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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 78: Dragon King’s Sanctum! True Might of a King! Bahasa Indonesia

The three skill stones dropped by the four Heroes are as follows:

[Fire God’s Blessing]. B rank skill.

[Shadow Leap]. C rank skill.

[Tempest Strike]. C rank skill.

The Fire God’s Blessing is the orc Hero’s ability.

It greatly increases fire element attacks and resistance.

Shadow Leap is the wing-kin Hero’s ability. It’s a skill suitable for assassination or infiltration.

Those two skills are quite good even for Zhang Nu.

Zhang Nu didn’t hesitate and learned them right away.

[Fire God’s Blessing]. Passive skill. Fire element attacks +60% damage. Fire element damage resistance +100 points.

This skill is indeed very useful.

It can greatly increase the damage of the Dragon Flame.

As for the damage resistance, it’s a pretty useful stat as well.

As an example, suppose a single Dragon Flame from Zhang Nu deals 200 points of damage. If the target has 100 points of fire resistance, then they’d only take 100 points of damage in the end.

Back in the fight, Wang Gang didn’t die from being burned.

In the end, he was one-shot by the Abyssal Thunderflame.

He could withstand the Dragon Flame attacks.

The reason for that, besides his qi skills and high defenses, the greater reason for that is due to him having fire element damage resistance.

This kind of damage resistance has no connection to one’s defense or levels. It simply directly weakens any damage dealt.

[Shadow Leap]. Costs 20 MP to enter shadow space for up to 5 seconds, during which movement speed +200%. Every second costs 5 MP. Skill has a cooldown duration of 12 seconds.

This is absolutely a great skill.

It doesn’t come with any invisibility or stealth effects.

However, shadow space is an extradimensional space, one which most detection methods cannot sense at all. Thus, the effect generated is that the user would suddenly disappear and reappear, as if having teleported.

This skill is not only suitable for assassination, it can also be used to avoid the vast majority of attacks.

It’s a very useful ability to have.

Zhang Nu was very satisfied with those two skills. As for the last skill stone, “Tempest Strike”, it’s an attack skill that combines wind and lightning element damage.

It’s a very powerful magic.

That said, Zhang Nu has Abyssal Dragon Flame for short and area of effect attacks, and for long lange and instantaneous surprise attacks, he has Abyssal Lightning. If he needs to break through defenses or one-shot an enemy, he could use Abyssal Thunderflame for that. Although he doesn’t have all that many skills or variety, they work extremely well in covering all eventualities.

A skill of this rank and power wouldn’t get Zhang Nu any real improvement.

Although all three skill stones are quite good, they could really only count as side dishes. The real main course here is the Hero’s Souls.

He immediately sacrificed them without waiting.

[You’ve sacrificed a level 3 Hero’s Soul. 230 Talent Points gained!]

[You’ve sacrificed a level 3 Hero’s Soul. 200 Talent Points gained!]

[You’ve sacrificed a level 3 Hero’s Soul. 210 Talent Points gained!]

[You’ve sacrificed a level 3 Hero’s Soul. 210 Talent Points gained!]

Just as expected.

The higher leveled the Hero is, the better the quality of their Soul.

Level 2 Hero Souls yield over 10 times the points that level 1 Souls do when sacrificed, and the talent points from sacrificing level 3 souls are also over 10 times that of level 2 Souls.

Just sacrificing four souls got him 850 Talent Points! (T/N: Raw text had a distribution of 250, 210, 220, 230. However, that doesn’t add up, and additional text confirms the 850 total. Thus, I edited the numbers to make things add up. Not sure if this is an issue with the raws I’m working off of or if the author failed at math again…)

This really is rather terrifying. It’s even more than what he got from a few days ago, when he attacked Giantree City and killed over 200 Heroes all put together!

That was just great!

He seriously wanted to just open up the gates and invite in even more Heroes to come and try to assassinate him.

If something like this were to happen a few more times, then wouldn’t it end up helping him level up in mere moments? Level 3 to level 4 isn’t difficult at all!

Of course, this is just the Demon King’s personal opinion.

For over 90% of Demon Kings, if they’re targeted by solo Heros on the level of Wang Gang’s group, then it would definitely be practically a death sentence. In that case, they’d likely end up being too scared to even close their eyes at night anymore.

Only the rarest of super big shot Demon King would have the capability to consider such high leveled Heroes mere EXP bundles.

Zhang Nu had 705 Talent Points to start with. Now that he gained 850 Talent Points, that makes 1555 Talent Points in total.

A level 3 Talent costs 1000 Talent Points, so he can activate a level 3 Talent now.

Zhang Nu only has three Level 3 Talents: Dragon King’s Sanctum, Evil Dragon Descends, and High Anti-Magic.

There’s no real need to explain High Anti-Magic.

It’s just a stronger version of Medium Anti-Magic, raising the negation rank from C rank to at least B rank.

Zhang Nu’s current Anti-Magic and magic resistance is already strong enough for now. Even if someone were to attack him with a level B skill, the damage dealt won’t be any real threat to his life, so there’s no need to be in such a hurry to raise his Anti-Magic level.

Having removed one choice, there are two more still left.

Dragon King’s Sanctum is a kind of territory type skill.

These kinds of skills are extremely rare. Not only does it greatly increase one’s combat power, it also has extremely strong crowd control ability, so its combat value is very high.

Evil Dragon Descents should be a transformation type skill.

This skill can greatly increase one’s combat power, and when transformed, his various skills will change in effect, becoming similarly powerful.

Zhang Nu decided to activate the Dragon King’s Sanctum.

[You’ve activated the level 3 Talent, “Dragon King’s Sanctum”!]

[Dragon King’s Sanctum]. Talent Skill. Costs 50 MP per second. Creates a Royal Territory with a radius of 300 meters. Within the Territory, all of the user’s stats +50%, all skills +50% damage. TArgets within the Territory are sealed: Skill damage -25%, skills under C rank are sealed, and take -15 HP per second…

Zhang Nu was shocked.

That skill is a bit too powerful!

Not only can it greatly increase his own combat power, it will also seal all of his enemies’ skills below C rank while at the same time dealing damage every second that ignores physical and magical defenses.

Just that would already be terrifying enough, but this isn’t all there is to this skill’s effect.

Not only can it be activated instantly, it also has a lockdown and imprisonment effect.

Sanctums are independent spatial dimensions. Anyone dragged into one will never be able to escape unless either the dimension shuts down on the one who created the dimension is defeated.

Be it flight, movement skills, or spatial magic. None of those tricks will work to let one leave the dimensional space.

This is also why Zhang Nu decided to choose this skill.

From now on, no Hero will be able to use spatial magic or teleportation scrolls to get away from him.

Besides that, this kind of territory skill is also known as a Royal Territory!

The ones on this continent with a Royal Territory Talent are beyond rare.

Only true kings or queens have the possibility of activating a Royal Territory.

This is direct proof of one’s status and power.

Why is Nancilia so important to the elves?

It’s because she has the potential to mature to an Elf Queen!

It’s because she’s someone with the potential to be a King leveled being that, even if she was a useless girl without the slightest leadership ability, she would still be worshiped by the elves like their treasure.

For any race, the position of a King is extremely high.

A King’s value is unlimited.

Just the status alone is enough to draw in countless followers.

Now that Zhang Nu has the ability to activate a Royal Territory, this means that he has reached the level of a King.

Of course, Zhang Nu also knows that there are strong and weak individuals among Kings.

Even if Kings are one in a billion, no matter how small a portion of the population they are, on a continent as enormous as this one, their numbers will be enormous… This continent has never been short on Kings!

He had just entered this level, so he’s still a long way from being able to rest safely.


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