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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 84: A Dragon Girl!!! Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, Venti’s gaze landed on Yomite and Lumine.

“Outlanders…please…Save Dvalin.” The useless God, pleaded in despair, begging for its best friend’s life.

At his words, Lumine looked away to the side and started whistling, while walking behind Yomite, trying to hide her small childish frame, behind his tall muscular stature.


Yomite frowned at her unusual behavior.

This was very much unlike the Lumine he knew, who was the first to present herself in case of any adversity or pleading of help.

They were putting him up on the spot again, for something he didn’t want to do…

“Please…. Party Leader, give it a name, I would be a poor choice. I know that myself.” Lumine whispered to him, sadness lacing her tone.

In Lumine’s mind, she had trouble taking care of herself and Paimon, she couldn’t adopt a Dragon under any circumstances.

As much as she wanted to help, and she very much wanted to, she knew that reality was different from what she desired.

She didn’t have much money and neither did she have the patience or skill to care for a dragon.

Which only left the remaining unfortunate soul, said soul being Yomite himself.

(Isn’t it a bit too cliché!? Why me?? Why do I gotta give it a name!?) Yomite whined in his mind, indignant at the burden he was being imposed upon.

Looking over at the floating soul that was now, almost see through, that was seemingly looking at him with hope and expectations, as if it was about to disappear any second now, he sighed in a dejected manner.

(Hmm…but then again, having a dragon pet might be great. I will get to fly whenever I want and leaving it to die would be just way too anticlimactic after everything we did…let’s just…do it…) Consoling himself with those words he looked towards Dvalin with determination.

He pointed his finger at the Ex-Dragon of the East and declared, “Your name shall be…ehm…Iris…yeah…Iris…The name symbolizes royalty, wisdom and valor…A perfect fit for a Dragon.”

Dvalin’s, now named Iris, ethereal form seemingly bowed in mid-air.

“As you command, milord. Name Iris accepted. Generating…”

“Huh? Generating…what now?” He thought he heard wrong.

The ethereal form of Iris swirled and combined together with the remains of its azure colored scales.

Its flesh hazed in black; its see through eyes were casted in a purplish haze. Its long ethereal form swam through the air, drawing the scraps of its scales with it as it passed by.

All of it combined into one spot. The haze and smoke blocked the sight of what lay inside.

Once the smoke cleared out, a tall and voluptuous naked beauty could be seen kneeling on the ground.

Iris had an angular oval shaped face, a thin and cute nose was complemented by thin yet plump dark white colored lips. Her eyebrows were of a greenish blue shade, contrasting with her eyelashes which were azure in color.

When it came to the matter of her eyes, it could only be described as abyssal black.

Different from humans the entirety of her eyes were of a dark black color, darker than the darkness of the abyss and only the pupils were a contrast to it.

A spiralling pattern akin to that of a swirling storm adorned her eyes as the shape of her pupils.

She had long greenish blue hair tinged with streaks of azure at the tips. Two dark blue horns were sticking out from the sides of her head through the locks of her hair.

Her skin was of a pure milky white color, a contrast that separated her from humans indicating her identity as a humanoid creature.

While both her hands and legs were covered in multiple shades of azure colored scales, the insides being darker while the outsides were of a brighter shade.

A long line akin to a thick vein was lodged in the outside part of her hands starting from her shoulders and ending in the back of her hand and connecting to a diamond shaped crystal lodged in both hands.

Dark azure colored scales could also be seen in her voluptuous breasts covering her nipple and areola, while a ‘V’ shaped scale hid her nether regions and thick butt.

The scales covered her private parts making the impression of her being naked a bit skewed.

(…It’s a jackpot! Hell yeah!! This is so much better than flying!! A dragon girl!!!)

Yomite almost shouted out in excitement, his eyes eagerly taking in the sight of the draconic busty beauty, but before he could fully relish in her beautiful form, his eyes were covered by Fischl’s hands.

“D-don’t you dare look at that fette Kuh!! T-Those jugs are just lumps of fat!! Nothing more!”

Yomite wryly smiled at her remarks, (Girl, you’re not even the one that’s naked…and you’re still covering my eyes…)

Jean was the first one to recover from her trance and quickly covered Iris’ body with her cape.

She wasn’t actually naked as her private parts were covered, but her skin was still showing a bit too much to be called comfortable. So, covering her was a necessity.

“Tw’rk’d. Thanketh thee, mast’r. I shall nev’r f’rget this debt.” Her voice was raspy, as if she ate sand on a regular basis, the raspiness of her tone almost making their ears bleed.

Her vocal cords were created just now, so it was a miracle she could even produce any sound at all. She’d need some time to get used to talking with those new sound producing organs.

(What is up with her throat…Dear god…I almost understood nothing…)


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