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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 19: Meeting Hilichurls Bahasa Indonesia

The Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

The name Hu Tao brought fear to many.

Funeral ceremonies allowed mortals to leave this world with dignity.

And Liyue’s Wangsheng Funeral Parlor was said to be painting the last strokes on the scrolls of people’s lives in the most respectful way.

Traditional funerals included multiple steps such as holding a wake, burial, putting up a memorial plaque… All of which were subjected to strict rules.

Regardless of their social standing and level of wealth, all who departed deserved a ceremony that would do them honor. This was the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s client service philosophy.

One would think that such a reputable organization ought to be led only by an individual of utmost learning and sagacity.

Yet the heavy mantle of the 77th Director has fallen on the shoulders of a young lady like Hu Tao.

She has got quite a reputation in Liyue. She was mostly infamous though.

Whenever someone mentioned Hu Tao, their neighbors found it extremely hard to navigate the conversation. Whenever someone mentioned her name, something bad happened.

Citizens of Liyue had decided to stop saying her name out loud altogether, and instead referred to her as ‘You Know Who.’

Although she was widely praised for her wit and shrewdness, her eccentric and inconsiderate notions were not as welcome, as she often let her imagination run wild, doing whatever she wanted without a care in the world.

Hu Tao was always special.

As a three-year-old, she would read through volumes of classic texts while doing handstands.

At six, she would cut classes and fall asleep in the coffins.

When she was eight, she started living in the parlor and learning the etiquette of funeral ceremonies…

One would never use the word “measured” to describe her behavior. She was simply crazy. Simply too different. Simply not of this world.

During her teenage years, Hu Tao was tasked with conducting a funeral ceremony for the first time.

The parlor’s undertakers and consultants were anticipating her debut with their stomachs in knots as if they were suspended over the peaks of Jueyun Karst.

But unlike they expected, everything was going smoothly.

Until that incident happened…


As the trio of Kaeya, Hu Tao, and Yomite were walking towards the Domain, a silent atmosphere was ruling.

Kaeya was busy looking through a map and didn’t pay attention to anything else, and Yomite disagreed with the behavior that Hu Tao was showing, not wanting to talk to her right now.

Hu Tao on the other hand was humming a tune, peacefully without a care in the world.

Just then, Kaeya suddenly stopped and raised his hand, indicating his teammates to stop.

“We are near a Hillichurian settlements. The question is, do we want to avoid them and potentially lose time by going all around the cliff, or should we intercept them?” Kaeya inquired while gazing at the duo behind him.

He knew there was some heat between the two of them as his little brother Yomite was looking into the ground while Hu Tao was avoiding his gaze at any moment she could. It felt like an old married couple fighting.

Kaeya chuckled and continued, “Alright guys, then I shall take your silence as a yes. I dislike avoiding fun either way. Let’s fight then~!”

Both of them sharpened their gaze at his words. Yomite and his group was about to face a group of unknown enemies, and if it weren’t for the dragon that attacked the city not too long ago, he would be quite nervous about his first monster encounter.

He silently observed the weird humanoid monsters from within their hiding spot and he had to agree with himself on this one. These were definitely some alternatives for goblins.

The only difference from goblins would probably be the color of their skin and the traditional masks they wore.

“I will count to ten and we will ambush them, got it?” Kaeya glanced at them and they immediately nodded. Preparation and strategy were the key to every battle.

“One…two…ten!” Kaeya dashed forward, leaving behind a dumfounded Hu Tao and Yomite.

“Hold on a minute!? Where the hell did you leave the other numbers!?”

“Hahaha! Little bro! What’s the point of ambushing such lowly creatures!? Enjoy your life!” Kaeya shouted and laughed, Hilichurls immediately noticing his presence, but they were far too slow on the uptake as he effortlessly started cutting them down one by one, staining his sword with fresh blood.

Hilichurls started panicking and went into their tents to grab some weapons. Despite being monsters, Hilichurls were smart enough to use weapons and in some cases, even magic.

Up to this day, no one has ever found out how they could use elemental magic or magic reactions without a Vision. They were simply mystery.

“Ah! He is having fun all by himself! No can do!~” Hu Tao pulled out her polearm seemingly out of nowhere and ran in to help.

“Tch! Those stupid battle junkies!” Yomite clicked his tongue. He pulled out his claymore from his scabbard and rushed in as well.

Most Hilichurls had already encircled Hu Tao and Kaeya, but there was one lone Hilichurl that noticed Yomite’s presence.

It’s two red eyes behind the ornament mask met Yomite’s gaze.


Yomite bathed in the monster’s overwhelming enmity as he mumbled,

“What the…”

Surprisingly, the monster could actually talk, which caught Yomite off guard.

The Hilichurl grabbed a nearby wooden club and lunged at him.

While watching the strike, Yomite dodged the attack completely. He was confident that he could avoid the attack from the get go as he could see the movements of his opponent, just as the trajectory of its club swing.

“So slow…This monster truly is weak.” He reminded himself, boosting his confidence a bit, but still staying on guard.

These were truly tutorial monsters.

Predictable and weak, nothing like a dragon.

But even weak monsters like goblins were dangerous in packs.

Hilichurls were similar to goblins to some extend. That’s why he was still cautious.

Yomite knew that his new body was much stronger than his old one, and he could feel the strength flowing through his veins.

‘It feels as if I got some kind of physical strengthening ability from the goddess. I can swing this claymore without any trouble.’

As the Hilichurl missed its strike, Yomite was about to slay him with his claymore when out of the corner of his eye, he saw another Hilichurl, that was hiding up till now, preparing for a sneak attack.

‘I knew it. Damn goblins.’

He parried the incoming attack with the claymore and poured strength into his left arm, tightening the muscles and sending a punch at him as a payback—

And as he did that.

—The head of the humanoid monster before his eyes exploded like an overripe melon.

‘Huh?’ Yomite stared wide-eyed at the falling parts of meat and brain matter.

Bludgeoned to death at point-blank range, its still fresh blood showered Yomite’s face. The Hilichurl’s headless body sailed forward and crashed into him, dropping the club in its hands onto the ground with a loud *thump*.

“Wh-What just…happened?”


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