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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 13: Spirit Fields Bahasa Indonesia

Could this be because of the goblins’ surrender?

Or, perhaps it’s necessary to completely destroy an area to conquer it? Maybe it’s fine so long as he showed overwhelming power to crush the inhabitants’ will to resist and force them to surrender.

Zhang Nu had two choices before him right now.

He could kill these goblins for the gold.

Or he could accept their surrender and accept them as his minions.

These kinds of forcefully recruited units are different from the units that are summoned by spending gold.

The latter’s loyalty value is locked. It’s like there’s a mental lock on them and it’s absolutely impossible for them to betray him. However, the former’s loyalty values are free floating. Depending on the situation, they may very well run away or betray him.

The pros are also quite obvious.

Recruiting them means not having to spend money to summon them.

Plus, recruited units don’t count as part of the population limit.

If a Demon King wanted to really expand and develop, then it’s not enough to just rely on their own racial summons. Vassal races can also greatly diversify their territory’s capabilities and productivity.

Zhang Nu had decided to accept the surrender.

He flew a circle over the goblins’ heads.

The goblins were shaking in terror, with some even having pissed their pants. They were terrified that the dragon would breathe down fire at any second, turning all of them to ash.

No dragon flame descended though.

The Demon King transformed into his draconian form.

He looked down upon the prostrating goblins beneath him.

Then, in a dignified and domineering voice, he spoke, “You insignificant beings dared to even invade my territory. Did you not resolve yourselves to die for that affront?”

When the goblins heard those words, all of them instantly knew just what had happened.

The elderly goblin chieftain hurriedly stepped forward and prostrated himself.

“Those foolish ones charged to their own deaths and we too have also received harsh punishments. I beg you, oh great king, please give us a chance!”

Zhang Nu let out a cold humph, “I can temporarily allow you an extension on your lives and give you a chance to atone for your sins. However, if you dare to have any other thoughts, you will be utterly reduced to ash!”

“Thank you master!”

“Thank you master!”

“We will follow master!”

“We will do anything master says!”

After recruiting over a hundred goblins, Zhang Nu casually took a look at the statuses of a few of the ordinary goblins.

[Ordinary goblin]. Level 1 normal. 5 HP, 10 MP, 0.5 Strength, 0.5 Constitution, 1 Agility, 1 Will. Loyalty 60%. Skills: Planting lv3, harvesting lv2,… Summary: This is an ordinary goblin. Although they’re very weak, they are good at planting.

[Goblin mage]. Level 1 elite. 10 HP, 30 MP, 1 Strength, 1 Constitution, 1 Agility, 5 Will. Loyalty 60%. Skills: Lesser Lightning (D rank), Fireball (D rank), Planting lv5… Summary: The chief of the goblin village. An elderly and wise old goblin with decent magical abilities.

In summary, goblins are a very weak race.

This race is probably among the weakest beings living in the Chaos Forest.

Not even the elite level goblin village chief is a match for a draconian soldier.

However, all things have their uses.

It’s not like these weaklings have no value at all.

First of all, goblins eat very little. Not only can they eat practically anything, they can even survive off of grass and leaves for a long amount of time. Even the combined upkeep cost of something like 20 or 30 goblins is still likely less than that of a single draconian soldier.

Next, goblins are very fecund and can work as adults by the time they’re just three years old. Plus, they’re also naturally skilled at planting and harvesting. They have an especially great deal of natural talent when it comes to planting.

Zhang Nu’s basic production unit is the draconian laborer.

Draconian Laborers are most skilled at construction. They’re next best at harvesting and hunting, but they have no planting skills. On the other hand, goblins will reach lv3 in the planting skill by the time they’re adults.

The higher the level of the planting skill, the better the effects on the plants planted.

Be it herbs or food crops, not only can this greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to grow, it can also increase the quantities of the harvest. That’s no small boon to a territory’s long term development.

Zhang Nu was very satisfied with his gains here.

He just so happens to be in need of more population.

These hundred or so goblins might be very weak, but their production capabilities are of no small use, thus allowing his faction to improve by a good amount.

Besides the gold and goblins, Zhang Nu had also gained the treasure chest for conquering this area.

[You’ve opened the Black Iron Treasure Chest. You’ve gained “Gold” x300, “Blueprint: Spirit Fields” x1!]

[Blueprint: Spirit Fields]. Costs earth gem x1, wood x20, gold x600. You can construct a hundred acres of spirit fields within your territory.

Another blueprint.

This time, it’s one for Spirit Fields.

Regarding these Spirit Fields, the full name is Farmland of Spiritual Soil.

These fields are different from normal farmland. The soil of the Spirit Fields contain great amounts of energy. Not only can anything be planted there, everything planted will also grow at 10 times speed.

What does 10 times speed really mean?

For a crop that normally requires a year between harvests, if it’s planted in the Spirit Fields, then it will yield its harvest within just a bit over a month.

Zhang Nu just so happened to have just gained a group of goblins, who have the Planting skill.

If they’re paired together, it could lower the growth time by half on top of that.

A year’s round of harvests can be completed within just a bit over half a month.


Zhang Nu was extremely satisfied with this!

He never thought that he’d get such a great unexpected reward here.


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