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He didn’t manage to find any natives, but these ruins are worth exploring too.

Zhang Nu immediately headed over with the draconian soldier. He wanted to test out his most basic combat unit’s strength.

“It’s quite eerie!”

“This village doesn’t seem all that big.”

“Although, back when it was prosperous, it should have a population of about maybe a thousand or so.”

As he headed into the Darkness Ruins, he felt like he was entering a graveyard and the environment became chilling. Some kind of evil energy is obviously still affecting this place even after over a hundred years of being abandoned.

Not a few steps in, targets have started appearing.

[Skeleton Soldier]. Level 1 normal monster. Formerly the residents of this woodland village. They died due to the village lord’s evil experiments and were turned into skeleton soldiers by necromantic energy… Abilities: Strong Swing (F rank), Aura of Undeath (F rank).

Two skeletons covered in rags stood up.

Those undead monsters have no concept of fear, so they were completely fearless even when facing a Demon King. Thus, they charged forward swinging a bone sword.


“Destroy them.”

Zhang Nu didn’t personally take action.

The draconian soldier roared out and charged out from behind. The soldier crossed the rugged ruins in an instant, with a speed far outstriping even the fastest human olympic sprinter.

Spear Stab!

The spear lashed out in a blur!

A skeleton’s head instantly exploded!

It was basically instantly killed.

The other skeleton soldier swung down with its bone sword, but was easily blocked by the draconian soldier’s spear. It was then forced back after another two or three blows.

With a snap, a tail sweep shattered the skeleton soldier’s legs.

A follow up spear stab ripped apart its skull.

[You’ve slain a skeleton soldier. Gold +5!]

[You’ve slain a skeleton soldier. Gold +5!]

Zhang Nu nodded. Although it’s the weakest combat unit, the draconian soldier’s power isn’t bad at all. It could probably take down at least seven or eight monsters like these skeletons soldiers.

Skeleton soldiers are only normal monsters.

And draconian soldiers are elite monsters!

Zhang Nu also discovered that when his subordinates kill a target, it counts the same as if the Demon King did it and similar rewards will be generated without any reductions.

That’s great.

After all, as a Demon King, there’s no way that Zhang Nu could do all the battling himself.

“Well done. Time is valuable though, so let’s not just kill them one by one. Go and wake up all the other undead nearby.”

“Yes sir!”

The draconian soldier immediately turned into a black blur and all the skeleton soldiers in his passing were woken up. Then, they all got up amidst the ruins.

Not long after, the draconian soldier was being chased by 10 to 20 skeleton soldiers.

He couldn’t deal with that many skeleton soldiers at once, but he is very quick and agile, so the skeleton soldiers can’t catch him either.

Instead, a portion of those skeleton soldiers locked onto Zhang Nu.

Those skeleton soldiers let out a horrifying clacking noise, raised their bone swords and swung them down onto Zhang Nu.

Zhang Nu didn’t dodge.

He took that blow on purpose.

It’s because he wanted to test out his own defensive ability.


It just clanged off.

There wasn’t even so much as a mark.

The skeleton soldier didn’t even manage to break a scale.

Instead, it was the skeleton soldier’s bone sword that got shattered by the impact.

“So weak?”

Zhang Nu reached out with his hand and grabbed it.

He grasped its skull and lifted it up from the ground like it was a helpless chick. The skeleton soldier struggled with all its might, but it couldn’t get out at all.

Zhang Nu squeezed slightly.

A clear snap rang out.

The skeleton’s head couldn’t withstand it and the entire skull instantly shattered into dozens of pieces.

[You’ve slain a skeleton soldier. Gold +5!]

The other skeleton soldiers continued to charge fearlessly at him.

Zhang Nu pushed off the ground with his right foot and instantly became a blur. He passed through those skeleton soldiers. Everywhere his claws and tail passed through, the skeleton soldiers were all shattered into dust.

He was simply too fast.

The skeleton soldiers didn’t even have the chance to react.

[You’ve slain a skeleton soldier. Gold +5!]

[You’ve slain a skeleton soldier. Gold +5!]


This can’t even be called a battle.

That said, although there’s no excitement of battle here, it did bring him the joy of mowing down grass.

Zhang Nu finally got an idea of just how powerful he was. Compared to him, the Demon King, undead of this level aren’t even in the same dimension.

The draconian soldiers continued to move around, but he discovered that he could no longer pull new monsters anymore.

At this moment, a dangerous presence appeared. This presence wasn’t any weaker than him. It can even be said to be stronger by about 30%.

The next second, a dark red fireball blasted toward him.

The draconian soldier agily dodged it. The fireball struck the broken wall behind him. Its power was comparable to a rocket propelled grenade.

Zhang Nu looked on over, “Eh? An elite monster!”

This skeleton is different from all the others. It wore a set of tattered robes and it had a long bone staff in its hand.

[Skeleton Mage]. Level 1 elite monster. This was the lord of the woodland village. He used to be a mage obsessed with magic. Currently, he’s been transformed by necromantic energy into a skeleton mage. He still has a portion of his magical abilities from back when he was alive… Skills: Necromantic Fireball (E rank), Chain Fireball (E rank), Lesser Magic Shield (F rank)

The skeleton mage got ready to keep attacking.

The power of its magic was quite decent.

It’s quite a threat if it actually hits the draconian soldier.

Zhang Nu pushed off the ground and instantly charged before it.

The skeleton mage hurriedly released a transparent magic shield.

Zhang Nu shifted slightly and his draconic tail swept forth like an iron whip. It instantly shattered the shield and continued forward to cut the skeleton mage in half at the waist, making it lose the ability to move. Then, Zhang Nu followed up with a stomp, shattering its head.

“Elite monster?”

“So that’s all it is!”

“It doesn’t actually feel all that much stronger though!”

[You’ve slain a skeleton mage. Gold +50!]

[You’ve conquered the Darkness Ruins. You gained Black Iron Chest x1!]


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