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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 92: Weirdness On Another Level… Bahasa Indonesia

This had never happened before.

The establishment was usually a very clean place.

Diluc and Charles paid extra attention to the image of the pub, but it seemed like Charles wasn’t currently here, and Diluc had his hands full with…something…

The bar counter was smeared with milk, wine, and other beverages.

All along the bar top were bottles of beer and whiskey, as well as numerous empty bottles of Diluc’s most famous Dandelion wine, and the culprit who sucked them all dry seemed to be none other than Venti…

Broken bar chairs were laying on the ground and the floor was littered with shattered glass.

He looked to the back of the pub and there were even more broken chairs and tables scattered around.

(Why didn’t Diluc stop them? They are destroying his property…)

The wooden floor, which had seen better days, had been ripped open, the walls too, exposing the ceiling of the pub.

“What the hell…happened here!? What are you all doing!?”

He frowned at the sight, his eyes soon, however, widened in disbelief.

Kaeya and Diluc could be seen struggling with something in front of the bar table.

The ‘thing’ both of them were struggling with, turned out to be a half stripped Venti, whose shirt was already crumpled beneath his bare feet together with his white tights, and he was currently trying to take off his green shorts as well…

Venti’s face softened the moment he saw Yomite.

“Ah~ Traveler from afa~r, my best friend’s savior, and the Hero of the city! Welcome! It’s so ho~t in here… I want to strip off these clo~thes but they won’t let me! Can you help me, my dear beloved? I love you~” Venti blew a couple of invisible kisses his way with his hand, simultaneously pointing towards his shorts and winking.

“Try stripping one more layer of clothing and I will kick you out. Either drink or leave….Get dressed as soon as possible!…because the nearby customers are…weirdly focusing their attention here…as if they wanted to see you naked…it’s weird… Just stop.” Diluc mumbled in confusion.

People of Mondstadt were truly weird to enjoy watching something like this…

The bar was a mess…drunkards got into fights for the stupidest of reasons.

“””Hell yeah! Strip! Strip! Strip! Goddess Venti!”””

A large group of people, consisting of more than fifteen members were currently happily chanting their inner desires. Most of them were adults with wives and girlfriends, yet they cheered on, to see a guy strip.

What was wrong with this society?

“You do realize it’s a guy, right? Why do you want him to strip!?” A young man asked in disbelief from the second floor.


“Heretic! Kill him!”



“Wa-Wait! No! Argh!”

The crowd was cheering Venti on, and at the slightest sign of disagreement from other people, they ‘eliminated’ the heretics.

It was a mess.

Yomite gazed at the ongoing fight in the back of the pub with disgust.

(I shouldn’t have come…)

“Now now, little Bardie is of age to drink and strip! Probably…Anyway, my girlfriend will be coming here soon and I don’t want her to feel weirded out, so I’m forced to stop him.” Kaeya laughed, he obviously didn’t care as much about his escapades as Diluc did.

This was funny to him. A nice way to spend time while he waited for his dear woman.

The more destroyed his brother’s pub would become the more happy he would be, teasing him about it later on.

Venti managed to free himself from the grasp of the two brothers and staggered towards Yomite, ramming into him with his whole body.

He stood up on his heels and leaned his head towards Yomite’s ear, blowing hot air onto his neck.

“Aw~ Yomite~ Strip me…Please… It’s so hot…I can’t stand it any longer…You can have me! Take me! Give it to me~!! Deep inside! Traveler~!”

Questionable words, sounds and moans left the bard’s mouth, garnering the attention of the public

“Hell Yeah! That’s an invitation! Go for it, Young one!”

“Good luck, Hero!”

“We’re counting on you! Enjoy it!”

“No thanks!” He pushed Venti away from him, and Venti immediately started sulking, “Not fair! Dvalin gets to be with you, but I can’t! Meanie~! Meanie~! Maybe…I should change my form as well?” The little bard felt like a genius idea had occurred to him.

(Yep, my opinion about him will not be changed for the better. Ever. It’s simply impossible!!!) Yomite sighed deeply.

Diluc finally got hold of Venti again and glanced towards Yomite, greeting him, “Hey… What you see here, is the result of fifty or so bottles of dandelion wine…that jackass…I still can’t believe that he is…Nevermind… I’m tired…”

Venti’s true identity was leaked to his party members and both Jean and Diluc.

Venti said he didn’t care as much about it, but who really knew what was on his mind.

As for his party members, Hu Tao was intrigued and asked Venti a couple questions while Fischl said that she knew he was a God all along, which was obviously a lie…

After a while, Venti calmed down and fell asleep on the counter, Diluc used this chance to teach the fighting drunkards a lesson they would never forget and it was finally peaceful.

As for the thing Kaeya wanted from Yomite, it was regarding his new girl.

He explained the situation with his new girlfriend to Yomite in detail, and that he planned on turning it into a serious relationship.

Kaeya even said he wanted advice from Diluc, but he was a complete stuck up virgin loner, so there was nothing he could help him with.

Yomite on the other hand, seemed to be handling a full female party really well and even caught Lisa’s and Jean’s eyes, who knew if he hadn’t already put all of them into his bed, right?

The answer was as clear as day.


Regarding some things, Yomite gave him a few tips and roughly told him some ideas on what to do and what to avoid doing.

After all, it was hard to gauge a woman he hadn’t met before. Every woman was different, although most of them could have a similar goal in mind.

From what Kaeya told him, she wanted a serious relationship, so it would probably end up going well if he wanted the same thing.

He told him to relax a little, and to enjoy whatever came along.

That was about it, after that, he left the pub and went back home.

Maybe… if he stuck around for a bit longer…things would have been different…


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