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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 90: Daily Spars Bahasa Indonesia

Later on, it was proposed that they should reserve another room, solely for her, but Iris explained she needed to be as close to Yomite as possible at all times to receive the best effect of nourishment through the soul pact.

“Sure! I understand, Iris. As I mentioned previously, we can sleep together, in one bed. That way you can be as close as you want!”

Yomite was, of course, more than happy to oblige, although he was just joking this time…kinda…

However, Iris resolutely nodded without understanding the meaning behind his words.

“Under the heavenly stars shall this not occur!”

“Paimon will slap you!”

Again, he was being abused.

When will he ever get nice and gentle companions that could understand him…

He just wanted to cuddle a busty dragon girl, what was so wrong about it…

Well…maybe he would have done a bit more…but everything within the range of consent of course!

Only head patting!

After contemplating for a bit, it was decided that they would reserve another room.

However, they would have to rearrange the personnel a bit.

At first, they decided the rooms like this:

Yomite, Iris and Hu Tao. All three of them would be sleeping in their old room.

Fischl, Lumine and Paimon would take the new one.

They concluded that it was an alright division.





Five days later, Yomite was asking to switch Hu Tao out with Lumine or Fischl.

She had been sleepwalking again and he couldn’t sleep for a whole week.

So with that, Yomite finally had enough of her, and Fischl gladly switched with Hu Tao.

The group stayed like that until Yomite’s mansion was built and after that, each of them were assigned a room of their own, the only exception being Yomite’s room, which also had a bed on the other side of the spacious room for Iris as they couldn’t stay far from each other.

He didn’t know the exact range of the nourishment pact, but from Iris’ complaints, it was about five to six meters.

Maybe that was also why she hated showering, because she had to be separated from him.

After countless reprimands and warnings from his party members, they let Iris sleep on the other bed in his room.

The mansion in question took about a month to finish, but he was more than happy with the result.

Nevertheless, he was a healthy young man full of vigor, so it was obvious he had his needs, and living together with four attractive girls didn’t make it any better.

Not to mention, the hottest one was sleeping in the same room as him…

It took a lot of resolve to hold himself back…

But that wasn’t even the worst part…

The worst part was that in this world almost no one wore bras because a lot of people saw it as a hassle, which made Yomite even more uncomfortable.

The breasts of all the girls from his party were pretty much visible during their morning exercises and spars.

Little buds were usually poking through their clothes, and their sweaty, lustrous bodies generated way too much sex appeal.

Even someone like him had a hard time not to stare, which also resulted in him getting clapped in most spars.

The person who proposed these daily training spars was surprisingly, Lumine.

She felt her skills were lacking and wanted to improve as much as possible.

In order to find her brother, she needed as much strength as she could get and she felt like this was the way to increase her skills exponentially.

Lumine’s clothes during their spar were conservative, so you would think that it wouldn’t be a problem, and yet, he could still clearly see the shape of ‘them’…

Fischl was, as always, an eye candy…No matter which part of her body he looked at…

Gorgeous face.

Perfect thighs.

Unbelievably huggable butt.

Great figure.

And the way she dressed was, in his words, simply amazing.

Her clothes left little to the imagination…

She was simply an exotic, cute and alluring looking girl.

It made him happy that such a gem of a woman was silently crushing on him.

At first, when Fischl said she wanted to join the training spars, the group was confused.

They didn’t understand why.

She was a support archer, after all. She could just train shooting next to them, while they sparred.

Why did she feel the need to participate in hand to hand combat, or melee weapon battles?

It turned out that she had a bone to pick with the Ex-Dvalin that almost blew her head off during the Dragon fight.

And it was time for her revenge.

She said this, but it was evident that she simply felt like she lacked actual combat experience and wanted to improve her weakest side, which was close combat, to be of some help as well.

However, she was utterly demolished by Iris, whom she had challenged.

The first time they sparred…if it could even be called a spar, was so painful to watch, you could define it as her being ‘clapped’.

Iris simply swatted Fischl away like a fly and Fischl didn’t get back up, only groaning on the ground in pain for a few minutes while waving at her friends, saying she was alright…

That was their first bout…

Iris was reprimanded and Yomite told her to hold her strength back, as this was just friendly competition and training.

From then on, she sparred with Iris on a daily basis, getting her ass kicked. Multiple times throughout the day.

In the case of Iris, she was usually sparring ‘naked’, meaning she didn’t put any kind of clothes on herself, and the only thing covering her private parts were her scales.

They were actually retractable, meaning that she could freely control all scales on her body, to even form a helmet or an armor of some sorts to cover herself up fully, which was also proposed as an interesting idea by Yomite.

Anyhow, out of all of his party members, Hu Tao was the biggest issue for him.

Fights with her were ‘hard’, in multiple ways…

Her mastery of the spear and hand to hand combat level was way beyond anyone in their group.

Yomite concluded that she was currently the strongest person in his party, when it came to high damage output, strength, speed and precision.


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