a way out. If you want to extort money from us, then we’ll give you as much as we have.”

“No, no, no.”

Xia Ping waved his hand: “Extortion is a crime. I don’t dabble in illegal things. Besides, I’m not short on money.”

“If you don’t want me to target you again, I can do that. You just have to be my lil’ bros during these three days and follow my orders.”

“If I tell you to jump, you will ask how high!”

He declared his terms.

In fact, this is something he has been thinking about for a long time. To get a token and have the qualifications to pass the qualifiers, it will be difficult if he relies on himself alone. He needs helpers.

Without strong helpers at his beck and call, things may become quite troublesome. He may be besieged by students from other schools.

That’s why he decided to recruit Feng Hetang and them as his lil’ bros to strengthen his camp.


Upon hearing this, Feng Hetang’s nose scrunched up from anger. This bastard is really shameless and arrogant! The bastard actually wants him, Feng Hetang, to be his lil’ bro! As if!

As the son of a dignified council member of Skywater City and the boss of Xinbo High School, he has many followers! Only others have ever joined him and become his lil’ bros! For him to become someone else’s lil’ bro, isn’t that a joke?!

“Even if you don’t agree, I won’t torture you anymore. I’m no longer interested in that.”

Seeing the indignant expressions of Feng Hetang’s group of people, Xia Ping waved his hand: “However, I will imprison you in this building’s basement for three days. I hope you are lucky and someone rescues you before the end of the competition.”

After finishing speaking, he prepared to tie these people up.

“Wait, big bro, I agree, I agree to your terms!” When they heard that, Feng Hetang and company were scared half to death and quickly agreed to the other party’s conditions, fearing that they will be imprisoned in the basement if they’re a step late.

If the bastard really does as he said, then they will have participated in the high school martial arts competition for naught! Who will rescue them if they’re imprisoned in the basement?!

Once the three days are over and they return to their families, they will be scolded by their elders. At that time, their future will be over. Their families will no longer invest resources in them.

The scoundrel must have realized that they have a special reason to participate in the high school martial arts competition and can’t be locked up, or else he wouldn’t have made such a threat.

“Really?” Xia Ping raised his eyebrows. “Let me say this upfront. I’m not the sort of person who likes to coerce people. If you refuse, I won’t have any objections.”

Asshole! This is already coercion!

Feng Hetang and them seethed with anger. If they don’t agree, they will be locked up in the basement for three days. If this isn’t coercion, then what is? Furthermore, to say that he’s not the sort of person who likes to coerce people, how shameless.

The bastard’s words were clearly a threat.

“No, no, no. We agree voluntarily.”

“Right, there’s no coercion involved. We’re overjoyed to be big bro’s lil’ bros. It’s our honor.”

“If you have any orders, just give them to us and we’ll fulfill them.”

Although Feng Hetang and the others felt extremely aggrieved, but they still went against their inner sentiment. They nearly vomited from their words. As young masters of rich families, they have never groveled to a mere ordinary person before.

This has is something unprecedented!

But people have to lower their heads when in a disadvantageous situation. Even though they are unwilling, they can only obey the scoundrel’s orders. Anyway, he who has bigger fists stands at the top.

“Well said, well said.” Xia Ping uttered humbly, “I didn’t expect you guys to be so happy to be my lil’ bros. It’s really embarrassing. But I won’t stand on ceremony and will do as you ask.”

Just keep pretending!

Feng Hetang and company were so mad that they felt their teeth ache. At the thought that the scoundrel is going to treat them as his lil’ bros and order them about, they became distraught.

“Alright. In that case, we’ll have to set some rules.” Xia Ping was satisfied. “If any of you dare to contradict me or disobey my orders, I won’t forgive you.”

“I’ll beat you to within an inch of life!”

He glared at Feng Hetang and them with eyes full of murderous intent and used spiritual force to pressure them.


Feng Hetang and the others were awed in an instant. A pressure with the weight of a mountain shrouded and intimidated them, making them tremble all over. This is fear on an instinctual level.

Some of their bad thoughts were extinguished in a flash,. Moments ago, although they joined forces, but they were annihilated nonetheless. If they offend this fiend again, they’ll have to bear the consequences.

If they aren’t absolutely sure, they won’t act rashly.


Xia Ping smiled: “Then I’ll give you guys the first order. Find a truck and collect all the food within the nearby districts.”


The expression of Feng Hetang and company changed. They were taken aback at first, bu then soon realized something and looked at Xia Ping as if he were a devil.


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