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“This Demon King is on her last legs!”

“Congratulations to the boss for another successful Demon King hunt!”

The ten plus Ironblooded Heroes next to Zhou Kun were all level 1 Elites at the least, with several of them having reached level 2 Elite even.

Even just those Heroes were by no means easy to deal with.

Plus, Zhou Kun himself hasn’t taken any actions thus far either.

This just goes to show that the demon subjugation army hasn’t shown all its cards yet, but even so, they still managed to hold such a decisive advantage against the Demon King. Thus, this battle was practically decided already.

Thus, the subordinates decided to engage in some flattery, which Zhou Kun himself was quite happy with.

“This Demon King only has two cards left to play. The first is the defensive structure “Tree Guardians” and the other being her boar-kin squad. However… Those are nothing to be feared!”

It was easy to see that the Ironblooded Heroes Guild are rigorous in their actions.

Every single time they challenge a Demon King, they would collect as much information as possible, lower as much risk as possible, use tactics specifically aimed at their enemies, and thus leave no way out for the Demon King in question.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Objects screamed through the air!

Several truck sized boulders flew out from inside the valley and slammed right into the ogre squads with terrifying speed and force.

After several impacts, many ogres had their shields shattered and themselves crushed.

It was the Flower Fey Chen Guoguo’s defensive structure, the Tree Guardians!

Tree guardians are a special kind of structure. They’re quite similar to treants in appearance, with solid bodies, thick arms, but are unable to move.

Their arms allow them to attack enemies in melee range, but as an inmobile structure, their main ability is their ability to create giant boulders to throw as a ranged attack.

Chen Guoguo has two Tree Guardians.

They were built near her Demon King Altar.

Since the demon subjugation army had entered their attack range, they started attacking with their boulder throws, which did manage to successfully force a few openings into the ogre shield troop formation.

However, it couldn’t do much to change the tide of the battle.

The Heroes have long since made preparations against them.

Zhou Kun sneered, “Deploy the mage squad!”

This demon subjugation army has a special squad within it. It’s made of 25 elves, and all of them were dressed like mages.

They were the elves of Giantree City.

A group that Du Mingfeng specifically sent along to aid them.

Of them, the weakest were level 1 Elites.

As the elven mages chanted, one fireball after another flew out. Thus, the boulders were blown apart in midair before they could land.

Chen Guoguo was chalk white.

Were even the Tree Guardians useless here?

The only force she has left that she can use is the boar-kin army she summoned from the Boar-kin Camp, but can they really turn the tables here?

She only had about 100 boar-kin in her army.

Of them, only about 10 were Elites.

How are they supposed to hold back the Ogre formation before her?

She’s already lost this battle!

She won’t be able to stop them no matter what!


“Demon King, you’re already out of tricks now!”

“But we haven’t even started warming up yet!”

Zhou Kun had a vicious expression on his face, “Everyone berserk. Begin the assault.”

The ogres roared out in excitement. Their eyes turned blood red and their muscles bulged out. Their movement speed also more than doubled.

“Not even a god can save you now!”

Zhou Kun also activated the ogre’s berserk skill as well.

He was ready to personally lead his Heroes squad into a charge. Those flower fey are no match in close combat, so just a single round of attacks should completely shatter them!

Victory was right before his eyes!

He just needed to take down this Demon King, and he should get at least 50-60 Training Points from that!

It was more than enough to boost Zhou Kun’s power into the realm of a Lord level powerhouse!

Just as the Heroes were assured of their victory, and even the Flower Fey Demon King Chen Guoguo had practically given up all hope herself.

Suddenly, a roar rang out.

It was a clear dragon’s roar.

It came from up in the sky.

Everyone thus raised their heads to look up.


“There’s something up in the sky!”

“It looks like… A dragon!”

A completely crimson, over 20 meters long draconic lifeform arrived before everyone’s shocked eyes and started circling overhead.

Its wings flapped, and countless fireballs, wind blades, and lightning strikes fell down like rain, all of them concentrated on the elven mages.

That was something completely unexpected.

The elves from Giantree are extremely valuable.

If anything happened to them, then they’d have a hard time explaining themselves when they returned.

Thus, Zhou Kun had very carefully kept them safe within the center of his formations. Yet, no one could have expected an attack like this, and not even the elven mages were able to react in time.

In the blink of an eye, the elven mage squad was annihilated.

Zhou Kun was enraged.

“Fucking hell! That damn beast! Kill him! Kill him right now!”

Arrows and javelins rained up toward the dragon.

However, the crimson dragon showed no signs of fear. He released a magic barrier around him, easily blocking the attack.


The crimson dragon spat out a huge blast of flames.

This particular blast of dragon fire was quite weak compared to the dragon flame of a true dragon, but its power and area of effect was still quite mighty to behold.

As the crimson dragon flew a circle over the demon subjugation army while withstanding all the attacks flung towards him, everywhere he passed was reduced to a sea of flames, and hundreds of warrier dove for cover or ran while completely on fire.

He had managed to force such an enormous army into retreat just on his own, thus giving the flower fey army that was on the verge of destruction some breathing room.

“Damn it!”

“That’s a sky drake!”

“It’s a level 2 Lord monster at least!”

“Where the hell did that thing pop up from!”

The demon subjugation army’s stable formation was already in chaos from the dragon’s surprise attack, and casualties were already mounting rapidly.

“Just what’s going on!”

Chen Guoguo’s eyes were wide.

Her face was contorted into an expression of disbelief.

She suddenly thought of something though, and she looked toward the crimson, fire-breathing dragon. That dragon… It can’t be that he’s boss Zhang Nu!

It’s possible!

No wonder he said what he did back then!

To think that the boss is a sky drake.

And so terrifyingly strong at that!


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