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Chapter 72: Protect the Girl!

With the girl before their eyes, Igni and his group stood there until Alicia broke the silence.

Alicia: “LーLet’s go ahead and put her in the [Coffin] for now.”

Igni: “YーYeah…”

Both Igni and Alicia’s movements were awkward with uncertainty as they placed the girl’s body inside the black coffin. As soon as she was inside, the density of the Magic Power surrounding them lessened drastically, and it was easier to breathe.

Sensing that, the three understood now without a doubt.

Igni: “……….so she really was the Magic Power source of the [Demon King’s Realm]…”

This girl was the source of all the calamity and chaos.

Alicia: “I’m going to close it.”

Alicia closes the coffin.

Moments later, the Magic Power that was flooding the area began to diminish.

Actually, it wasn’t diminishing. It was just that the source of the Magic Power was sealed so the Magic Power level of the room stopped and remained stagnant.

Alicia: “WhーWhat are we going to do, Igni?” Igni: “………give me a little time to think…” In Igni’s plans, the source of the Magic Power was supposed to be the [Demon King]’s corpse. That’s why after they recovered the body, they were going to hand over the corpse to the Empire’s Research Division to dispose of it.

Alicia agreed that they would accept it <with open arms>, so there shouldn’t have been any problems………at least, that’s how it was supposed to go.

Mila: “Igni, Alicia, the Rolmod Wizard Academy will take her in and protect her for now.”

It was the first time Mila spoke in a solemn, serious tone.

Igni: “Take her…….to the school…..?”

Mila: “This girl is not the Demon King. There’s no need to kill her……..but the fact of the matter is, the [Demon King]’s Magic Power is overflowing out of her body. We cannot just take her anywhere, right? But……if the girl is a victim of the [Great War], then we have a duty to protect her. Don’t you think?”

Igni: “Protect her at the school……..will it really be possible?”

Mila: “Of course it is! Put some faith in your teachers. Besides…..I need to ask her how she ended up this way.”

Igni: “That’s true………just leaving things as they are…..there’s just too many unanswered questions at this point.”

The [Demon King] died. Everyone knows that.

And it was also well known that the [Demon King’s Realm]’s absurdly high and dense Magic Power was due to the [Demon King] as well.

But in reality……

Mila: “Well, anyways, let’s go back for now.”

Igni: “Yes.”

Igni picks up the coffin on his shoulders and….

Mila: “[Teleport] {Open}”

Mila opens the way back home.

She must have incorporated a return [Path] into the Magic Inscription that sent them to the [Demon King’s Realm].

Everything goes white before Igni and his group’s eyes and…..before they knew what happened, they stood on top of the Rolmod Wizard Academy’s rooftop.

Mila: “For now, just follow me.”

Mila immediately begins to walk ahead.

Igni and Alicia look at one another……and then follow after Mila.

Mila: “The Rolmod Wizard Academy was originally a Research Facility to study [Magic].”

As they go deeper and deeper, they head to the deepest room as Mila speaks to them.

Mila: “Because of that, here, the faculty here all study and research Spells as we teach students.”

Igni: “I see… so that’s why.” Mila: “Yeah. Well, anyone who knows the history of the school could have told you this. But if you think about it, why do you think we began researching [Magic] in the first place?” Igni thinks for a moment before answering Mila’s question.

Igni: “Was it to fight other countries?” ….was his answer.

Mila: “Nope. It’s not. But I do understand where you’re coming from. It’s true that the Kingdom’s greatest enemy is all the countries surrounding it~”

Mila laughs.

Mila: “But for those who survived the [Great War], the number one enemy of humanity………will always be the [Demon King].”

Igni: “…………..” Mila: “That’s why in order to oppose the [Demon King], we created and developed countless Spells as counter measures. Attack Spells, Defensive Spells and……….Sealing Spells.”

They were in the farthest room, in the deepest part of the building.

Students were prohibited from entering this section – but in that place, it was there.

Mila: “We’ll be able to go down using this.” Alicia: “Is this…….an elevator?”

It was Alicia who spoke up now.

Igni: (Huh….? What’s that……?)

Igni is the only one who doesn’t know anything about it and tilts his head.

Mila: “That’s right. Alicia, you’re very knowledgeable.”

Alicia: “Yes, well, last year or the year before……we also built one at home.”

Mila: “That’s right. I heard from somewhere that the Empire’s Castle also built one~”

Without any explanation, Igni enters the elevator and…

Mila: “We’ll be going down.”

A weird sensation overcame his body as they descended.

Igni: “WHOA……! What is this?!”

Mila: “It’s an automated Magic Artifact that helps you ascend and descend freely. They made sure that it only responds to the school’s faculties’ Magic Power though~”

And the three descend deeper and deeper……..to the underground of the Rolmod Wizard Academy.

Mila: “And this is just a continuation of what we’re talking about before…..but in order to study [Magic], there was something that was absolutely necessary. Do you know what that is?” Igni: “In order to research……..”

Igni pauses to think once more and…

Igni: “A place? Maybe?”

Mila: “That’s right! In order to study something as unpredictable as [Magic], we needed a place where we could fire off the [Magic]!! That’s why we built a place underneath the Rolmod Wizard Academy’s deep beneath the ground. You’ll see it soon.” The elevator stops with a loud, mechanical <CLANK>, and the three reach the bottom.

Mila: “A room with the utmost and best anti-Magic Defense Walls!”

Igni: “……..this is……..” They arrived at a room that was completely scarlet in all directions.

Alicia: “[Crimson Crystals]……..but………there’s so much……..!”

Alicia’s eyes widen as she realizes what the room is made of.

Everything in the room from the floor to the ceiling was made from the <most potent anti-magic material> !

Igni: “[Crimson Crystal]…..? You mean that [Crimson Crystal] which it is said to even withstand Dragon’s Breath…..? That same crystal……??”

Mila: “That’s right! Igni and Alicia, you both get high marks for knowing that!”

A single gram of it would be traded for several hundred gold pieces. It is a material that is that insanely expensive.

If you just have a handful of it, you could sell it and live off the profits for the rest of your life.

Igni: “They……..covered the entire room with it………?!”

Mila: “Isn’t it amazing. In all of the world, this is the only room of its kind.”

Mila takes Igni’s hand and beckons him to the center of the room.

Mila: “Okay, let’s let her out of the coffin.”

Igni places the coffin he was carrying down and……..opens the lid.

<GOH!!> (sfx sudden wind)

An incredible amount of Magic Power of the [Demon King’s Realm] swirls and floods out into the room but…….the [Crimson Crystals] counter and nullify the Magic Power.

No….it’s not nullifying it.

It’s just completely sealing it in.

Igni: “Ms. Mila, she’s still asleep.”

Mila: “I see. Then we’ll just have to wait till….”

But before Mila could finish her sentence, the girl’s eyes opened.


Her eyes <meets Igni’s>.

Igni: (………she has beautiful eyes.)

An almost transparent, violet eyes.

They gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.

But as soon as she does, Igni saw something flicker mysteriously in hers.

Igni: (……she has mysterious eyes. It feels the same as Grandpa’s [Assessment] in many ways.”

“隱ー縺ェ縺ョ?” {untranslated, original text meant to represent an unknown language}

And the girl began to speak.


And she continued to speak in words that Igni couldn’t understand.

Igni: “…….her words…..” Mila: “Oh, I may be able to understand.”

But as soon as Mila steps forward…


With a <BAM!!>, the girl jumps out of the coffin noisily and hides behind Igni’s back.

Mila: “……ummmmmm…..?”

Mila tilts her head.

In the confusion, Alicia also tried to step in but…


With that, she grabs and drags Igni’s body to the wall of the room and retreats.

Igni: “……..MーMs. Mila, Alicia…..could you wait there for a moment?” Alicia: “YーYeah.”

Bewildered, the two just stand there with their heads tilted.

Yes, the two wouldn’t understand.

But it’s not their fault either.

But the hands that grabbed Igni’s clothes were…….shaking terribly in fear.

Igni: (…….c’mon me! You can do this! You can find a way to reassure her……!!)

And Igni pumps himself up with motivation.

Igni: (Women loves men who can make them feel safe!!)



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