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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 65: Pet Raven Bahasa Indonesia

The first thing Yomite saw upon entering was an antique sofa, the kind you might expect to find in an old-fashioned Western house.

The library looked rather small from the doorway, but it seemed to extend quite far inside, and even had a basement-like floor underneath it.

It was vast and full of books. Its long winding corridors expanded throughout the whole complex.

For Knights of Favonius and Lisa herself, it was a beacon of knowledge.

It was circular and encompassed a broad area.

There was a large courtyard in its centre.

A small chandelier dangling from a rather high ceiling. A hefty pendulum clock hanging on the wall.

The roof of the library was made of a special material that let in light but reflected all the colours of the spectrum so that the building appeared white from any angle and in any weather.

As he looked around, he saw Jean leaning on one of the shelves, with a face that screamed, “Kill me.” for whatever the reason.

There was also Lisa, who was enjoying her afternoon tea while patting Jean’s back with her other free hand.

The brunette librarian heard the door open and when she found out who entered, her eyes shined bright.

She waved at Fischl with a warm smile, “Welcome. I certainly didn’t expect to see you after so long! Fischl, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Lisa, ah yes indeed, the librarian of the infinite cosmos of knowledge,” She said, the wooden nostalgic smell of the books gave her a sense of familiarity and safety. “Sorry for intruding upon thy equilibrium of boundless knowledge.”

“It’s alright, dear.” Lisa answered as if she understood what she meant and noticed more people behind her, “Oh, if it isn’t Handsome and the other Cuties, welcome. I’m so glad my little Cutiepie Fischl had finally found herself a nice party.”

“L-Lisa, I forbid you from calling me like that…”

“It suits you though.”

Fischl shrugged her shoulders at Lisa’s brazenness.

“By the dark stars, It does not…I’m no longer a little naive child…” Fischl answered with some difficulty and as if to prove her point, she stood up on her heels to make herself taller.

Her petite chest stuck out like it should, only a little bit, but she couldn’t help but push it out even farther to assert dominance over the overpowered, huge, milk gallon tits demon in front of her.

Lisa’s breasts were just way too huge, and Fischl knew that until her own breasts grew, Lisa would keep on teasing her and wouldn’t stop giving her nicknames like, “Child, Cutie, Cutiepie, Adorable.” and so on.

It was frustrating to look at her teasing and mocking smile.

In a sense, rather than a friend, Lisa was like a rival to her, a being that she needed to conquer to develop special abilities and get more powerful.

On the other hand, Fischl noticed that she got along well with girls with a similar figure to hers, like Hu Tao or Lumine.

Although she didn’t speak with Lumine much, she was willing to make friends just because she adorned the same figure.

(I shall relinquish from this battle, Lisa the Omega Whale…But one day, we shall conquer and remove big breasts from this world…they are disgusting and unfair…)

While Fischl and Lisa were leading a fierce, staring contest, Yomite and Lumine went after the soulless Jean.


Hu Tao was bored out of her mind, so she started walking around the library in hopes of finding something fun to do.

“Ah, they have my books here! Good! Spread my greatness, fufufu.” Her face gleamed once she spotted her ever famous titles…


Fischl sat down on one of the chairs and summoned Oz, who immediately perched on the back of her chair.

Lisa poured tea for her and prepared some light snacks.

She knew that Fischl usually preferred light food like salad to preserve her petite figure, so she didn’t bring too many crackers.

“Thanks,” Fischl said as she accepted the tea cup, blowing along the surface and taking in the tea’s earthy scent before taking a sip.

As she did so, she watched on as the Emergency Sustenance in front of her eyes munched on crackers.

The crackers were prepared for the tea, but Paimon obviously didn’t care about it.


Paimon was stuffing her cheeks like a hamster, without knowing that she was being watched.

Fischl glanced at Yomite, who was approaching Jean.

(Oh, that’s right.)

Without wasting any time, she picked up a few crackers and fed Oz for his services.

“Thank you, Mein Fräulein.”

“No need to thank me, my dear Ozzy…”



“…A nickname, is it…? Something’s the matter… isn’t it… Something is wrong. I can feel the force in the wind, I can feel it!!”

He could feel it in his feathers. She was about to ask for something outrageous again.

“Why would it be? I just want to reward my perfect servant.” Fischl acted cluelessly.

“Mein Fräulein doesn’t usually use a nickname unless she wants something…”

“…You know…for a bird…you are way too sharp sometimes…” Fischl frowned and pulled on his beak.

“I…I get it…Mein Fräulein… please don’t pull on it!! What do you require…?” He resigned himself.

Fischl combed her hand through her hair and whispered so that Lisa who was reading a book nearby wouldn’t overhear, “You shall…spy…no…’follow’ the Starlord Yomite who just went after the Acting Grand Master!”

If Oz could roll his eyes, he would surely do so at this very moment, however, if he did, he would be risking being strangled by her.

(Me, a proud scouting raven, is going to surveil our own party leader…What is Mein Fräulein thinking…)


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