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God Level Demon – Chapter 102 Bahasa Indonesia

102 – Unwarranted Misfortune

In the center of Savage Beast Island, at a mountain top.

There are more than 100 tied up students lying on the ground, their faces bruised and swollen. They were caught by the Band of the Cheetah.

Yesterday, when Xia Ping stole the Bloodfruits, the members of the Band of the Cheetah were infuriated. They vowed to find Xia Ping and tear him limb from limb. Unexpectedly, however, they couldn’t find him anywhere. But they met other students.

As a result, the unlucky students were captured, while those who resisted were beaten black and blue.

But the members of the Band of the Cheetah were dissatisfied. After all, they didn’t find the person they were looking for.

“Damn it!”

Lin Bao, boss of the Band of the Cheetah, gritted his teeth: “Where the hell is that bastard hiding? Why can’t we find him?” He was so angry that he stayed up almost all night just to find Xia Ping.

But Savage Beast Island is simply too large, no less than 100,000 square kilometers in area. And there are mountains and forests everywhere. A person hiding on this island is like a needle in a haystack.

“That bastard is a coward. He dares to steal from us, yet he doesn’t dare to com out?”

“If you have the guts, come out and fight us.”

“Once we find that scoundrel, let’s tear him to pieces.”

“No, let’s torture him for half an hour first, or else I won’t be able to vent the resentment that took root in my heart.”

The gangsters commented angrily. In order to find the bastard, they searched for who knows how long. Now they all have dark circled under their eyes. They are quite sleepy.

But that doesn’t matter. Their hatred for Xia Ping is stronger than their desire to sleep.

“Don’t worry. We left a lot of messages all around the jungle. As long as he sees them, he will learn that we caught many students, including his schoolmates.” Lin Bao clenched his fists. “So long as the guy has a bit of conscience, he will give in. He will obediently come to the top of the mountain and be killed by us.”

This is a plot that uses the students as hostages. To tell the truth, although this scheme is old-fashioned, but it is quite effective. The gangsters have previously taken hostages to threaten the police and get a chance to escape.

Since the scoundrel is a student, he believes that the other party will be softhearted, will be unwilling to see the other students die.

“But it’s nearly noon already, yet the guy still hasn’t contacted us. What do we do when noon comes?” Some gangsters are worried that the guy hasn’t seen the messages they left in the jungle. If that were the case, everything they did would be pointless. It would be no different from winking at a blind person.

Lin Bao snorted coldly, “We have to keep our word, or else we won’t be taken seriously. In short, if the guy doesn’t contact us by noon, we’ll start killing these idiots.”

His body exuded intense murderous aura that sends chills down the spine.

When the students heard these words, they turned pale in the face and shivered.

“No! Boss, that bastard has no conscience and is vile through and through. That bastard won’t come to save us. You’ll be killing us for naught.” When he heard Lin Bao’s words, overcome with fear, Zhengde High School’s Han Shan cried foul.

“That’s right. To threaten that shameless Xia Ping with us is a pipe dream.”

“Everyone here has a grudge against him and hates him to the bone. There’s no way he would come to save us.”

“That guy wishes for us to die. When he learns that we were caught, he might dance in celebration.”

“Boss, you should rethink it. It’s useless to threaten Xia Ping with us. It’s really useless.”

The students shouted, aggrieved. They were met with an unwarranted misfortune. Because of that scoundrel Xia Ping, they were caught by the angry gangsters.

In particular, the students from Wuwei Martial Hall are a bit green in the face from fear! They are aware that the bastard is the god of pestilence! Consequently, they wen’t out of their way not to run into him! However, they were still implicated by the shameless scoundrel! What bad luck! There’s no one else as unlucky as them!

“Shut up!”

Lin Bao stared at the students: “You’re lying through your teeth. You’re all fellow students, so how can your relationship with him be bad?”

“Are you trying to take me for a fool?!”

The gangsters looked at the students with grim smiles, thinking that they’re lying. Do they really believe they can escape death by saying that they and Xia Ping are foes? The gangsters won’t be that easily fooled.

Aggrieved that the gangsters don’t believe him, Han Shan said hurriedly, “Boss, we’re telling the truth. We all have a grudge against Xia Ping.”

“You don’t know that scoundrel like we do. That guy’s really loathsome and reprehensible. We all wish to beat him up and pray for his misfortune.”

The other students nodded, fully agreeing with his words.

“You guys, I heard that you’re students from 95th High School. Your relationship with him must be good, right?” Lin Bao stared at the students from 95 High School with a fierce look in his eyes.

He is looking at Xiong Batian, Tao Yun, Gao Sheng, Hong Yu, and others. These people were also quite unlucky. When they went out to hunt savage beasts, they were caught and beaten up by the angry members of the Band of the Cheetah. Their noses are bloody and faces are swollen.

“No at all. I hate that guy to the bone.”

Xiong Batian said angrily: “That guy once gave me a trashing in an arena and sent me to the hospital for a week. The scoundrel further gave me the nickname of big oaf.”

“Since then, no one has called me Xiong Batian again. They all call me big oaf. I, Xiong Batian, used to be the bully of the school, with no one daring to provoke me. But ever since he beat me up, no one is afraid of me any longer. After all, who would be afraid of a big oaf?”

He faced the sky and roared.

“Me too. I was beaten up, as well. I was sent to the hospital for a week and spent more than 100,000 on medical expenses.” Gao Sheng promptly stated, a distraught look on his face.

“I’m the most miserable one.”

Tao Yun complained tearfully, “He humiliated and beat me black and blue on the arena at the time. In the end, I left the arena while crying. The other students started calling me crybaby. Now people mock me whenever I go out, saying that I’m a sissy. I hate him to the bone.”

He cried bitterly, showing his true feelings.

With their discerning eyes, the members of the Band of the Cheetah quickly realized that the students aren’t putting up an act.

“That Xia Ping is really reprehensible.”

“Didn’t expect that even people from the same school have suffered at the hands of that scoundrel.”

“It makes sense. Since they are from the same school, they naturally have a greater chance of running into him.”

“That scoundrel probably started targeting people from other schools after getting bored of bullying his schoolmates.”

“Shit, so that’s why he beat us up several times.”

“Why has no one punished this tyrant yet?”

When they heard the stories of Tao Yun and them, the students looked at one another and felt a sense of camaraderie. Everyone was cruelly oppressed by Xia Ping.


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