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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 51: Devouring Skill Bahasa Indonesia

Out of the level 2 Talents, there are three Talents still awaiting activation.

Abyssal Devouring, Hell Thunderflame, and Medium Anti-Magic.

Medium Anti-Magic is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s basically just the stronger version of Beginner Anti-Magic. If he activates this skill, then Zhang Nu will gain a greater ability to nullify magic.

As for Abyssal Devouring and Hell Thunderflame?

The former is an absorption type skill.

It can be used to cancel out enemy attacks or used as a means for defense and recovery.

The latter is a super powerful damage ability.

It can combine the powers of Abyssal Dragon Flame and Abyssal Thunder into an even more terrifyingly powerful Hell Thunderflame. It’s more than enough to raise his attack power to another level.

In Zhang Nu’s opinions though, at his current level, his offensive and defensive abilities should be enough. What he instead needs is more diversity in his fighting capabilities.

Thus, he’ll be putting aside the Thunderflame and Anti-Magic for the time being.

[You’ve activated the Talent skill: Abyssal Devouring!]

[Abyssal Devouring]. Talent skill. Costs at least 50 MP. Can forcefully dispel and even devour magical energy within a certain range or drain MP from a target within range to recover the user’s HP and MP… Cooldown time of five minutes between each use of skill.

One of the strongest powers of the abyssal dragon is their devouring and absorption abilities.

This skill’s effects are quite powerful. It can be used to great effect in actual battle, and it also greatly increases Zhang Nu’s survivability.

Putting the Hero’s Souls aside, the greatest reward he got from this excursion should be the leveling scroll.

If one was to ask which structure is the most important within a territory, then the answer would definitely be the Demon King Castle. It can increase the territory’s productivity, the power of the Demon King’s forces, and the strength of the Demon King himself.

Leveling up the Demon King Castle would actually be a pretty good choice.

However, that isn’t possible.

The Demon King Castle is classified as a core structure of the territory, but this leveling scroll can only be used on normal structures.

Thus, Zhang Nu started considering which structure to use it on.

The House of Skeletons was disqualified first.

It’s a level 2 undead structure that has already been leveled up once before.

As for the Tower of Fog, the MInotaur Camp, or the Dark Prison?

Zhang Nuy believes there isn’t much value in leveling those structures right now. The only thing really worth leveling should be the goblin farms, or, more accurately, the spirit fields.

Under normal common sense, the spirit fields shouldn’t be considered a structure.

However, based on the game’s settings, it is considered one of the territory’s structures. In that case then, the leveling scroll should be effective on it, so Chang Nu immediately gave it a try.

[Spirit Fields] (Can be leveled). Leveling cost: Normal structure leveling scroll x1, life gem x10, earth gem x10, wood x500, stone x500, gold x5000.

That’s great.

It really can be leveled up!

The materials required for leveling it are quite expensive, but Zhang Nu had faith that its worth will be proportional to the costs.

He immediately started collecting the materials. The other items weren’t hard to get, but the real difficulty is the gems required. Right now, he didn’t have a single gem left.

Then Zhang Nu remembered that he knew a gem merchant.

He had bought two types of gems from that person previously after all.

Zhang Nu: “There?”

Bloody Giant Wang Shi: “Hey bro, what’s up?”

Zhang Nu got right to business: “10 life gems, 10 earth gems. Can you get them?”

Bloody Giant Wang Shi: “Holy shit! That many? Bro, what do you need all those for? Earth gems are one thing, but life gems are going to be a bit difficult.”

Zhang Nu was direct: “Following the price from last time, 1000 gold per life gem and 500 gold per earth gem. How about it?”

Bloody Giant Wang Shi: “Give me three days!”

Three days.

That’s way too long!

Zhang Nu thought for a bit: “If you can get it ahead of time, then I’ll pay an additional 1000 gold for every day in advance!”

Bloody Giant Wang Shi: “Alright then. You’ve got a deal. I’ll do my best!”

Money can solve all kinds of problems.

Bloody Giant Want Shi had gathered up all the gems within just 20 or so hours.

Zhang Nu was quite curious as to the area that the Bloody Giant was in. Just what kind of place is it for him to be able to get that many gems?

Of course, Zhang Nu had no real interest or ability to ask about other people’s secrets.

Every powerful Demon King has their own ways.

Zhang Nu readily paid 17,000 gold. 15,000 of the gold was the price for buying the gems, and the remaining 2,000 gold was the tip for the 2 days early delivery.

After getting the gems, his laborers had also already prepared all the other materials as well.

[Level up successful!]

[Your “level 1 spirit fields] have leveled up to “level 2 spirit field”. Spirit field growth speed +30%. Spirit field size +50%!]

The goblin farms had been successfully leveled up.

The farms have now gotten even larger, and the plants within it now grow even faster. It’s more than enough to multiply the profits for the territory. The only downside is that it also greatly increased the demand for farm labor by several times as well.

Two days later, the first group of his new farmers had arrived.

The goblin chief led a long line of his tribes.

Several thousand goblins were carrying various bags and packages filled with their various properties of little worth. After traveling hundreds of kilometers through the forest, they had finally arrived at the Darkness Valley.

The goblin chief was shocked at what was before him though, “Th-this is…”

An enormous span of spirit fields spread out before him.

Hundreds of goblins were laboring while wearing straw hats. Nearby, the strong looking draconian soldiers were patrolling around to act as security for them.

Not far from them, minotaur priests were busy casting recovery magic while draconian laborers were transporting wood and stone in preparations for building housing for the goblins.

This small farm gave off the appearance of a small town thanks to the huge increase in population.

The goblins there were happily eating, drinking, and being merry. With the Demon King covering them from above and the draconian soldiers keeping guard, they didn’t need to worry about their safety at all anymore.

Other than the fact that the farming work is a bit tiring, this is basically a goblin paradise!

The goblin chief was utterly shocked. He had never imagined that he would be able to ever live a life like this.


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