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Extreme Flame Wizard – Chapter 9: Chapter 9: The Boku-Girl and the Wizard Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 9: The Boku-Girl and the Wizardーーー



Reading those words, Igni let out a huge sigh of relief and threw himself on the bed.

Lucas: “What is with that face? You passed so you should be more happy.”

Igni: “What are you talking about Grandpa. Remember, I’m the cool, calm type of man.”

Lucas: “Ha! Whatever you say, boy.”

Lucas laughs and teased his grandson.

Lucas: “The Rolmod Wizard Academy has dormitories, so you’ll be living there a while.”

Igni: “Dormitory? Like a male dormitory?”

Lucas: “Of course. What else did you expect?”

Igni: “………..”

Igni never thought the day would come when his grandfather would say something so… normal.

Lucas: “So Igni, I heard that you destroyed the target?”

Igni: “Yeah, they told me that it was indestructible, so I had to prove them wrong.”

Lucas: “Kuhahaha!! Good! Very good! Keep standing out like that. And keep sharpening those skills. If you keep doing so, there will be a woman who’ll be interested in you.”

Igni: “You think so?”

Lucas: “I know so. You have to believe me, Igni. I’ve been around a lot longer than you have.”

Igni: “Y–yeah, you’re right, Grandpa!”

Because Igni has followed his grandfather this far, he was able to become stronger than he could have ever imagined.

If he was this right about the training, Igni should trust him about becoming popular.

This was Igni’s conclusion.

Lucas: “You’ll be able to move into the dormitory tomorrow. Luckily, you’re luggage isn’t that much.”

Igni: “Yeah, all I need is this body.”

Lucas: “Yes. You have been given 3 years. Expand your horizons and relationships as much as possible during this time.”

Igni: “You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Especially in respects to female relationships, no one could outdo Igni’s passion and motivation.

Lucas: “Then, it’s time for me to go as well.”

Igni: “What? Where are you going, grandpa?”

Lucas: “What are you surprised about? I, the “Extreme,” am a very busy man.”

Lucas: “What do you mean busy? All you do is play around with women.”

Igni exaggerated his shrug and let out an exasperated sigh.

But Lucas didn’t respond.

Igni: “Grandpa?”

But looking at the spot where his grandfather was, he had long disappeared.

Igni: “….H—he ran away again….”

It looks like Lucas’ wandering habits haven’t changed.

Igni let out a sigh and decided to go to sleep.


The next morning.

Igni: “So this is the dorm, huh.”

With the invitation from Rolmod Wizard Academy, very early in the morning, Igni looked to the place where he would live for the next 3 years.

Igni: “Sucks that I don’t get my own room.”

How will he invite girls to his room in that case?

On a side note, that is EXACTLY why the policy of multiple people to a room was implemented, but for now, Igni remains in blissful ignorance and searches for his room.

Igni: “A male dorm, huh.”

Apparently, this building used to be a girls’ dormitory.

On another side note, this is a dormitory catered towards the family’s with less wealth, so the rent and services are free. Even breakfast and dinner are included free of charge, so for any penny-less student, this was a huge life-saver.

Igni: “203….. 203…oh, here is it.”According to the Welcome Pamphlet, it’s a two-person room.

There might even be someone already here before him.

Igni: (I really don’t need guy friends so I hope he’s the quiet, silent type. Yeah…)

Thinking only about himself at full throttle, he opens the door.

The knob of the door clicks loudly as the door creaks open.

“Oh! Uh! S-Sorry! I still haven’t cleaned up my side!”

…..a high voice.

Igni: (Is it the janitor?)

Looking inside the room, there were large moving boxes and in between was something white swaying side to side.

Igni: “Huh?”

“Oh, I-I’m sorry! Are you a student?”

The white something got up and turned out to be a person.

She was a beautiful girl with short, white hair. She had unblemished skin that resonated with beauty.

Igni: “Uh… this is a males’ dormitory, right?”

“Oh, *I-I’m, also supposed to live in this room.”

{{Chonky Note — The girl’s using the masculine “I” “boku” versus a more typical feminine “I” “watashi”}}

Igni: “Uh, me too but…”

“Oh! Then you must be the new roommate! I’m so glad! You look like a kind person!”

Igni: “I-It-it’s a boku-girl?!”

At that moment, Igni dives straight into a flashback.


[Grandpa, what do you think about tomboys?]

[……..good. Very good.]

[Whaaaaat, don’t you think it’s weird.][Kuhahaha! Igni, my boy, you are too young and inexperienced. True, most women say “watashi.” But… but that’s why it is great when you meet one who says ‘boku’!]

{{see Chonky Notes at bottom of chapter for explanation}}


[Yes. It’s called experiencing a ‘gap’. Do not worry. One day you’ll understand.]

[Whaaaaat, I’ll never understand that, Grandpa.]


No! Now I get it! I understand, Grandpa!

I get what you were saying now!

It’s true that it may be strange for a girl to call herself “boku”!

But a boyish girl saying “boku” is completely different!

It’s COMPLETELY different!

Although that habit alone should work against the girl, but with a slighly masculine personality, you’re suddenly drawn to that person…!!

The minus was transformed into a positive trait….!!!

This is what you were talking about! Right, Grandpa!

“My name is Yoori. I’m a commoner, so I don’t have a last name.”

Igni: “I’m Igni. Nice to meet you.”

Yoori offers her hand, and Igni takes and shakes it.


This….this is a girl’s hand?!

Yoori: “Igni, you don’t have any moving boxes?”

Igni: “Yeah, all I have is the school uniform, and what I’m wearing now.”

Yoori: “That’s it?!”

Igni: “It’s like this for most people.”

So far, Igni was able to hide most of his tumultuous emotions, and kept a calm expression.

He came thus far with a perfect poker face!

Igni: “Yoori, is… this all your luggage and furniture?”

Igni glances at the mountain of boxes stacked up high filling the 2-person room.

Yoori: “Y-yeah. When I was accepted into the ‘Academy,’ the townspeople sent me off with all this stuff.”

Igni: “Oh really? Wow, that’s great.”

Yoori: “….they kept saying how I was a genius, a savior of the town.”

Yoori’s expression became very gloomy.

Igni: “What’s wrong? You look really troubled. Something happen?”

Yoori: “No, it’s nothing. Did you hear the rumors at the entrance exams?”

Igni: “No, what kind of rumors?”

Yoori: “It hasn’t happened in a while, but they said it happened this year. Someone…broke the target.”

Igni: “Oh… really… I didn’t know about that.”

Secret of Popularity Rule No. 6 — Avoid bragging.

Igni: (I better keep quiet about this)

Grandpa was saying how when people talk about you, how that is so cool, so I don’t have to say it myself.

Yoori: “But now, I don’t know what I’m supposed to say to the townspeople.”

Igni: “Really? Just because someone broke the target, what does that have to do with not being able to face your townspeople?”

Yoori: “It does! I’m the first ever man to become a Wizard from that town!”

Igni: “………man?”

Igni locked on to a very specific part of the conversation at lightning speed.

Yoori: “Uh…um, yeah. You said so yourself. This is a male dormitory, right?”

Igni crumbled to his knees.




*Boku-girl (bokutko) (ボクッコ) (僕っ子) – In Japanese, there are many ways to say “me” or “I”. Typically, young girl’s say “watashi” (私) and young boys say “boku” (僕). A “bokutko” in this case is a girl who calls herself “boku” (masculine). Both male and female adults (especially working professionals) can say “watashi” because it is the formal/subservient way to address yourself. A more older, masculine way of saying me is ore (o-reh) (俺) or washi (ワシ) if you’re elderly. There are also countless Japanese dialects to say me like the Kansai “wai” (ワイ) or “wate” (wa-teh) (ワテ) or uchi (うち). Going back to the main point, girls CAN say “boku” but this is a more masculine, male way of representing yourself (o-re is more masculine than boku). Girls who want to hide their gender/sex will address themselves as “boku” in Japan (i.e. any narrative like Mulan). I was called out for using the feminine I “uchi” and made a lot of people uncomfortable. I used it because that’s how the people in an anime I liked said “me” (it was a female MC – Jarinko Chie ジャリンコ・チエ).


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