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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 68: Destroy Both Sides, Release the Hellfire Bahasa Indonesia

Du Mingfeng’s bad feeling was getting stronger and stronger.

With the draconian priest, draconian general, and the draconian army there, they made the originally easy to annihilate Flower Fey Demon King into an exceptionally hard target.

The worst part of it is, be it the draconian general before him or the draconian priest at the back, it’s possible that neither of them were the Demon King at all and were instead just the Demon King’s subordinates.

If that really is the case, then the situation looks bad.

No matter how much Du Mingfeng didn’t want to believe that worst case guess, the chances of said guess turning true is also very high, which would render this current battle meaningless.

They have little choice but to retreat then.

Du Mingfeng seized an opportunity.

Just as he was about to announce a retreat, however, an enormous pressure swept across the area from the sky. It instantly made all the elves there freeze in shock and even Du Mingfeng himself was affected by the Dragon Fear.

“My lord!”

The draconian priest and draconian general immediately bowed.

Flower Fey Chen Guoguo’s eyes widened, “What? Boss personally came?”

She hurriedly raised her head to search for him.

At that moment, a powerful and majestic looking figure appeared right over the battlefield.

Because it was too far away and had the sun behind it, there was no way to clearly see his face. However, everyone clearly felt the powerful pressure on them and Chen Guoguo turned excited.

This is real!

Really, as expected of the boss!

This aura is incomparable!

Chen Guoguo’s eyes practically had stars in them.

Her excitement is like that of a fan seeing their idol!

Du MIngfeng’s face turned cold though.

What a terrifying presence!

What a powerful aura!

Looking at the draconians’ behavior, there’s no room for any doubt.

“Hmph. So you’re the Demon King of Darkness Valley?!”

The Demon King’s powerful voice came, “Correct. If you surrender now, you deluded fools, you may still have the chance to live!”


“Don’t you think that’s laughable?”

Du Mingfeng’s thoughts raced.

The Demon King himself finally appeared!

This kind of chance is extremely rare, so why not take this chance and throw everything at him?

Even if it ends up costing the lives of the entire elven army here!

So long as it kills this terribly difficult and unknown Demon King, then that price is completely worth it. After all, right now, the Demon King is the only being capable of threatening him in this area!

Even if the loss of this elven army makes him lose the chance to be the deputy city lord, or even his status as a guardian elf!

That’s still worth it!

Du Mingfeng is confident in his strength and ability.

He has countless methods to rise up again. Giantree City will be his sooner or later!

“Everyone, listen!”

“This is the moment where your loyalty is tested!”

“Giantree City will have no peace so long as this Demon King exists!”

“For the city lord, for our people, for our home, we have to slay this threat, even if it costs us all our lives!’

Under Du Mingfeng’s speech, the elves resolved themselves for death.

These elves are pretty strong to begin with, and they’re also utterly loyal to Giantree City. Du Mingfeng has faith that so long as they concentrate fire, there’s no way the Demon King can get away unscathed no matter how strong he is.

Even if that still isn’t enough in the end, he still has his last resort.

Either way, he has to kill that Demon King on this day.

Zhang Nu laughed, however, “Most courageous. However, before you attack, how about you take a look and see who this is!”

Zhang Nu grabbed a person.

Or, more accurately, he grabbed an elf.


“Her ladyship!”

“It’s her ladyship, the city lord!”

“Oh no, her ladyship was captured!”

The elves there immediately started falling into chaos. Du Mingfeng also showed a disbelieving expression. The Demon King is holding the city lord hostage? How is this possible!

The young city lord never leaves Giantree City, so there’s no way this is possible unless the Demon King had directly assaulted Giantree City to capture her!

However, that’s even more impossible!

Giantree City is protected by a barrier.

Beyond that, it also had enormous amounts of defenses and many powerhouses on standby. The young city lord is exceptionally powerful herself, so there’s no way anyone could deal with all that!

With the hostage shown, the elves didn’t dare to do anything out of fear that harm might come to the hostage.

No one dared to attack anymore.

It made the morale that had just risen up despite the difficulty immediately fall to the bottom.

Du Mingfeng immediately shouted, “Don’t be fooled everyone! This is a trick from the Demon King! How could he possibly capture her ladyship? Ignore it! Attack already!”

When they heard that, the elves hesitated in uncertainty.

At this point, Zhang Nu spoke to Nancilia, “You should know what to do now, right?”

Nancilia grinded her teeth.

After a brief bit of mental turmoil, she spoke, “Stop! You’re no match for him. Don’t increase the number of meaningless casualties. I permit you all to lower your weapons and surrender!”

With that, it’s basically confirmed that it’s no illusion or puppet.

This is the real, accept no substitute, city lord of Giantree City.

Although Nancilia felt extremely unwilling and humiliated, she had no other choice than to do what she just did. Otherwise, none of her people here would be able to keep their lives.

She had personally experienced the Demon King’s might after all.

Although Nancilia seriously considered her loss an unfair one, she did have to admit that this Demon King’s physical and magical defenses are unbelievably high!

Despite the concentrated attacks of Giantree City, he was still able to leave completely unharmed.

Nancilia did not think that a mere 700-800 elves would be able to threaten him.

Besides which, the draconian and flower fey armies were still just waiting for an opportunity not so far away. They were currently closing in and were getting ready to perform an encirclement.

They had no chance of winning!

In order to protect them, this is the only choice she could make!

If they don’t surrender now, then they really won’t have the chance anymore.

Nancilia spoke out in a commanding tone, “Lay down your weapons!”

The elves are extremely loyal to their lady and the city lord has said this much. Thus, after a brief moment exchanging glances with each other, they decided to throw away their weapons in the end.

“Stop that!”

“What are you doing?”

“How can you yield to the Demon King!”

Du Mingfeng lost control over his emotions and turned furious.

The elven warriors just looked at each other. All of them wanted to stare at Du MIngfeng like he’s an idiot.

Are you a freaking idiot!

Don’t you see that her ladyship is being held hostage?

All elves know that the young city lord has the bloodline of the elf king. Her existence, in some ways, is even more important than Giantree City itself.

Du Mingfeng is a Hero first and foremost though, and he had emphasized the threat of the Demon King over and over.

However, before this, the Demon King had never taken any actions against Giantree City. The current result is all because of the Heroes provoking the war with the Demon King.

“Useless trash!”

“I knew that I couldn’t depend on you!”

Du MIngfeng’s gaze turned dark.

Although he didn’t want to use this trump card, he had no other choice now with how things currently are.

His expression suddenly turned vicious and cruel, “In that case then, all of you can go and die!”

Zhang Nu suddenly detected a bit of abnormal magical disturbance.

He couldn’t take things lightly.

Du Mingfeng is no ordinary Hero. He has killed at least a dozen Demon Kings after all.

The Ironblooded Heroes Guild have killed at least several dozen Demon Kings.

Thus, with so many Demon Kings, they must have gained countless treasures from it. Thus, Du Mingfeng likely has an extreme level of versatility in terms of Talent Skills and special items.

As the leader of a Heroes guild, he definitely has a lot of trump cards hidden away!

Zhang Nu raised a hand to blast out a bolt of lightning, but the instant it was about to strike Du Mingfeng, a magic scroll activated, warping the space around him.

In that instant, Du MIngfeng vanished.

Zhang Nu frowned, “Teleportation scroll?”

A Hero on that level had lots of options, as expected!

With this kind of instantaneous spatial teleportation scroll, not even he, as strong as he is, could prevent an escape unless he somehow got his hands on a way to seal and lock down dimensional space.

Just then, Nancilia let out a gasp.

“Oh no! Run away, quick!”

A dark green stone was left where Du Mingfeng used to be before his teleportation.

That dark green stone had a large number of cracks on the surface, and a great deal of ominous looking green flames erupted out, instantly lighting up over a dozen elves around it.

Awful screams rang out, the flames spread and grew like mad, and elves fell.

The green flames acted intelligently like it was alive, and it purposefully spread out in multiple directions to reach out and spread itself to new targets.

In the blink of an eye, it had spread from a dozen or so elves to several tens of elves.

They were all covered in flames that couldn’t be put out no matter what they did.

Those flames quickly spread like an infectious plague.

Nancilia’s face was chalk white, “It’s over. That’s hellfire which burns its target’s MP as fuel!”

“This kind of magical fire cannot be put out by normal means. It will break apart and spread out uncontrollably for some time and consume all nearby targets with MP!”

Given the speed that it’s showing, the entire elven army would be burning within a minute at most and be burned alive by those flames that stuck to them like glue.

Plus, until the flames go out on their own, they will continue to spread like dandelion seeds, allowing them to cover everything in an area over a dozen kilometers around.

In just a few minutes, all targets that can be burned within that area will be lit on fire and burned to death.

It’s a kind of indiscriminate and very vicious attack method without any regard to friend or foe.

Du Mingfeng had used the entire elven army as fuel for the flames to increase its spread. When the hellfire grows large enough, it would be able to consume the Myriad Flower Valley’s army and even the Demon King and young city lord as well.

Kill them all in one go and leave no one alive to speak of it.

That was the best result for Du MIngfeng.

If that happened, then the use of the extremely valuable magic stone would have been more than worth it.

Nancilia was anxious beyond words. She could never have imagined that the guardian elf Du Mingfeng would have used such a vicious tactic.

Not only did he sacrifice the entire elven army, he even attempted to kill her as well!

Zhang Nu considered the pros and cons of intervening, but in the end, he did still raise a hand and released a mass of black fog at the spreading green flames.

“Abyssal Devouring!”

Zhang Nu absorbed the hellfire on the elves, disappearing those magical flames and successfully saving the lives of those elves.

Nancilia was stunned.

The Demon King gave up on chasing down his target and decided to save those elves instead.

Why did the Demon King, described as unimaginably evil, save them?

Yet the guardian elf of Giantree city, after gaining the status of a chosen Hero, turned so vicious and unscrupulous?

Are Demon Kings really unforgivably evil?

Do Heroes really represent justice?

Nancilia felt confused. Maybe the situation isn’t actually like what she had thought. When it comes down to it, she had never really understood the beings known as Demon Kings or Heroes!


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