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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 45 Bahasa Indonesia

“Raging Flame Slash!”

The tiger-kin Hero Leader swung his enormous sword. Blazing red qi covered the blade in an aura over five meters long and slashed down onto the earth drake’s back.


This strike did quite a bit of damage.

A portion of the earth drake’s scales were shattered, finally opening up a relatively deep wound in it. The other level 2 Heroes all attacked as well, finally bringing the earth drake’s rampage to a stop.

“So hard!”

“It’s my strongest attack!”

“Yet it only did just this little bit of damage!”

The tiger-kin Leader observed the wound on the earth drake’s back and noticed that it had already stopped bleeding. It’s even quickly healing at a visible rate.

There were 16 Heroes here.

Two of them were already killed by the earth drake.

Of the remaining 14 Heroes, there were one tiger-kin, one wolf-kin, one leopard-kin, and two bear-kins who have the strength of a level 2 Elite.

Of them, the tiger-kin’s strength is already very close to that of a level 1 Lord monster. The other nine Heroes are also exceptional among level 1 Elites.

This formation is also joined by over 500 elite warriors of various races.

Of those, a fourth of them have reached level 1 Elite.

This is definitely an extremely strong army. Although the earth drake is unbelievably vicious, there’s no way that it could defeat the Heroes just on its own.


Just then, something shocking happened.

The earth drake stopped attacking and actually spoke.

The tiger-kin’s expression shifted, “Just what are you!”

The iron earth drake’s body quickly shrank, turning into a giant man over three meters tall.

Although he did indeed shrink, he was still covered in black scales and armed with a long polearm over four meters long. His presence thus did not decrease from before at all.

“I’ll let you die enlightened then.”

“I am Zhang San!”

The draconian general spoke out a really mob-like name in a powerful tone.

The 14 Heroes all showed confused expressions at that declaration.

The draconian general waved a hand, “Kill them all!”

Draconians charged out from every direction.

Both the Heroes and the warriors of various races all had their attention completely taken up by the powerful abyssal earth drake.

They never imagined that there were other enemies around.

Those draconians really are unbelievably fast and strong.

The Heroes’ formation had already long since been ruined due to the earth drake. Thus, they were completely unable to properly defend and react. Screams of pain rang out over and over in that instant.

In a blink of an eye, a huge swath of their side had fallen.

Some attempted to break out of the encirclement, but they then discovered that the woods around them were filled with draconians waiting in ambush.

The tiger-kin Hero Leader shouted in anger, “So you’re the Demon King of Darkness Valley!”

When the other Heroes heard him, all of them showed shocked expressions. However, they did seem to understand now just why that guy attacked them.

Who would have thought that the Demon King could be so terrifying!

For him to have such great personal might!

This Demon King is not only personally strong, his army can also be called freaks of nature. The draconians who came out on the attack were just a portion of them, and there were still more draconians spread out in the forest just waiting to take down any one in the Hero army who tried to escape.

Nobody knew that this Demon King had such terrible powers at his command.

The five strongest commanders could do nothing but watch as the 20 high soldiers and hundred or so soldiers cut down the Heroes and their subordinate warriors like a scythe harvesting wheat. The Hero army was beaten to the point where they couldn’t even fight back.

It’s not like the five Hero commanders didn’t want to join in and help, but their abilities simply couldn’t match up to their desires. This isn’t even getting into the fact that they might not be able to win against 20 high soldiers.

Just Zhang San’s fierce attacks were enough to keep them from being able to contemplate anything else.

Zhang San’s draconian form didn’t have the same powerful defense and strength, but what he gained instead is more agile and skilled fighting tactics and skills. His polearm cut down one warrior after another.

They’re done for!

The Demon King’s too strong!

They were just no match for him!

The surviving Heroes were all in despair!

It’s not like they haven’t dealt with other Demon Kings before, but they’ve never encountered a Demon King as hard to deal with as Zhang San. Even now, they still can’t see any hope of victory.

The Hero army continuously shrank under the encirclement.

The tiger-kin Leader roared out in anger, “Demon King, if you’re a man, then have a fair battle with us Heroes without any of our subordinates!”

This battle is already hopeless.

The tiger-kin attempted to try to provoke the other side in the hopes of getting the Demon King to fight them on his own.

Although their chances of defeating the Demon King is miniscule even with all their level 2 Heroes working together, it’s still better than no chance at all.

It was their only hope.

The forest had already been completely locked down by draconians.

There was no way that they could possibly escape.

Their only hope is to throw everything they have at the Demon King in the hopes of defeating him!

For the draconian general Zhang San, those ants before him are not only weak but also so shameless. He didn’t want to pay any attention to them. All he cared for was to quickly kill them as his master commanded him.

Who could have thought that, at that moment, a majestic voice rang out from up in the sky, “What an interesting request!”

When they heard that voice, everyone there stopped.

The draconians in the area all stopped their attacks and backed off by some distance.

The draconian general Zhang San also disengaged. He took a knee and spoke respectfully, “My lord. Why does someone of your station need to pay any attention to such ants?”

Before the various Heroes’ shocked gaze, a figure descended from the sky… It was another draconian.

However, he was different from Zhang San and the other draconians.

That draconian had a huge pair of draconic wings. His entire body was covered in dark gold scales and every single scale gave off the feeling like it contained a great deal of energy. Every inch of him gave off the majestic aura of a king.

“I was bored just watching up above anyways. Since they brought up such a request, I might as well give them a chance at challenging me. I can also use this chance to stretch myself a bit.”

Zhang Nu spoke, “You may back off now!”

“Yes, sir!”

The draconian general got up and backed off to the side respectfully.

Zhang Nu gave the remnants before him a quick scan. They were down to less than a hundred, and the original 16 Heroes have also been reduced to just seven by now. Thus, he shook his head, “You might as well just come at me all at once!”


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