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Su Yan is Zhang Nu’s subordinate.

Nancilia is one of Zhang Nu’s vassals.

And Chen Guoguo is a Demon King. Although she’s nowhere near as powerful as Zhang Nu, she is technically equal to him in terms of status. The two of them were originally partners cooperating with each other.

That said, she considers herself a huge fan of the boss Zhang Nu, so she basically is one of said boss’s subordinate’s too.

She has been given permission to freely enter and exit Giantree City.

Chen Guoguo was extremely honored by that.

Normally, Demon Kings would be on their guard against one another.

The boss allowed her to freely enter an important base of his.

What does that mean? It’s unquestionably recognition and faith in her!

Ever since Chen Guoguo came to Giantree City, she ended up getting acquainted with the Hero Su Yan and the city lord Nancilia.

Although their statuses and factions are technically different, the three of them ended up getting along right away, and by now, they’re already fast friends.

Beyond the fact that they personally got along, they each also made up for places where the others were lacking.

Chen Guoguo is a Demon King player. She has the Demon Kings’ chat and market abilities, so she could buy or sell materials that Su Yan might want for her, and she can also share various current information that might be useful.

Su Yan is a Hero player. She has an easy time moving about to any other city, so she can collect information and at the same time collect all kinds of resources in various places. If she works together with Chen Guoguo to then sell those materials to other Demon Kings, the two of them would then be able to split the profits.

Zhang Nu is obviously capable of doing this kind of enterprise too.

The markets of Giantree City can be used to buy tons of resources like food, potions ingredients, various raw materials, etc. There are plenty of materials there that Demon Kings have shortages of.

So long as they can buy low and sell high, the profits from that are pretty great.

That said, Zhang Nu is limited in the amount of time and attention that he has. He doesn’t have the time to spend all day watching the Demon Kings’ Markets, nor does he have the time to haggle out deals with the merchants within the city.

Thus, he simply left that kind of stuff to the Flower Fey Demon King, the Hero girl, and the young city lord to deal with. That way, they could earn some profits from it as well.

“Guoguo, about the seeds, I already told the elders to help collect and buy them, so why don’t you just stay in Giantree City to relax and play for a few days!”

Chen Guoguo was overjoyed at the news, “Thanks lady city lord!”

The Flower Fey Demon King’s race has the ability to improve, develop, and produce seeds.

Chen Guoguo thus needed more and better seeds to start with. Only then can she make even better super seeds with even better effects and higher value. This is her core specialty, as well as the reason why she’s so valued by the boss.

One of her main goals here for coming to Giantree City this time was naturally to collect the seeds for all kinds of rare and valuable plants and ingredients.

This matter is obviously made far easier with Nancilia’s help. She can take advantage of the elves’ connections and sources and help the Flower Fey Demon King to get seeds from all around the Forest.

“Stop calling me city lord!”

“You guys should just call me Nancy!”

The young city lord spoke, “Su Yan’s cards are really fun. Why haven’t I ever imagined that these little paper cards could actually be used for so many interesting little games!”

The Hero girl Su Yan.

Her raw power is the weakest among the three girls.

That said, during all this time, she has been taking a draconian squad to run around everywhere to hunt and kill monsters, so she has improved quite a bit as well. By now, she has reached a high tier among level 2 Elites.

When she heard those words, Su Yan grinned, “If lady Nancy likes it so much, then you can have this set of cards. We have lots more fun stuff still. Next time, let’s bring the boss in too. With the four of us, we’ll have just the right number to play mahjong.”

“What’s mahjong?”

“Hehe. A little game where you create order from chaos!”

Nancilia’s eyes sparkled.

The basic life within a Forest City originally can be considered a wasteland for entertainment!

While Nancilia looks like she’s around 13-14 on the outside, in reality, being an elf, she has actually been living in dullness for several decades now.

She’s never seen board games, cards, or whatnot invented by humans from another world.

She was immediately and intensely hooked, wanting to properly experience each and every one that she can.

Nancilia also quite likes her two new friends.

Although the other elves are quite friendly, due to her status as one who bears the potential to be queen, everyone tends to treat her with awe and respect. The appearance of this Demon King and Hero pair finally let her experience what it’s like to have normal friends for the first time.

Su Yan and Chen Guoguo were having fun too.

In their eyes, Giantree City is filled with gold and opportunities.

For example, they can use the poker cards in their hands to open up a casino, and with it, they’d be able to earn money hand over fist from merchants and the various tribes all around the forest.

There’s no way that the boss has the time or energy to bother with a lot of minor enterprises.

Thus, they, as subordinates, can do it in his place. They’d be able to earn even more gold for the boss, and they themselves would be able to enjoy a portion of the profits as well.

Thus, the three slackers ended up playing cards the entire afternoon.

Then the young city lord planned to take the other two all around Giantree City for a tour.

However, at that moment, she felt an abnormal signal from the northeast.

That’s where the Tree of Life is. Could something wrong have happened to the Tree? Nancilia turned vigilant. The Tree has brought the elves a lot of good, so they must not allow anything to happen to it.

She hurriedly rushed over to the Tree.

It looked like a battle had occurred here.

Nancilia didn’t see any enemy corpses around, but there was an evil aura in the air that made her very uncomfortable

“Miss Gu Yi, what happened here?”

The Ancient Tree High Priest spoke, “A group of unknown elves suddenly appeared near the Tree, but they’ve already been destroyed without doing any damage.”

The young city lord let out a relieved sigh.

The Tree of Life is where the army rotated out from Giantree City is based. Add in the level 3 Lord Ancient Tree High Priest watching over them, that’s more than enough to deal with any sneak attack.

Although this particular sneak attack was not particularly powerful, it’s still enough to greatly concern the young city lord.

The Flower Fey Demon King asked in confusion, “It’s one thing if the attack is from some foolish forest natives, but this is the home turf of the elves, so how is it that evil spirits have appeared here?”

The young city lord frowned deeply, “The Tree of Life is located between Giantree City and the Giantree Forest, so those evil spirits could only have come from one place.”

Su Yan was shocked, “Eh? In that case then, they came out from Giantree Forest? But isn’t that forest a forbidden land of the elves?”

The young city lord nodded, “Yes. That Forest was the earlier home of our race. Our ancestors had lived there for over a thousand years, and our duty for generations after generations was to keep guard over an ancient seal under the Giantree Forest.

The magnificent looking Giantree Forest was originally an enormous seal.

Nancilia’s tribe has settled here originally in order to keep guard over that seal.

Three hundred years ago, however, a problem occurred with the seal, which had brought forth a great disaster, causing enormous casualties among the elves of that time.

Although the chief at the time had used their own life as the price and finally succeeded in repairing the seal, the environment of the Giantree Forest was no longer suitable for habitation.

It’s exactly for that reason that the elves left and then built Giantree City.

This is the history behind the birth of Giantree City.

The young city lord spoke with a frown, “When the elves left Giantree Forest, in order to prevent anything bad from leaving, they activated an enormous barrier over the Forest. Ever since then, no one from the outside could go in, and nothing from inside can come out either.”

“The barrier over the Giantree Forest has been weakening the entire time. Add in the powerful energy disruptions caused by the Tree of Life, a major problem may very well have occurred with it already!”

“This is a major threat to both the Tree of Life and Giantree City!”

It can be said that the situation is bad.

This elven branch was very powerful back when they were at their strongest, but by now, they’ve already declined by a great deal.

They’ve long since lost the ability to repair the barrier.

If the barrier over the Giantree Forest were to completely collapse, while it would be hard to gauge the consequences, it’s one hundred percent guaranteed though that it would threaten the Tree of Life and Giantree City.

Su Yan spoke, “Lady Nancy, what are you so worried about? Even if the current elves can’t deal with it anymore, we still have people above who can be called upon!”

Nancy paused for a moment, “You mean his majesty the Demon King?”

“That’s right. Giantree City is the boss’s territory now, so no matter what kind of demons or ghouls it is, any that dares to threaten this place is basically making an enemy out of the boss!”

Chen Guoguo nodded, “That’s right. I’ll help you PM the boss now. I have faith that the boss can definitely solve the problem!”

That’s true enough.

The elves have gotten used to relying on themselves, so Nancy almost forgot that she now has a powerful backer behind her!

At this moment, she felt even more deeply that subordinating themselves under a great Demon King really isn’t a bad thing after all. Whenever there’s an emergency, he could be brought out to save them.

Chen Guoguo is able to let Zhang Nu understand the situation right away via PM.

He wasn’t surprised at the change with the Giantree Forest at all.

Actually, back when he was building the Tree of Life, he had already noticed the problem with Giantree Forest. He also noticed that the barrier wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

This is an Overlord leveled zone!

He’s never seen the kind before.

This location has high exploration value.

Zhang Nu was quite interested from the start, and he had planned to go exploring it soon for himself. Now that this incident has happened, he won’t be putting it off any longer.

When the Demon King arrived, the entrance to the Giantree Forest was filled with an army of elves.

The Tree of Life elves were mostly calm, but the elves of Giantree City were very worried. After all, the latter had a far better understanding of the secrets of the Giantree Forest.



“Your Majesty!”

The three girls came up to him.

“Our armies are already assembled and prepared!” Nancilia spoke, “We can deploy at your command!”

Zhang Nu thought for a moment before speaking, “The current situation is unknown right now, so the army should stay on standby for now. After all, the target’s just too big and the terrain isn’t very good for mobility either. For now, I plan to first go in myself to check out the situation!”

The young city lord found that quite logical.

This place has already become a forbidden area for the elves, and no one has gone in for 300 years now. Who knows what the situation within is like, so they can’t just recklessly deploy the army right away. Otherwise, it would only cause avoidable casualties.


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