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Chapter 80: The Promise and the Wizard

There is a Potion called the [Love Potion].

As the name suggests, by putting in a body part of the Potion creator……..such as the hair or nail clippings, it is a Potion that makes the person who drinks it be attracted to the one who made it.

But there is also a counter-active Potion called a [Antidote Potion].

It is a product of the [Ancient Spells] that is capable of counter-acting almost any type of poison, but nowadays, it is rarely used.

That’s because in the entry-level beginner Spell for [Life] Magic Type users, there is a [Antidote] {Detox} Spell…….even if you’re a compatibility [F] with [Life], you’ll be able to counteract most poisons to a certain degree.

But Igni doesn’t even have [F] compatibility with [Life]. In fact, his compatibility is [None]. He would not be able to use that Spell. Hence, he gave Alicia the [Antidote Potion] he had on hand.

In a normal case, there would be no point in using this Antidote Potion.

That is because it was Igni who consumed the Potion and not Alicia.

But Igni doesn’t know.

By using a [Moss] that reverses the property of the [Love Potion], it made the <creator> of the Potion fall in love with their target.

And because the effects of the Potion will now appear in the Potion’s creator…..the [Antidote Potion] should be given to the creator ー but there was no way that Igni could have known this.

He was ignorant of the fact, but he realized that Alicia was falling for him through the effects of the [Love Potion], and mistakenly thought that Alicia somehow consumed the Potion herself…….and as a result, he correctly identified the proper treatment method.

Alicia: “…………….hm?” Alicia realized that her feelings for Igni subsided a little and……

Alicia: (Is it because he realized that I was about to kiss him……?)

And she didn’t realize this herself that the effects of the Potion was completely reversed and this is what she was thinking.


Elenoir: “Everyone~ Are you all well~?”

It’s been a few days since Ms. Elenoir left, and she had a bright smile on her face………but the students facing her were not so cheerful.

The only ones who looked healthy was Igni’s group and maybe one other……while the other classmates looked pretty rough. This included Edward’s minions.

Yoori: “Looks like we were able to camp in an ideal location.”

Igni: “Yeah, we even completed a few Quests so……..it was definitely a great spot.” Igni was placed within a special group of students…….and in short, the written test portions would not be counted against him, but because of that, his performance outside the written tests will be counted. Being able to get a decent grade on this Training Camp, it was a very satisfactory outcome for Igni.

Elenoir: “Then everyone~ Please get in line and get inside of the carriages~”

With Elenoir giving out directions, Igni and his classmates began climbing into the multiple 6-person carriages that were waiting for them…..

And with a <DON!> (sfx), Lilly sat firmly next to Igni.

Igni: “WhーWhat’s wrong? You were pretty determined to take that seat.”

Lilly: “………..it’s nothing.”

Igni could not have realized it, but Lilly herself didn’t realize that her actions came out of her desire to keep Igni to herself.

Iris: “Sir Igni! Can I sit next to you?!”

Igni: “YーYeah, I don’t mind……”

And as Igni was now sandwiched between Lilly and Iris, they gathered onto the carriages, and the carriages began to take off. On a side note, Sara was sitting on Igni’s lap.

And as the carriage began to move……Igni and everyone else was slightly jostled inside, and Lilly immediately took the opportunity to place her body firmly against Igni’s.

Iris: “………..HMM?!”

Igni: (OH, OHH?!?!)

Igni is now distracted by the soft feel of a girl’s body.

He doesn’t realize Iris’ eyes looking suspiciously his way either.

Yoori: “We have 3 days off starting tomorrow! Igni, do you have any plans?”

Igni: “Plansー? Not really.” The 3 days they spent at the Training Camp will allow the students to rest for the same amount of days.

With the weekend added, Igni would have 5 consecutive days off.

Yoori: “Then, do you want to go to the Cake Shop I found?!”

Igni: “The Cake Shop…….oh yeah, you mentioned that before, Yoori.” Before, meaning the first day of school.

Since then, a lot of things happened back to back, and Igni did not get a chance to hang out with Yoori.

Igni: “Sure. Let’s go tomorrow.” Iris: “Sir Igni! I’d like to go too!”

Alicia: “Cake, huh. I haven’t had any in a while so can I go too?” Yoori: “Yeah, it’ll be fun if we all go together!”

Yoori’s smile is cute as always.

Igni: (Dangitー his smile is still cute.)

Yoori: “How about you, Miss Lilly?”

Lilly: “I’ll…..pass.” And Lilly looked a little discouraged as a shadow crept over her face.

Igni: (Is she okay?)

But Edward, who was being left out of the conversation was looking this way, so Igni went ahead and threw the question at Edward too.

Igni: “How about it? Edward, do you want to come too?”

Edward: “No……..I’ll be going with my family to the Family Cottage the next 5 days!”

Igni: “FーFamily Cottage…..”

Igni: (That’s right. Edward was from a Noble’s family.)

Not all nobles have vacation houses, but Edward had minions, so he must be from a pretty wealthy family.

Edward: “Yeah, sorry for not being able to go. It’s my chance to spend some quality time with my family.” Igni: “No, if there’s family you care about, you should take care of them.” Igni gave his advice as a friend.

For him, the only one he considers family is his grandfather.

And the carriages continue to move forward, but because the campsite was at the very edge of the Kingdom, they stopped several times to rest.

One of the rest stops for Igni’s group was a very nice town with many luxurious inns.

But they weren’t going to spend the night there.

The stop was to give water to the horses, and allow the students to use the restroom.

They would not be stopping for long, and for those who didn’t need to use the restroom, they remained inside the carriage.

Igni: “I need to step out.” Lilly: “Oh! IーI’ll get out too!”

And this time, it was Igni and Lilly who got out of the carriage.

Lilly: “UーUm! Igni!!”

Igni: “Hm? What’s up?” As they walk a certain distance from the carriage, Lilly calls Igni over.

Igni really needed to use the restroom, but it wasn’t so urgent that he would ignore a girl calling him over.

Lilly: “UーUm……so…….”

Lilly’s face turned bright red as she struggled to find her words.

Igni: “It’s okay. Calm down a little.” Igni tries to reassure and calm Lilly as she takes a deep breath and….

Lilly: “DーDo you have plans the day after tomorrow?!”

Is what she asked.

Igni: “The day after tomorrow? I’m free then.”

Lilly: “Oh, um………so…………”

Lilly was a little taken aback by Igni’s answer, but she threw everything she got into the question.

Lilly: “Then can you give me a tour of the Kingdom?!”

Is what she said.

Igni: (Oh, is this a date?)

This was simple-minded Igni’s first thought, but he was right this time around.

Igni: “Sure. The day after tomorrow then. Should I come pick you up at the dormitory?”

Lilly: “Um, well………..can we meet in front of the fountain…?”

Igni: “The fountain……? Oh, that fountain on the main street?” Igni confirmed with Lilly who still had a bright red face as she nodded.

Igni: (The fountain on the main street………isn’t that where people meet to go on dates?!)

Igni’s feelings instantly climb to the highest summit.

His feelings rose to the summit, but so did his need to use the restroom.

Igni: “ThーThen, we’ll meet at the fountain on the morning of the day after tomorrow then.” Lilly: “YーYes! I’ll see you when the first morning bell rings!”

And with that, Lilly returned to the carriage.

Igni: “BーBathroom……..”

Igni held back what was about to flood out, and as he headed to the restroom, he realized something.

Igni: (…………wait…….isn’t this going to be my very first date with a girl……..?)

Last time, the date was derailed by Kurara, but this time, everything seemed to be in order.

As Igni fought the dam from breaking, he began to plan out the details of the date inside his head.



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