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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 102: Fischl Side Story #1 – Frustration Unlimited Bahasa Indonesia


Many, many years ago.

“Amy, what books did you read today?”

Her parents asked her on one of the rare occasions that they were home between their adventures, when she was younger.

She proceeded to tell them the story she had read from her favorite series.

“…And then he said, Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort, you are the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, my proud daughter. You shall never surrender your nobility and dreams.”

“Oh, that’s a lovely story. Since you like it so much, Amy, how about I call you “Fischl” too?” Her father smiled, put his hand on her head, and repeated the words from the story to her.

“Fischl, you are my wonderful princess and my proud daughter. You shall never surrender your nobility and dreams.”

These kind and loving words lit up her world.

However, the time with her busy parents was always fleeting.

At these times, she would remind herself, “I am Fischl, a Prinzessin. It’s true, because mommy and daddy said so…”

“Never will I surrender my nobility and dreams, for they are… a princess’ rite of passage.”

Just like in the universe of [Flowers for Princess Fischl], the story she loved so dearly, the entropy begot destruction. In other words, the girl who loved to dream grew up.

On her fourteenth birthday, those of her peers who refused to accommodate her quirks belittled her once again. She was essentially a victim of bullying.

(Tis but a minor setback for the noble Prinzessin. My parents will understand,) She thought to herself.

For if she knew one thing, it was that as a princess she could never surrender her nobility and dreams.

But when she threw herself into her parents’ arms in need of comfort, she was met instead with gentle words of exasperation.

“Amy…dear…you are fourteen years old now. You’re a fully fledged adult now… It’s fun to make-believe, but eventually you need to grow up and put your childish dreams behind you…”

And with that, the same voice that had once lit up her world now tore it apart.

That day at midnight, she found herself sobbing in the library she knew so well.

She had a strange feeling that she was being watched… Suddenly, she heard an otherworldly flapping of wings.

Sure enough, she looked up and her red, swollen eyes met with those of a night raven from another world.

What transpired afterwards was another story…

Fischl didn’t like this story that much…

Thinking about it caused her to feel suffocating pain and soul-devouring loneliness.

Maybe one day, this story would be written.

But that would be Amy’s story, not Fischl’s.

Fischl had but one identity: she was the Prinzessin.

As long as she remembered this simple and perfect logic, with a little bit of nobility and a touch of kindness from others, nothing could ever hurt her.

Things were looking well for Prinzessin Fischl these days.

Not only did she have Oz and now a best friend in the little Director called Hu Tao, but she had finally met a person, just like her, who she believed was from a different world…

When she was young, she couldn’t help but believe that, deep down, nothing was real, that the reality she was living in was but a simulation, an illusion, a dream.

She was in her own little world…

This thought had always been her fear…

This thought had always made her paranoid…

This thought…had always been a part of her life…

And now, she was afraid of it more than ever.

Afraid that none of the friends she met, were real.

That ‘He’, wasn’t real, and was just a made up person from her sad imagination that lacked human interaction.

Ever since she received her Vision, she had these weird lucid dreams.

It almost felt, as if she could see snippets of worlds from other realities, but it was too hazy.

Things she thought were normal for the residents of Mondstadt, turned out to be the complete opposite, yet she remembered deep within her memory, that it used to be the case before.

She had started to question the people around her…The people she knew…she had started to question her own existence…

And now, that new people stepped into her life.

She was afraid they would sooner or later disappear.

Hu Tao’s pranks, and laughs.

Iris’ spars that left her on the ground, panting for breath every day.

Lumine’s silent, yet competitive side.

Paimon’s constant rants.

And his existence.

He probably didn’t notice, but she was paying a close attention to him, ever since they met.

She was smart enough to know, that when they met for the first time, he wanted to recruit her into his party, with the goal of profit in mind.

And she didn’t mind that. As long as she was no longer alone, and would get to participate with other people in their quests.

She wouldn’t mind even if they only used her as a luggage carrier.

But that didn’t happen. All of them were kind, and she very much enjoyed their company.

Slowly, she could feel the boy had opened up and started caring for them all, despite the fact he was using them just for money in the beginning.

Now, they were all great friends and allies alike!

If all of that disappeared, what would she do?


As mentioned previously, the girl’s parents were busy adventurers.

She spent most of her childhood in the library, traversing the countless universes that were contained in the pages of the library books.

She became the ruler of the Immernachtreich, summoned Thundering Retribution as a royal princess, and formed a soul bond with a Raven…

Oz and Princess Fischl were not only close friends but also servant and master, with a shared soul and fate.

And so, today, once more, she stepped into the beautiful library.


Her parents were pretty famous adventurers, she earned the right to enter the Favonius Library, ever since she was a little child.

It had also been a while since she herself has had time to read…due to a certain someone.

She let out a short sigh.

“Now, why dear, do I hear the sigh of someone madly in love?~” Fischl jumped at the playful remark.

“L-Love?! No, I was just thinking–” she cut off when her hand slammed unexpectedly hard onto the table.

“Yes, Miss Lisa, mein Fräulein has been having some boy problems lately.” Oz interjected, flying off to one of the bookcases when Fischl turned around in surprise.

She missed her chance to smack him.


“Haha! I was faster! You’re too slow to hit me, mein dear Fräulein! It’s over, I have the high ground now!”

“O-Oz! You!!” Fischl stuttered, helplessly sinking back into her chair.

Lisa’s lips curled into a devious smile.

“Boy problem? Why, you’ve come to the right place! Love potions, I can do, memory alteration too, or my personal favorite, mind control,”

Lisa rambled on, counting each of the ideas with her fingers, before lowering her voice, a dangerous glint in her eyes. “Or perhaps you would prefer me to kidnap him and torture him with my Electro Vision till he submits as your dog for personal use?”

Fischl shook her head profusely, “N-No! That’s way too violent!! Way too violent! I would not force him like that!”

Lisa’s face softened, although Fischl knew she still wore a deceiving look, judging from the slight smirk she still withheld. “Oh! My dear! How pure-minded, now that is true love.” She said dramatically, placing a hand over her chest.

It would seem that today, she entered the library as Amy, and not as the Prinzessin Der Verurteilung.

Maybe she wanted some kind of answer, or words of encouragement.

“Don’t tease me!”

“Relax, I was just kidding about that torture…kind of…So, who’s the lucky lad, to have our Electro Princess blushing?” She inquired, backing Fischl into a corner.

“I…I-It’s my ever perfect companion and the leader of my party, Yomite, of course!”

“Yomite, huh?” Lisa’s eyes dropped a bit, “I see…”

With a slight frown she squinted her eyes, “Well, let’s start then. I have free time today, so I will help you make up your mind! What do you see in him? Is it just a kid’s crush or are you serious about him? There has to be a reason all of this started.”

“I’m not sure… I think it was not long after we’ve met…he was the first one to accept me for who I am…he is also very kind…he reads books and I feel a special connection with him…and his…butt is nice…” She shyly muttered.

Lisa let out a giggle at the last part. She had to agree that part was true for sure.

After listening to her this closely, she could tell it wasn’t just kid’s crush. She was serious.



“Yesterday, I saw him…Laying on the lap of another woman, Hu Tao, from our party… She’s also my best friend…”

(…Unfortunate, poor child. From the books and reality…romance can hurt…)

Lisa inwardly sighed at the misfortunate girl.

“My chest hurt so much, that even if it was embarrassing for me to do…I joined in and also gave him my lap…”

“Really? Good for you! That’s a great step for you!”

Lise nodded. It turned out that the little shy girl could be aggressive and very much possessive at times, when her ‘position’ was ‘threatened’.

“Yeah…he said he liked it a lot…my thighs…”

“That’s even better, that might mean he is very much interested.”

“No. I know him. He’s very flirty and likes to compliment everything, but It still feels like…I didn’t seem to pick his eye…I don’t know what to do at all…I guess I’m way too young to be actually attractive in his eyes…If only my chest was bigger…”

Fischl deeply sighed, her gaze pointed at Lisa’s ample, monstrous bossom.

“I know I’m always teasing you about it, but chest isn’t everything…” Lisa replied. “Besides, the back pain can get on my nerves. That’s why I developed a potion that would stop the pain immediately for a few months!”

Fischl slumped onto the desk and muttered, “Once you develop a potion to make breasts bigger…I will visit you once more…”

The chances of Yomite liking her romantically were slim!

Very much so!

Yet she wouldn’t give up on him!

She knew that someone like him, would only appear once in her lifetime, and she wanted to reach out to him…

To grab his hand…

A̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶t̶.̶.̶.̶

And so on…

The Prinzessin will do her best!


“Ah Miss Fischl, good morning. Sorry we called you in so early in the morning, but there is a quest for you ready!”

“It’s fine, this Prinzessin wakes up way earlier than the sun. Such is my excellence, outperforming the very existence of the beginning of mankind.”

Oz chimmed in and translated, “Mein Fräulein said she wakes up at 4 am in the morning, so she doesn’t mind.”

Katheryne appreciated the translation and handed Fischl her quest details, “Miss Fischl, you’ll be going to a faraway country called Sumeru. It might take you a while, but I believe that with your capabilities, you can do it!”


Fischl almost staggered in place.

(Wasn’t that where the ever erotic librarian was from!? But that’s so far away!)

“The journey back and forth would be about…two weeks I believe!”

(Two weeks!? I won’t be able to see anyone for that long!? Curse you! Fate!)

This Prinzessin will…do her…best…?

After she returns home!


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