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Chapter 59: Those who Destroy

Yoori: “I found the [Saint]!”

Yoori quickly informs everyone running ahead of him.

Yoori: “Over there!”

The [Dark Soul Cloud] lets out a long <CHIRP!> and flies straight ahead. And it stops…….in front of a [Demon Race] girl.

Kuro: “What the heck is this?”

She tilts her head as she examines the [Dark Soul Cloud].

Floria: “Lady Rose!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}!”

Without hesitation, Igni begins to charge up his {Fireball}.

Kuro: “Hey, mister. Do you want to talk with me first?”

But with that, the [Demon Race] girl stops Igni from going further.

Igni: “…….talk?”

Kuro: “Yup.”

Rose is tied up with rope, has a gag in her mouth and is unable to talk.

Kuro: “You’re Igni, right?”

Igni: “That’s right.” Kuro: “And the ladies over there are Floria and Yoori.” Yoori: “HーHey! I’m a maーー”

Igni: “So what do you want.” Igni: (Oh shoot. I cut Yoori off just now.)

Igni feels a tinge of remorse towards Yoori.

Kuro: “My name is Kuro. I want to discuss if your group will please abandon retrieving the [Saint].”

Igni: “Of course not.”

Kuro: “Really? But Igni, wasn’t it a bother having to deal with the [Saint]’s confession?”


Though she can’t speak, Rose is still objecting strongly at Kuro’s words.

Igni: “A bother? Why??”

Kuro: “Because you’ll be tied up for 40 years. How tiresome is that?”

Igni: “Oh, that.”

Igni lets out a sigh.

Igni: “I already resolved that.”

Kuro: “Resolved? What are you saying?”

Igni: “I’ll take away the [Demon King]’s corpse. We’ll use the [Empire]’s technology to seal it completely. With that, everything should resolve itself.”

Kuro: “…….you’re kidding, right?”

Igni: “I’m serious.” Kuro: “ThーThat’s impossible! Even WE can’t get near the [Demon King’s Castle]!”

Igni: “Really?” Kuro: “YーYeah!”

Igni is a little surprised at his misunderstanding of the [Demon Race].

Igni: “Kuro, what is your goal?” Kuro: “The resurrection of the [Demon King].”

Igni: “I see.”

Igni readies himself into a fighting stance.

Igni: “I’m sorry, but….that won’t happen. I’ll stop you.”

Kuro: “Stop me? How??”

Kuro tilts her head.

Kuro: “Even if you stop me here, even if you kill me, we will never stop working towards the [Demon King]’s resurrection.”

Igni: “Even if you don’t have the [Demon King]’s body?” Kuro: “…….that’s…..!”

Igni: “I’m going to free Rose from her 40 years of enslavement. Whoever decided the [Saint]’s role, it will end there. In order to do that, I just need to destroy the [source] of the problem! Isn’t that right?!”

Kuro: “……….! I guess we’re at an impasse….”

Kuro regrettably grits her teeth and waves her silvery hair.

Kuro: “With my current cards in hand, I can’t convince you otherwise.”

Igni: “Yeah, probably not.”

The negotiation card Kuro presented was Igni’s enigma to having to stick to Rose for 40 years.

But Igni had already come to a conclusion himself to resolve that issue.

Kuro: “Then, I’ll just have to convince you by force.”

Igni: “……..Kuro, you’re not that strong.”

Kuro: “True. I’m a [Fortune Teller], so I’m not strong.”

Igni: “Then…!”

Igni pleads with Kuro.

Igni: “Then retreat for now! I don’t want to harm a girl for no reason!”

Rose: “MMMMMM!!!!”

Rose is trying to say something.

Kuro: “You are too kind, Igni. But it’s okay. I’m not the one who’ll do the fighting.”

Igni: “…….what?”

The Marionette is defeated.

According to Floria, the Marionette was her only cooperator……..or were they wrong?

Kuro: “I wouldn’t come here without some sort of insurance.”

With that Kuro quietly mouths the next words…

Kuro: “Wake upーー[HERO].”


From underground, a roar that shook you from the core emerges!!


The next moment, a <GIANT ARM> punches through the earth!

Igni: “A Giant?!”

It was an extinct race.

There were many races that went extinct during the Great War with the [Demon King’s Army].

The [Giant Race] was one of them.

But though the Giants were numerous and many, it is said that through the betrayal of one of their own, that treachery led to their extinction.

Kuro: “One of the former [Demon King]’s Four Pillars! The Betrayer of the [Giant Race]. The [Indomitable] Rollant!!”

Igni: “Former……..?” At Igni’s question, Kuro’s smile widens broadly.

Kuro: “It’s the [Spirits of the Dead] {Necromancy}!”

Igni: “An [Ancient Spell]………?!”

Ignoring Igni’s and the rest, the Giant-like creature, “Rollant”, reached 20 meters (65 feet) tall and was stretching its long limbs and torso as it destroyed the [Workshop] from the inside.

He grabbed hold of Rose and Kuro and emerged outside.

<ZUN!!!> (sfx rumble)

As he stepped forward, the ground shook. Unable to remain standing, Igni’s group hurriedly tried to regain their balance on the ground.


Rollant howls as the sunlight hits him.

Floria: “He’s not disappearing……..in the sunlight?”

Kuro: “Even the [Ancient Spell] has been evolving and improving daily!”

At Floria’s disbelief, Kuro, sitting on the Giant’s shoulder, responded back to her with glee. Her silvery hair touched the sunlight and glittered.

Kuro: “Alright, Rollant! Crush Igni and his friends!!”


Rollant lifts his leg and brings it down hard.

Igni grabs hold of Yoori, and detonates a {Fireball} on the ground and escapes using the impact!

Then, a large foot crashes down to where they were moments ago.

Igni: “It’s incredible……to be so huge…”

Yoori: “YーYeah…”

Igni carries Yoori in his arms as he protects him.

Igni: (………………….why are you blushing??)

Kuro: “Crush Igni and his group!”

“I won’t let you! [Come My Wind] {Ventos} : [Rampage in Fury] {Tempest}!”

From somewhere in the skies, a girl’s voice rings into the air.

The next moment, Rollant’s body was lifted up.

Kuro: “WHAAAーー?!”

Kuro screams in surprise.

“[Vacuum Blade] {Ventos : Frem}”

The next second, Rollant’s right foot was cut off clean.

Igni: (…..now’s my chance!!)

Igni: “[Equip Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}!!”

Igni rises up to the sky in a flash, and saves Rose standing on the Giant’s palm.

Rose: “MMMM!!”

Rose jumps into Igni’s arms.

Igni: “Are you okay, Rose?!”

Rose: “MMM!!!”

As they land on the ground, Igni hands Rose to Yoori and looks up at Rollant.

Igni: “Will he go down if I take off his head…….?”

As soon as Igni mumbles the words, Lilly suddenly appears, dropping down from straight above.

High above them, there is a Witch wearing a large hat, riding on a broom.

Lilly: “Igni, I’m so sorry!”

Lilly jumps into Igni’s arms as she slumps against his body and begins to sob.

Lilly: “I’m so sorry. It’s me. I was the one that……!”

Igni: “WhーWhat’s wrong?”

Lilly: “I was….feeling so many things well up inside, and it irritated me so much that……I couldn’t think straight any more and………!”

Igni: “……………..”

Lilly: “So…………so I gave away information about the [Saint] to the [Demon Race]!!”

Igni: “That’s…….”

Igni holds Lilly tight in his arms.

It was……..all he could do for her.

What else can you do for a girl that is regretting her actions and crying in your arms?

Lilly: “IーI’m so sorry. It was all….me……it was all my fault……!”

Igni: “Why…….”

Lilly: “I….realized…..!”

Lilly looks up into Igni’s eyes.

In Igni’s eyes, he saw a cute Elf girl with tears falling from both eyes.

Lilly: “I…..I love you, Igni!!”

Igni: “…………..”

Lilly: “But….I can’t beat them……! I can’t win against the [Saint] that’s your childhood friend or your classmates…….!!”

Igni: “Thank you, Lilly.”

Igni holds Lilly tight in his arms.

Rose: “Hey! Who are you?! You know that I’m Igni’s fiancée, right?!”

Lilly sobs harder into Igni’s arms.

Having been released from her restraints by Yoori, Rose came stomping towards where Igni stood.

And Lilly continued to sob harder at Roses’ words.

Rose: “Hey, Igni. Who’s this girl? How is she able to come between us right now??”

Light instantly faded out of Roses’ eyes.

Rose: “Hey, Igni. Please explain. I won’t let anyone interrupt us like last time.”


Rollant raises his fist into the air, and brings it down towards where the three stood.

Rose: “[Cleanse] {Purify}”

But as soon as Rose uses her Spell, the Giant who was summoned by the [Spirit of the Dead] {Necromancy} begins to vanish.


In shock, Kuro falls to the ground, but Alicia captures her.

Rose: “Igni, who is she? Please hurry up and explain. If you don’t hurry, I think I might misunderstand and kill her.”

Igni: “Rose……..!”

Igni tightly hugs Lilly who is still crying and looks at Rose.

Rose: “Igni, please. Please answer. If you don’t, I’ll have to make you answer. Floria, prepare for battle.”

Floria: “BーBut….Lady Rose……”

Floria hesitates and shows a glimpse of resistance to Roses’ command.

Lilly: “(sob)……(hic)….I’m sorry, Igni. I’m so sorry….please don’t hate me~…..”

Lilly continues to cry in his arms.

“……..we finally found you, sir.”

Suddenly, Igni hears the Kunoichi’s voice appear from behind him.

“Is the [Saint]……..that girl?” “Yes, sister. That’s correct.” “Alrigh~t! Let’s get to work!!”

And another unknown group of two arrive on the scene.

It’s an energetic girl and a quiet-looking girl…….

Igni: (I wonder if they’re sisters…)

Igni: (But who are they……??)

Kuro: “HA……..! HA HA HA!! I win, Igni!”

Even though she’s restrained by Alicia, Kura screams towards Igni.

Kuro: “My Fortune Telling is ABSOLUTE……..! Today, I foretold that in this exact spot ALL [Extreme]-level Wizards will gather here! That is your [FATE]! It is because <THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FORETOLD YOUR FUTURE>”

Igni quietly assesses the [Combat Strength] of each person.

Kuro: “No matter what, you will clash! My Fortune is never wrong!!”

Kuro announces her victory and laughs maniacally.

Rose: “Hey, Igni? Hurry up, and let go of that girl.”

Chaos – A word that was made exactly for situations like these.

Lilly: “I’m sorry……..please don’t hate me…….”

There’s a girl crying.

There’s a girl who confessed that she loved him.

“…….huh? There’s the [Saint] and Igni…….which one should we go after……?”

But before his eyes is a girl, his childhood friend, who he made a promise to.

She’s the first girl to confess her love to him.

“Sister, you need to abduct the [Saint] while everyone’s busy. Don’t worry about the guy.”

“I know that! Just leave it to your big sis!”

“Are you sure you understand? It’s that girl that’s overflowing with bloodlust right now.”

And around him, there are people trying to interrupt them.

Yoori: “IーIgni, whーwhat should we do…..?”

Next to him is another boy about to break down crying.

Igni: “Sheesh……..really now…..”

It’s just amazing….

It’s just amazing……how right and wise his master, Lucas was.

Igni: “If you don’t know what to do, destroy the problem from its foundation, huh.”

It’s the way, the incomprehensible thought process of an [Extreme] he admired.

He has the power and experience to accomplish such impossible goals.

But what Igni lacks is experience.

And though he lacks it…

Igni: “I have power….I have the strength now…”

The Ultimate Secret Art of Popularity No. 1 ーー”Women love strong men.”

Now, it’s time for Igni to harden his resolve and do what he came here to do.

To be popular, you will answer someone’s feelings for you.

To be popular, you will step on other’s feelings for you.

But you can destroy that kind of outcome from the ground up.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite} : [Meteor] {Meteo}”

Igni created in the skies above him a giant {Fireball} that was 500 meter (546 yards) wide.

Igni: “[Falling Star] {Fire}”

And he sent it downwards.

“……..that is way too big, sir.” “WAIT?! WHAT IS THAT?!?!”

“A Disaster-Class Spell………?! Sister! We need a Defensive Spell!”

The intruders will be too busy dealing with this now.

Igni: “Lilly, hear me out.”

Lucas said. “Shuraba” (catastrophes) are inevitable.

And……that must be true.

This was deduced by a man who stayed popular for many years – it was his Grandfather Lucas’ conclusion after a lifetime of experience.

There’s no doubt that he’s right.

But leaving it just at that is not enough.

It’s simply not enough.

If Igni gives up here, then the situation is no different than when Igni was told that he had a [Fire] : [F] compatibility and spiraled to the very bottom of life.

It would be no different than when he completely gave up because he was told that he had absolutely no talent.

That’s whyーーーーI’m going to exceed my master Lucas.

If a man’s quality is determined by his ability to answer people’s love towards you…

Then isn’t answering all of those feelings, the quality of a true man?

Igni whispered softly so only Lilly heard his words.

Igni: “….I accept….your love.”

Now, it’s time to overcome this “shuraba” (catastrophe) from Popularity.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Four Pillars, “Four Heavenly Kings” – “Shi-ten-ou” (四天王) – A common trope that for my generation (90’s kid), originated from Dragon Quest. The original term is Buddhist in origin (I didn’t know that) that represented the four Kings of the North, East, South, and West that guards Tai-Shaku-Ten (帝釈天), one of the main Divine Being/Guardian in the Buddhism religion. Now let’s throw an army of desperate, ravenous Fantasy Manga and Anime authors at that precious cultural tidbit, and during the 80s and 90s, suddenly, EVERY Demon King (Ma-Ou) (魔王) was always supported by a Shi-Ten-Ou (四天王). The “King” Kanji is misleading because you have a “Demon King” and “Four Heavenly Kings” but no one dared to question it. It became as natural as putting milk and cereal together (there’s no other possible, conceivable alternatives now). It’s just the way things are….so I kicked that trope in the numnuts and TL’d it “Four Pillars.” Bite me. This is CHONKY TL.

“Shuraba” – I previously TL’d this as a crises (which isn’t wrong), but looking at the definition of “catastrophe” – an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster – seemed more appropriate in context. Certainly, both words overlap and can be used interchangeably, but for the time being, I felt that a “Catastrophe (or Disaster) from Popularity” was somehow more fitting than a “Crises from Popularity.” Between “Catastrophe” and “Disaster”, “Catastrophe” just had a better nuance (by a hair) that matched the sudden Japanese “Shuraba” situation. Truly, it is a “Disaster” regardless, but it is a “sudden” disaster which tipped the scales for me. But at this point, I’m just playing with meaningless semantics.


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