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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 31: Travelers From Outer World Bahasa Indonesia

Once outside, Venti looked around and the place was barren of people. Aiming his hand upward, he cast a soundproof air barrier.

The group looked around in wonder, watching as a green barrier surrounded them.

“Forgive me for this…but the real talk begins now…I couldn’t activate the barrier inside.”

“Traveler Lumine, you really do have some wonderful abilities. Someone like you is going to end up getting written into bard’s poems. Oh, a hero so bright, should she stand in the light. Though stand in the shade and you will be met by a blade…” He turned to Yomite and continued, his voice calm, “And so will you, another otherworldy traveler.”

“Huh? What was that?” Yomite unsheathed his claymore and swung it towards Venti, stopping right in front of his forehead, the gust of wind stirring his hair. “How much do you know? Bardie?”

He knew there was something fishy about him from the start and he never really trusted him. Although he wasn’t afraid of revealing his strength and abilities, his background was a different case and now, a random bard knew about it.

How could he not get angry?

Lumine and Paimon were startled by his sudden attack, yet Venti didn’t even blink.

“I know a lot and not just me…each Archon had noticed your presence the moment you stepped into this world…Some might have ulterior motives, some might not care…”

He glanced at Lumine and continued, “As for her, only I found out so far, but soon…others will know too. I don’t know what your objective is in this world, but be sure to know that there are entities beyond your comprehension and your ability to handle.”

Yomite scoffed, “Are you trying to blackmail us? If so, then you are knocking on the wrong door. We will take you on right here.”

“No…not at all…I support freedom above everything else…I am not against you living in this world. It would be unbefitting of me as an Archon.”

“Archon? As in one of the Gods mentioned before?” Lumine pondered.

“Gods?” Yomite frowned. This little trap was a God? Were Gods just casually roaming around the city and entering taverns? “A God? You didn’t mention this back at the pub.”

“If I remember correctly, you are the God of Wind and Freedom, Barbatos, right?” Lumine concluded. She was about 80% sure that he was the one.

During the fight against the Stormterror, she heard a voice that was very similar to his. It was a voice of a person that was helping her float in the sky, to fend off Stormterror before Yomite showed up.

“Barbatos!? This green-clothed twerp is!? There is no way!” Paimon exclaimed in shock, pursuing her lips.

“Yes, precisely. I know it’s a little bit unbelievable but trust me… Also, don’t worry, I am not mad that you borrowed my power from the Statue of the Seven! Don’t mind it!”

Lumine clenched her fists, “I see…I am glad…I was searching for you.”

She had numerous questions but currently, the biggest one was regarding her brother. Was he alive? Dead? Injured? Did he leave this world without her?

She knew all of these options were possible, yet silently, she was hoping he was alive and well somewhere out there…

“So what’s your plan now? You decided to speak to us and reveal your identity, that means you want something.” Yomite questioned as he sheathed his claymore back into its scabbard. For now, he would just observe him.

“That’s totally true…” Venti bit his bottom lip, “Look…I personally won’t force you at all…but still…I ask you to help me…I wish to save Dvalin…And I need your help for that…”

“Help with what exactly? If you are a God, shouldn’t you have enough power to just do anything you want to? It’s just one Dragon after all.”

Usually, Dragons were below Gods or even lesser Gods. While there certainly might have been some Dragons that were above Gods in some of the novels he read, Yomite managed to injure Stormterror relatively easily and it didn’t seem like this type of Dragon was that strong.

“Well, the thing is…I am most likely the weakest out of all Archons out there,” Venti shyly smiled, scratching his cheek, “I am not sure what to do yet…but once I have a plan in mind, I would require your assistance and maybe even the assistance of Knights of Favonius as I’ve seen that some of them genuinely wish to help Dvalin, and not slay him.”

He sighed and continued, “Anyway, even if Dvalin is not taken down, his life will still wither away in the breeze…He will burn himself down in the flames of anger. I need to stop this…”

“I also feel sorry for Dvalin.” Lumine stated, “I will certainly try to help…In exchange…will you promise me to find one person for me?”

“Thank you for that, and you for purifying the Teardrop Crystal. Of course, I will help you with anything I can. Right now I have to think about the plans that are to follow, although now that I have talked to you, I have a clearer picture in mind.”

“Oh, and what might that be?” Paimon intruded.

“Seeing this tear has brought to mind a friend so dear…Anyway, I gotta go running. I will meet you guys later. Once I had figured things out.”

“Hey! Where are you going!?”

“To the symbol of Mondstadt’s hero. See you there the day after tomorrow night. By then, I would have a plan in mind. Bye-bye!” Venti winked at them as he ran off.

“Lumine, what do you make of that?” Yomite scowled at the figure of the running bard, disappearing in the distance.

“This ‘trap’ as you put him…we should keep an eye on him, wouldn’t you agree?” She turned towards him who was also contemplating himself.

He knew that this Venti the bard had some connection to the dragon, and since their goal was to learn something about the Stormterror, then following him would be the best course of action, in addition to that…Venti also knew their identities and proclaimed himself as a god…Yomite planned on researching more about him… but first…

“God… I need a shower…”


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