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Chapter 44: The Pain and the Elf

Lura: “Lilly, could you go find us an inn again?”

Lilly: “Yes, Captain Lura.”

Lilly nods to Lura’s orders.

Lura: “I’ll be dropping off the [weapon] to our friends. Oh, and I’ll be spending night over there, so you don’t need to rent a room for me.”

Lilly: “YーYes! I understand!!”

Lilly nods respectfully to Lura’s words.

Lura: “Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And with that, Lura disappears with the carriage into the city somewhere.

Lilly: “Okay! Let’s go find ourselves an inn!”

Edward: “Leave that to me.”

Igni: “What’s wrong, Edward?”

Edward: “I’ve been here a few times. If you’re looking for a decent inn, leave that to me.”

With that Edward proudly puffs out his chest. Well, he is a nobleman so letting him decide the inn should be no problem. The other three’s opinions align, and they let Edward take the lead.

This man had a solid record so far when he chose the restaurant for the celebration party.

Igni and Iris nodded without any hesitation when Edward said he will do it.

Edward: “We’re here.”

And the inn that Edward pointed to was…….normal. It looked absolutely normal.

There was nothing in particular that was special or strange about it.

Igni: “Hーhere?”

Igni’s hopes were a little dashed, so he asks Edward again. Maybe he’s joking.

Edward: “Yeah. This is the best inn we can stay at with the current budget we have.”

Igni: “Oh, I see!”

Lilly: “Way to go, Edward!”

Edward: “Hmph! Complimenting me won’t get you anywhere.”

And with that, Edward looks the other way from everyone else.

The good part about Edward is his ability to set aside his standards and wants and look at the overall financial situation of the group.

Igni: “Edward, I think you’ll be a good businessman or investor in the future.”

Edward: “Nobles have to manage businesses and investments, so you have to be able to do at least this much easily.”

But the way Edward said these words were eerily quieter than usual. Everyone around him noticed and tilted their head at him. Igni felt a slight darkness within Edward, but since Edward was a man, he ignored it.

Lilly: “Then let’s go reserve a room.”

Iris: “I want to room with Sir Igni!!”

And per the norm, Iris put in her usual request.

But at that, a slight pain crosses Lilly’s chest.

And her emotions also respond to the pain.

Lilly: “Of course not! Men and women are separate!!”

Iris: “But why~…”

And Iris is disappointed yet again.

But Lilly’s frustration only increases seeing Iris this way.

Lilly: (……..why am I feeling so upset right now?)

Without understanding the pain or frustration, Lilly enters the inn and finishes the paperwork to get their rooms.


Iris: “Hey, Lilly.”

Lilly: “What is it?”

As they enter the room, Iris immediately begins to talk with Lilly.

Iris: “Why are you so cold?”

Lilly: “I’m not cold.”

Iris: “But if you smile, you’ll be so cute~”

And with that, Iris places her luggage on the next bed.

Lilly: “……..cute?”

Iris: “What’s wrong?”

Lilly: “It’s nothing.”

But after repeating Iris’ words, Lilly looks away.

Iris tilts her head at Lilly.

Lilly: “Let’s get ready quickly and go. The tavern is going to fill up pretty quickly.”

Iris: “Yup.”

Lilly: “I’ll go on ahead.”

Iris: “Oka~y”

As Lilly left the room, Igni walked out from the room opposite of her.

At that moment, all the irritation she felt earlier immediately vanished into thin air.

Igni: “I guess we’ll wait for them here outside.”

Lilly: “Yes, sounds good.”

And surprisingly, her mood improves.

Igni: “Hey Lilly…did you know?”

Lilly: “About the [weapon]?”

Igni: “Yeah.”

Lilly: “Yes, the lady sleeps quite often so…….I presumed that she was sleeping inside the carriage the whole time.”

Igni: “I see.”

Just having Igni speak to her, joy fills her heart, and her mood continues to improve.

Igni: “I guess it’ll be over by tomorrow.”

Lilly: “Yes……..that’s true.”

And at that moment, Lilly felt something take hold of her heart and squeeze it tight.

Lilly: “(……….why?)

Igni: “It’ll be sad to be separated from you.”

Lilly: “Dーdo you really think so?!”

Igni: “Of course.”

Although Igni is saying these things as if it was nothing…

Each of his word tightened around her heart more.

Iris: “Sorry to keep you waiting!”

And as Iris enters the hallway, she takes hold of Igni’s right arm.

Lilly: “……….uh….”

But what left Lilly’s lips was something like a quiet scream.

Lilly: (It hurts………..it hurts………)

Her chest hurts. It’s hard to breathe.

Edward: “Hey, stop flirting at the entrance. You’re in the way.”

And with that, Edward separates the two.

Iris: “Hey, Edward! What was that about?!”

Igni: “Oh, Iris, we were in the wrong just now.”

Iris: “Oh really? I’m sorry, Sir Igni….”

And Iris lowers her head to apologize.

But watching those two, the stirring inside Lilly’s chest did not stop.

Lilly: (What is this….? Really…)

That night, Lilly decided to drink to her heart’s content.


“Hey ladies. Are you two traveling through here?”

Alicia: “Yes, we’re on our way to the Principality.”

Yoori: “Lーlady………?”

Alicia closed Yoori’s mouth as he tried to say something and laughed.

“Those clothes….you must be students of Rolmod Wizard Academy!”

Alicia: “Oh, I’m surprised you know.”

“Of course I would! Anyone’s who’s lived in the Capital would know! But why to the Principality?”

Alicia: “No clue. I’m just being called over by my family.”

“What about your lady friend?”

Yoori: “I’m (boku) just a friend traveling with her….”


The man tilts his head in confusion.

“But if it’s just the two ladies, you better watch yourselves at the Principality.”

Alicia: “What? Is it dangerous there?”

Yoori: “IーI’m not……..mmmmrrrrrfff?!”

Alicia has a hand over Yoori’s mouth.

“Yeah, according to rumors, the top brass in the Principality are consolidating the bandits and Knight Robbers in order to gather more money.”

Alicia: “Really…”

Alicia just goes along with the man’s comments.

It’s just a rumor with no evidence or proof behind it.

Anyone would be a fool just to take him at his word.

“And they’re so tight on money that….they’re selling a certain information to other countries.”

Alicia: “Information?”

“Yeah, oh, you finally look interested, young miss. What kind of rumor do you think? You’ll be shocked. It’s info on the [Saint].”

“…………on the [Saint]?”

Alicia takes a mental note out. It was the information on the [Saint]’s whereabouts and actions that was supposedly gathered by the Empire’s intel agency.

But what if this information was not collected by the Empire’s intel agency, but something sold to them by the Principality?

“If you wanna talk about the [Holy] trait, it’s the only magic trait that has any chance of restoring the corrupted lands in the [Demon King’s Realm]. I’m sure every country is looking to find a way to capture her. They’re saying that by now, a lot of people from different countries are gathering in the Principality to capture the [Saint].”

Alicia: “What an interesting rumor…”

“Isn’t it?!”

Alicia: “But that’s a strange story. Why would the Principality be that desperate for money in the first place?”

“Well, they say that the new Grand Duke is a really money waster. Apparently, he accumulated a huge amount of debt. But the people didn’t just sit around and do nothing. They tried to export more wheat to pay off the debts.”

Alicia: “That’s right. Wheat is a huge export for the Principality.”

“But the wheat harvest this year was abysmal! Being unable to pay off their debts, they desperately sold info to the countries around them to the highest bidder.”

The man laughs merrily.

Alicia: “That’s amazing that you know so much.”

“Ga ha ha! If you’re an Adventurer, you’ll hear a thing or two. Oh, looks like we’re here.”

The carriage noisily comes to a full stop.

Looks like they did arrive to the next town.

“Alright! Nice talking to ya, ladies! Be careful out there!”

Yoori: “Hーhey! I’m…..I’m actually a boy……you know?”

“……….what? You’re kidding……right?”

Yoori: “Nーno! I’m a bーboy!!”


The Adventurer falls to his knees in shock.


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