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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 59: The Plan Begins To Unfold Bahasa Indonesia

“Yo, thanks for diverting the Knights’ attention from us. Really helped us a lot.” Yomite said.

“Knights of Favonius… Inefficient right from the beginning to the end…If they had at least a little brain left, they would search this place despite me, saying there were only drunkards here…” Diluc shook his head in disappointment.

“As for the lyre…It was almost stolen by some other group though…Lumine mentioned she saw a someone called Fatui Cicin Mage in the catacombs of the Cathedral.” Yomite stated, happy about the fact their plan was proceeding smoothly.

“She moved fast…But she was undoubtedly from Fatui.” Lumine chimed in.

“The Fatui…” Diluc scowled at the sound of the familiar name on his tongue. “I figured they had some sort of ulterior motive with Stormterror, and I doubt it’s anything good.”

They nodded in agreement, Venti fighting back a frown at the misuse of Dvalin’s name.

“Actually…his name is Dvalin, not Stormterror…” Venti spoke but was promptly ignored by Diluc.

“Very well.” Diluc unfolded his arms, looking at the group, “I’ll get into contact with some people who might know about the Fatui’s ulterior motives. Luckily for you three, the only description they have is ‘blonde’ and an ‘Anemo wielder.’ I doubt you will all be immediate suspects.”

Yomite nodded, still finding it funny, but Lumine looked a bit more skeptical.

Since she arrived here, there wasn’t any other blonde haired stranger in Mondstadt other than her.

She even asked around about her brother but no one knew anything.

From the blond haired people she met,

Jean was an Acting Grand Master that supported the whole city on her own.

Deaconess Barbara was working for the Church.

And Fischl, was apparently the top of the Adventurers Guild, a private investigator.

The only other blond haired person in the whole of Mondstadt was Lumine.

She felt like if they really tried, they could just close down the city and find her in a matter of minutes..

Still, she didn’t voice her concerns and let Diluc continue.

“We will meet here tonight. I’ll get in contact with some people. Also, Venti, you will have to pay for the bottle you just hid behind your back.”

The bard let out a sputtered noise, clearly surprised and embarrassed at being caught, pouting as he placed the bottle back on the bar.

He sheepishly looked back at Diluc, giggling to himself. “Whoops, my bad! My hands slipped~! You see, I get a little bored and my hands wander around from time to time! Don’t mind me!”

“Yeah…This reminds me…didn’t you say that you would never steal not too long ago?” Yomite wryly smiled.

Venti remembered what he said back at the Church and giggled, “I promise, I will be a good boy from now on~!”

“Yeah…right…” Yomite rolled his eyes and glanced at Lumine who was still in deep thought.

She never stole something before, so she was still pretty anxious that people would recognize her.

He tapped her shoulder and gave her a few reassuring words.

“If you’re nervous, try thinking of alibi up-front, or some other plan. For example, if they wanted to interrogate you, say you do not match the description because you don’t have a Vision, also, since Jean gave us this Hero title or whatever, use this to your advantage and say something like: ‘How dare you question such an important person like me!? Death sentence!’ or something like that to frighten them.”

Lumine’s eyes brightened at his words, as she held in a chuckle, “Party leader…that’s too evil…”

Diluc scoffed a little but eyed both Venti and Yomite.

He had no reason to trust them, yet here he was.

Perhaps Kaeya was the reason he was agreeing and listening to what they had to say.

He did say that his new “Adopted Li’l Bro”, as he liked to call him, was pretty special and that he should trust him.

Although it’s not like Diluc would ever admit to it if someone asked him about it.

Oh well, such trivial matters could be confronted at a later date.

“Well, that settles that. Now, get out of my tavern, and don’t steal anything…”


After they were kicked out of the bar by Diluc, Venti left and said he would return tonight.

Yomite, Lumine and Paimon went back to the Resin Moon Inn, and upon entering their room, they saw that Fischl was soundly sleeping on Yomite’s bed and Hu Tao was playing Chess by herself.

No one knew how that was possible and he will not question how the chess pieces on the other side of the table moved by themselves either.

Upon their intrusion however, Fischl woke up and they decided to do their daily commission, although it was still only around 3 am in the morning.

The tasks were done under thirty minutes, thanks to Lumine’s teleportation.

Hu Tao was surprisingly okay after the warp, rather than being okay, she was excited. This quick transport thingy could get her to Liyue in seconds, but Fischl had to find a nearby bush to hide behind as she wasn’t feeling too well…

Upon finishing the dailies, Yomite remembered they forgot to do them yesterday because they’ve been playing games the whole day.

‘I gotta write it on my forehead and look into the mirror the moment I wake up…how could I not remember about such an easy opportunity to earn money!’

He despaired, much to the confusion of his party members.

“Let’s just pick some quests and gain more money and then we can return to inn to relax as both I and Lumine have an appointment this evening.”

The group followed his orders and picked a few Hilichurl camp extermination quests and another quest called Treasure Horders extermination.


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