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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 131: Date With Hu Tao, Part Two – Buying A Dress! Bahasa Indonesia


“I mean, you don’t really need to throw the coat away…I was just wondering if you didn’t want to wear something else once in a while. You can wear it for special occasions, like this one for example.” Yomite suggested.

He could imagine her wearing all sorts of adorable clothes.

“A new outfit? So this date is considered to be a special occasion, I see. In that case, you should have told me sooner! I didn’t know I had to wear a specific dress!”

Then again, she gazed at him from up and down…And he was also wearing the same clothes as always. She was once again confused.

Fishy-Fishy did tell her in the beginning that she planned to wear a nice dress but gave up on the idea as she didn’t have time to buy one to begin with.

Considering he bought something for Fischl, Yomite obviously also planned to do the same for Hu Tao.

Which is why he was currently staring at Hu Tao, when an idea popped into his head.

“Hmmm, I saw a nice outfit yesterday when I was walking past the Mondstadt General Goods… Should we go take a look?” Yomite proposed with a wink.

Hearing his suggestion Hu Tao cheerily replied, “Sure~”

All of the girls in his party were, without a question, beautiful.

It was a shame they didn’t change clothes much. Especially Lumine, who seemed to be attached to her dress more than anyone he knew.

Hu Tao wore the same coat at all times, washing it once per week. She had the advantage of drying clothes with her Vision which helped them a lot with laundry issues.

Fischl apparently had the same set of bizarre dresses in her closet, and she switched between them.

Paimon said her clothes couldn’t get dirty simply because a magical spell was embedded in them that would automatically clean them right away. He really wondered just who Paimon was…

And as for Iris, who was still out of commission, she wore the same shirt and pants everywhere, saying that a dragon didn’t need to wash them…




Hu Tao didn’t know what to do during this so-called ‘date thing’ so she realized it would be the best idea to let him show her the ropes and lead her around.

Fischl explained to her that it was a very important day, where two people who like each other, spent time together to grow their affection and love for each other…but then again, wasn’t that just a regular day?

Not to mention, she spent a whole week in isolation with him alone after entering the quarantine, did that count as a date as well?

She was very much confused about the whole concept.

“Welcome! We have quality goods at honest prices! How can I help you, dear Hero?” The plain brown haired woman named Blanche, rested her hand on her chin as she looked at the pair, holding hands.

A smirk painted her lips.

“How adorable, Mr Hero! Taking your girlfriend out for a walk. You look cute together!”

Once again, calling him by that title…

(I swear, once some other opportunity comes by, I will just stand around and watch it happen! I wonder if they’ll still call me a hero!)

And also…

Taking her out for a walk?

That kind of comment made it look as if Yomite was walking his dog instead…not girlfriend…

(I swear… People from Mondstadt are the weirdest creatures…I can only blame Venti for that…)

Venti and his ideal of Freedom, had for sure turned this normal city into a unique one…

Luckily, Jean and that man, Varka, seemed to have set-up a series of rules that would prevent the country from destroying itself…

Although it was kind of ironic, considering it was a country of Freedom, yet even freedom was being restricted by the idea of rules.

He wondered what Venti thought about that.

(Nothing in this stupid world makes sense…)

He moved his gaze from Blanche to Hu Tao and sighed…

(All people from Liyue better not be like her as well…)

Just thinking about a city full of pranksters and people that could open your door during night with lockpicks made him shiver…

(Hopefully, the country will be peaceful… Somehow, I feel like this is a flag…)

Hu Tao did mention that they ostracized her, before, so he was already starting to worry a bit.

But they would pull through, somehow…

Just to make sure, they would teleport home to their mansion whenever night came…

“Please have a look around.”

Blanche’s words woke him up from his stupor.

His gaze landed on the clothes he saw yesterday, “I want to buy her this dress. Is there somewhere she could try them on?”

Blanche thought for a while, before responding, “Sure! There shouldn’t be anyone inside, so I will help her with the preparation!”

And so, Hu Tao went inside with Blanche.


A couple of minutes later…

Hu Tao came out, with a visibly uncomfortable expression.

It could have been because she wasn’t used to wearing these kinds of clothes, but could have also been because of the fact that her grandfather’s hat she loved to wear everywhere was nowhere to be found, and instead, a completely different one adored her head.

As he took in the view, he couldn’t help but admit. She looked adorable.

The dress reminded him of what Barbara usually wears, just a different color.

In a sense, it might have been called cosplay.

She was adorned in a red and dark shaded cute two layered one piece dress that just reached her upper thighs.

The upper part of the dress was connected with a black colored choker held in place with a fleur de lis shaped pin in the middle, it directly connected with the open neckline giving away for some semblance of cleavage— almost nonexistent due to her small petite breasts— to be seen.

The dress had an open neckline that gave away the view of her fair shoulders and collarbone to be in view, enticing the viewers. A black and dark red shaded ribbon was placed in the middle of the upper part of her dress, just over her petite breasts, a cross shaped golden colored clip with black and red edges placed in the middle of the ribbon held its shape.

The lower part of her cute dress was a skirt parted in two shades. It was multi-layered, the undermost layer being a dark brown shaded frilly design. While the middle layer of it had dark red frills added to it. Black colored flower shaped symbols with dots in middle— akin to Hu Tao’s own set of flower shaped pupils— adorned the ends of every frill while the edges faded into a pure black, contrasting with the dark brown almost black shaded underfill.

The uppermost layer was connected with the upper part of her dress and was parted in the right side from her upper waist, which made it possible for the dark red colored middle layer to be visible on the left side while the angled upper layer drapped over the middle one hiding it and showing on the right side of her waist.

The uppermost layer was walnut in color just like her beautiful hair, three long and pointed diamond knife shaped buttons— golden in color and holding a diamond shaped ruby each— adorned the layer in equal symmetrical distance. Its hem was straight and angled, a contrast to the middle and bottom layer, and a whitish brown colored flowing pattern adorned the upper layer of her skirt.

Blanche did Hu Tao’s hair in long double sidetail design, something she wasn’t used to, while she wore a crimson and black hat.

Long cream white colored stockings adorned her long legs, stretching to her upper thighs vanishing in the frills of her dress, while she wore a different styled black colored boots with its openings flowing outward with red edges.

All in all she looked the personification with cuteness itself and Yomite again affirmed himself of the relentless affection he held for her.

“It’s perfect!!!”

He raised his hands and shouted into the sky!


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