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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 83: Dragon King’s Might! Overwhelming Power! Bahasa Indonesia

The King’s Sanctum is an instantaneous ability.

Its area of effect also works instantaneously.

The moment the skill activated, all targets within the area of effect will all be immediately pulled in, so there was no time to react at all.

Zhang Nu’s sanctum has a radius reaching over 300 meters.

Not only did Du Mingfeng fail to escape and was dragged in, hundreds of other targets within the area were all also pulled into the Sanctum space.

This includes Nancilia and the elves, as well as Gaim, who was charging in at the head of his Berserk Beast City army.

When they realized that they’re now in such a strange space, all of them were utterly confused. Only a few individuals managed to realize the truth of it and reacted with shock.

“Could this be…”

Nancilia had a shocked and disbelieving expression on her face, “The legendary King’s Sanctum. The Demon King actually has the power of a King’s Sanctum! He’s no ordinary dragon! He’s actually a Dragon King!”

As a potential Elf King, Nancilia had inherited uncommon knowledge since birth.

She has a far greater understanding of Sanctums compared to others, so it’s only natural that she would know full well just what it means to be able to use a Sanctum skill!

Dragons are all very powerful, but there are still strong ones and weak ones among them.

Nancilia has such a high status and is so honored all because she is a future Elf King, yet the dragon before her is already a Dragon King!

What does this mean exactly, one might ask?

Even among others of the same race, he’s still a natural born leader!

Nancilia was initially greatly conflicted by her submission to the Demon King and her yielding of her authority as the ruler of Giantree City, but now she felt much better about her decision.

On this continent, dragons stand on top of the food chain.

The status of dragons are higher than that of elves from the start.

A Dragon King is even rarer and nobler than an Elf King.

She herself hasn’t even become a true Elf King yet, so lowering her head to a true Dragon King isn’t really something unacceptable either.

Besides, she’s never even heard of an existence able to reach the King level at only level 3.

The Demon King also has lots of room to grow even further in the future.

Nancilia was by no means the only one shocked. The Third Elder of the elves and Gaim of Berserk Beast City were also stunned. They’ve never seen such an ability, for it to be powerful enough to seal even space itself.

Du Mingfeng immediately drew his pitch black short sword, “Lord Gaim, we’re trapped. At this point, there’s only one option left for us.”

The orc Master of Ten Thousand Gaim wielded a pair of axes. His eyes slowly turned red and violent Qi poured out from him, “Kill this Demon King!”

The hundreds of Berserk Beast City warriors who were pulled in all had their eyes turn red and their muscles started bulging out like mad.

Zhang Nu glanced over.

[Berserk Beast City Master of Ten Thousand: Gaim]. Level 3 Lord unit. 500 HP, 100 MP… Skills: Unlimited Berserk (Talent Skill), Berserk Beast Qi (B Rank), Rage (C Rank), Raging Mountain Splitter (C Rank), etc…

[Orc High Berserker]. Level 2 Elite unit… Skills: Berserk (Talent Skill), Berserk Beast Qi (D Rank), Wild Charge (D Rank).

The army led by Gaim are all Berserkers, who are one in a hundred among orcs.

They have the Talent Skill Berserk, which allows them to go mad in battle, to have the courage to charge forward no matter how strong the enemy they’re facing is. It also allows them to resist various mental attacks and control from negative statuses.

The King’s Sanctum can seal normal skills, but Talent Skills are unaffected.

This is also why, even when facing a terrifying Demon King, that group still charged forward without hesitation. After going berserk, they basically have no intellect to speak of.


With a roar, a pillar of Dragon Flame blasted forth.

The instant that this enormous pillar of dragon flame fell upon the orcs, their armor and weapons all melted away before they were completely turned to ash and blown away.

The Demon King shifted his head and the pillar of Dragon Flame swept about at a fast speed.

All the orcs who got caught up were turned to ash. Not a single orc was able to withstand it for so much as a second.

[You’ve slain an orc berserker. Gold +80!]

[You’ve slain an orc berserker. Gold +80!]

[You’ve slain an orc berserker. Gold +80!]

[You’ve slain an orc high berserker. Gold +800!]


Zhang Nu’s player screen was instantly filled with kill messages.

His enemies were being wiped out so fast that saying that they’re being mowed down would be an understatement.

These orc berserkers are undoubtedly an elite army, but they’re still being wiped out so easily.

One reason for that is the vast difference in power. A level 1 or 2 Elite trying to go up against a Level 3 King is unquestionably complete suicide.

The second reason for it is that their full abilities are being suppressed. They can’t use any of their skills, and this includes their qi.

Without the protection of their qi, their only defense is their raw flesh and blood, yet not there’s no way such things can withstand Dragon Flames even if they’re made of steel!

Otherwise, if these berserkers weren’t being suppressed by the Sanctum and were still able to use their qi, then while their fate won’t change much, they’d at least be able to cost Zhang Nu more MP. In such a case, with enough numbers, it may actually be possible to cause him some small issues.

Soon, under the baptism of Dragon Flame, the several hundred berserkers have all died out.

At this point however, Gaim managed to charge through right up to Zhang Nu.

The Demon King hit him with a direct blast of Dragon Flames, but Gaim erupted with qi, which acted like a barrier, blocking the Dragon Flame.

However, the Dragon Flame is just too powerful.

Plus, Zhang Nu got the Fire God’s Blessing from killing Wang Gang, so his fire elemental attack is not something that can be easily withstood.

Gaim used his qi to defend with all his might, but he was still badly burnt. His HP quickly withered away under the continuous force of the Dragon Flame.



Gaim’s Talent Skill is “Unlimited Berserk”. The worse his injuries are, the stronger the berserk effect is, and thus the greater his combat power becomes.

He’s not one of Berserk Beast City’s Masters of Ten Thousand for nothing.


Gaim pushed back against the force of the flames and erupted with another wave of Qi to bounce the Dragon Flames pushing against him away, raised his red hot battleax into the air, and struck!

A Raging Mountain Splitter struck the dragon!

With a bang, Gaim’s battleax shattered!

It was a good weapon, but after taking continuous attacks from Dragon Flame and then taking the reflected damage from the Adamantine Dragon Body, it finally reached the end of its rope and shattered.

Gaim seemed to have recovered from his berserk state then.

He just stared, disbelieving.


“You’re quite strong!”

“For you to actually have dealt a minor flesh wound to me.”

“In that case, as a reward for your bravery, I’ll grant you a quick death!”

The Demon King opened his mouth again, and Dragon Flame gathered within it. At the same time, hundreds of bolts of scarlet lightning bolts also gathered, merging into this blast of Dragon Flame.

The scarlet abyssal lightning and crimson abyssal dragon fire.

Two completely different but similarly violent energies were combining in an unbelievable way, finally giving birth to a new type of energy.

That energy has never been seen before.

It has the speed and fury of lighting, combined with the continuous burning effect of fire.

Zhang Nu launched this blast of Abyssal Thunderflame at Gaim, who was still in midair!

Gaim furiously drew upon his qi to try to defend, but he knew that it was pointless. This new attack is ten times quicker and stronger than the Dragon Flame from before!

Gaim really has never seen such terrifying power before!

This far exceeded the limits of what he’s capable of withstanding.

Even that legendary father of his might not be able to take on such an attack, so how could he possibly do it?

“Is this the difference between us?”

“I’m not even in the same league as the Demon King!”

The orc’s qi was instantly vaporized and the Abyssal Thunderflame slammed into him, instantly blasting him into charred pieces.

[You’ve slain a Berserk Beast City’s Master of Ten Thousand. Gold +25000!]




None of those stark words are able to fully describe Du Mingfeng’s feelings at this moment.

Even the Level 3 Lord, Gaim, was only able to last a few short moments against the Demon King.

Du Mingfeng is even weaker than Gaim.

Faced with this oppressive and overwhelming power, any plots or tricks are completely pointless.

The Demon King looked down upon him and asked, “Do you have any last words?”

Du Mingfeng immediately spoke, “Don’t kill me. I’ll swear loyalty to you. With my ability, I’ll definitely be of worth to you!”

The Demon King smiled.

This made hope bloom in Du Mingfeng’s heart.

Yet, who could have expected that the next moment, a blast of Dragon Flame suddenly fell, completely enveloping him.

“I have no need for overly ambitious subordinates!”

Such people definitely won’t truly be loyal to anyone else.

Du Mingfeng is this kind of person. Ambitious people like him are basically like a poisonous serpent. While they might submit when they’re weak, they’d definitely bite back if they ever find an opportunity.

Perhaps Du Mingfeng’s capabilities exceed that of Su Yan by hundreds of times, but a Hero like that cannot be allowed to remain.

Best just to kill him and be rid of any worries!

[You’ve slain a level 3 Hero. Soul +1. Skll Stone +1!]

Zhang Nu let out a breath. Constantly maintaining DPS while also maintaining the Sanctum was quite exhausting, even for him.

That said, Du Mingfeng is dead now.

So is Gaim of Berserk Beast City.

This battle is basically already over now.

The elves who were watching all this from the side were all still frozen in shock.

Is this the might of a Dragon King?

That’s way too shocking!


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