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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 77: The Symphony Of Battle Bahasa Indonesia

Dvalin’s breath glowed greenish blue, the color representing the anemo element, as it struck the platform with mighty force.

As a response to its breath attack, fiery flames ignited within two of the members of Yomite’s party.

The bewitching, scarlet colored flames of Diluc’s claymore blazed even higher, as colorless energy balls of wind— swirling with the power of anemo and the might of the storm— clashed against it with wanton abandon and… the world was plunged into explosively blistering flames of all encompassing destruction.

Meanwhile, the wind of Dvalin was also accepted by Hu Tao’s eerie dark red flames, acting as if she had poured gallons of oil onto it— the force of the flames increased exponentially as it transformed into a pillar of blazing fire and scathing heat.

The wind split the fire apart, making said fire swirl along, and scattering it in all directions, which only further spread its destructive reach.

The violent flame was absorbed by the wind, transforming into a snake of fire that crawled across the deformed floor, causing havoc and wanton destruction in its wake, decimating anything and everything that laid in its path.

In that one instant, shock waves spread across the platforms, making them quake and rumble, and a macabre dance began between Vision users, the God of Wind, Two Outlanders and the Dragon Ruling the Skies…


The stars adorning the midnight sky swirled and rippled in the great void of darkness. There wasn’t even the sense of the void, only the gloomy canvass of ever stretching darkness adorning the infiniteness of the skies.

They were over two hundred billion light years apart from each other but at this very moment, they seemed to be in attendance, bearing witness to what was about to happen.

It was as though they were somehow grouped together by an unknown force and their presence added something even greater to the murkiness, watching the fight that was about to begin.

Though the sight was indeed spectacular it was also insignificant.

Other than some insight into the immensity of the universe, there was no other significance to their presence.

Just another thing to be ignored like most of the other senses that could have made themselves known, but didn’t…

One thing, however, kept the Dragon in a state of shock.

For a human, facing the wind breath of an actual Dragon was a feat to admire.

Yomite completely blocked Dvalin’s attack with his claymore, blocked the ever encompassing might of the swirling storm and the blazing flames and redirected all of it towards the sky; putting an end to the state of wanton destruction that the combination of wind and flames tried to lay bare upon them.

Feeling a few cracks forming on his weapon, however, made his face wince in annoyance.

(I really need a better claymore…this one is also trash…)

“Not bad, Kaeya’s brother. Not bad.” Diluc praised and used this chance, that Yomite created for them, to inflict considerable damage to Dvalin’s shield.

Yomite rolled his eyes in response, “Lay off, asshole.”

Diluc let out a small chuckle of amusement, which was quite unusual for him.

He himself was surprised to see that he got along with Yomite so well.

It’s been quite a while since he enjoyed someone’s company so much.

Unlike the constant annoying provocations from Kaeya, Yomite seemed much more mature and calm, maybe that’s why he fancied him so much or perhaps… there was something else…

Energy bombs swirled and exploded…

This was no longer just a fight, it was now a place of annihilation for any lesser creatures who may have fancied the thoughts of intervening in between.

The unending shocks and tremors, reverberating throughout the domain they were now fighting upon, had a lesser effect on the structures beneath their feet than Yomite had previously thought it would.

They were quite sturdy, far more than their ruined exterior put them out to be, and didn’t even crumble after a few energy bombs from the Dragon exploded above them, but he still didn’t fully trust these platforms.

They could disintegrate at any moment, making them all fall directly into the whirling storm that lay underneath stretching further into the abyss he could see no end to, and he doubted that there was any way out of that.

Once they fell, it was game over for them.

Yomite stared at the Dragon in front of him and whispered in his mind the words that allowed him to see beyond.

(I want to know.)


Name: Dvalin (Stormterror)

Age: 2190

Title: Erstwhile Sovereign of the Skies, Dragon of the East, Ruler of The Wind

Current mood: Furious

Relationship Level: 0/10 – Hatred

State of Relationship: Target to kill


(This didn’t help me at all…At this moment…I would kill for it to show my enemy’s weaknesses or stats or something that could help me out of this apocalyptic situation…this is so fucking useless…)

Endless curses were spewed in his mind, yet the reality was that they did nothing to alleviate the situation they were now in.

Suddenly, with a loud piercing screech, a tornado of wind, billowing with considerable might, was created by Dvalin and was let loose at its targets.

The barely visible attack bore down on its intended targets with enough force to slice apart the strongest of metals and enough might to crush the sturdiest of stones.

Dvalin had deliberately casted the spell out of sync with its gaze and breathing, even adding a feint attack, something akin to an air mine imbued with anemo, embedded with it for good measure.

These attacks were…


With great ease, seen through by the veteran senses of Jean and Diluc.

Dvalin felt the pressure they were generating and finally realized that it was against opponents of equal standing, opponents that had the power necessary to defeat it.

Its enemies stopped the invisible attack with a few swings of their weapons, but if their actions were scrutinized carefully, their attacks all pinpointed the weak points embedded in the spell and skillfully dissipated it.

Even the hidden attack Dvalin had planted behind the actual spell was taken care of with great expertise and ease.

Seeing the phenomenon happen and realizing the level of skill and power that was required to make it possible to not only see through its trap, but also disarm it so swiftly— in just a matter of seconds— and with such deadly precision, made the Dragon more cautious than ever of the opponents it was facing against.

“How…hateful!” Dvalin breathed out, rage and hatred running rampant in its genderless ethereal tone.

The assassins that Venti sent to ‘slay’ it, were indeed very powerful, much more than it had anticipated them to be.

Despite what the dramatic display of flashy colors may have implied, the conflict unfolding currently was a display of highly advanced, and impossibly deadly, magical prowess against the precision of the duo of skilled Vision users.

Dispelling magic by simply slashing through the flaws of the spell was a feat far easier said than done.

With the tip of her blade, boosted by the power of Anemo her vision coated it with, Jean had rewritten the composition of Dvalin’s spell almost instantly nullifying the spell in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Diluc in a display of utmost precision and power disarmed the trap lurking behind it with the fiery properties of his Pyro Vision, making the air bomb detonate and dissipate before it could even reach them.

It could be said that no sane person would even think of doing such deeds when it came to a battle where they could easily lose their lives with the slightest of mistakes.

Yet, here they were, doing things of impossibility with such ease as though they were taking a walk in the park, instead of facing the sovereign of the skies.

Their teamwork was absolutely flawless, however, making sure none of their companions were hurt.

When it came to fighting, Diluc and Jean were the apex of what Mondstadt had to offer.

It could also be said that the Fatui, or rather, the country of Snezhnaya in general, had yet to declare war on Mondstadt precisely because of the existence of these two individuals.

Of course, there were others in the mix who were equally as skilled and respected.

Knights like Kaeya Alberich or Eula Lawrence who excelled in speed, power and skill.

But the Ex-Cavalry Captain Diluc, and The Acting Grand Master Jean had the most battle experience out of everyone currently present in Mondstadt.

Even the Grand Master Varka who went on an expedition might have fallen a bit short when compared to the Dandelion Knight and the Darknight Hero.


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