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Everlasting Immortal Firmament – Volume 2 Chapter 59: One Saber Killing Thousands of Demons Bahasa Indonesia

Book 2: Chapter 59: One Saber Killing Thousands of Demons

In just a short while, Gu Hai had killed or injured twenty spirit-assimilated cultivators already. As long as he cut a wound, the Life Ender Saber’s black energy would penetrate their bodies and consume their flesh.

In a flash, twenty sets of withered skeletons appeared.

The spirit-assimilated cultivators showed horrified expressions. Some of them even wanted to flee in fear.


Suddenly, one of the spirit-assimilated cultivators cut open a bleeding wound on Gu Hai’s body with his sword.

“I injured Gu Hai! Everyone, attack together! Hurry!” that spirit-assimilated cultivator called out excitedly.


Gu Hai chopped off that spirit-assimilated cultivator’s right hand when he swung his saber around.


“Attack!” the group of spirit-assimilated cultivators yelled.

Gu Hai gritted his teeth and rushed at the spirit-assimilated cultivators. This time, he was more tactical, attacking as he ran. In the blink of an eye, he regained the upper hand.

“No! Gu Hai, don’t run if you dare!”


“Surround him! Surround him! Don’t get isolated!”


“Gu Hai is running that way. Attack together!”


The group of spirit-assimilated cultivators charged anxiously at Gu Hai. As Gu Hai killed these spirit-assimilated cultivators, miserable screams rang out endlessly.

In the blink of an eye, more than fifty-odd skeletons littered the ground. The spirit-assimilated cultivators who were united in mind earlier now felt utterly horrified. They even considered fleeing.

As time passed, the spirit-assimilated cultivators’ morale weakened, which allowed Gu Hai to become even more effective. He looked like he was reaping wheat as he killed the spirit-assimilated cultivators.


“No! Don’t!”


Endless miserable screams rang out.


The twenty thousand ordinary people and the dozens of cultivators worked together to block up the entrance. At the same time, they worried about Gu Hai’s safety.

Suddenly, the spirit-assimilated cultivators’ miserable shrieks came from inside the ritual array.

“Is Benefactor fighting with the demons?”

“It’s the demons’ shrieks! Those are the demons’ shrieks?”

“Is Benefactor killing the demons?”

The ordinary people rejoiced.

However, the dozens of rescued cultivators goggled.

Gu Hai’s killing those spirit-assimilated cultivators before was already shocking. This was even more so.

“Gu Hai exploded the mountains in the ritual array, blocking up the entrance. Is he facing all the demons alone?”

“That can’t be, right? Isn’t Gu Hai just in the Innate Realm? Furthermore, he advanced less than one year ago?”

“There should be five or six thousand demons in there, right?”

“How can Gu Hai alone face five or six thousand demons?”

“However, I can hear the sounds of fighting inside. Furthermore, there are those miserable screams!”

“Indeed! Those miserable screams came from the demons!”

“Is Gu Hai really an Innate Realm cultivator?”

The dozens of cultivators appeared shocked.

The intense battle between Venerable Liu Nian and the flood dragon Fu Xue no longer held the cultivators’ attention. Their attention now all focused on the Gold Armor Water Crystal Ritual Array.

It seemed like their minds latched on to Gu Hai’s facing all the demons.

One person against five or six thousand demons?

How could that be possible? Gu Hai had managed to kill the twenty thousand intruders only because of a ritual array. Now, Gu Hai was alone; he did not have a ritual array with him.



“Demon! You demon!”

“Don’t kill me! Argh!”

The many miserable screams confused the cultivators outside all the more. What exactly is going on inside?

At the same time, the five thousand spirit-assimilated cultivators in the valley also heard the miserable screams. All of them pricked their ears up at the outcries.

“Elder! Save me! Elder! Argh!”

“Gu Hai, don’t come over! Don’t come over! Argh!”

“Gu Hai is coming over! Quickly run! Quickly run! Argh!”

“No! Don’t! Argh!”

Chaotic shouts accompanied by a final scream of despair rang out before falling silent. Was this the despair felt upon seeing death approaching?

Gu Hai sent one hundred spirit-assimilated men running in a sorry state?

The elders in the valley changed their expressions.

“Did something happen?” The elders’ expressions sank.

A portion of the spirit-assimilated cultivators leaped out of the valley and climbed one of the mountains to look into the distance.

Indeed, they saw Gu Hai chasing after three spirit-assimilated cultivators in the distance.

Only three remain?

“It’s Gu Hai. Don’t let him run! Capture him!” the elders immediately shouted while glaring.


Five hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators immediately rushed out like the tide.




Gu Hai chopped down the three fleeing spirit-assimilated cultivators, letting the Life Ender Saber consume them.

He had two wounds on him. However, they recovered exceptionally fast. As Life Ender consumed flesh, it fed back one-thousandth of the energy to him, helping him recover quickly and replenishing his drained energy.


“Capture Gu Hai!”

“Something’s off with Gu Hai’s saber. Be careful!”

Five hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators rushed over like the tide. When he looked over, demons filled his vision.

Gu Hai’s face sank, but he did not feel afraid.

He would learn to fight only by fighting. Fighting the one hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators had given him a lot of experience.


With Gu Hai’s physical cultivation and the support of his Veritable Energy, his explosive speed and power were shocking. He could not fight blindly in a group battle. Instead, he had to leverage his advantages and avoid his shortcomings.

First, Gu Hai should target the weak. If the strong ones came after him, he should dodge and move away. He could not get stuck in battle, which would be disadvantageous for him. He could only bring out his greatest advantage by running.

After killing all the weak ones, the strong ones would remain. Then, he could take his time dealing with them one by one.


Gu Hai let out a loud warcry and charged at the five hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators.

“Oh? To think that Gu Hai dares to charge in?”

“Why is Gu Hai’s explosive power so strong? That is on the level of a Golden Core Realm cultivator!”

“He killed all one hundred sect disciples?”

“Be careful of Gu Hai!”

The group of elders analyzed Gu Hai’s strength.


The first clash happened nearby.

When Gu Hai swung his saber, the other party’s sword broke. Then, his saber continued moving forward and cut that spirit-assimilated cultivator in half.

“What a powerful weapon!” a spirit-assimilated cultivator exclaimed.

Before this bone saber, their weapons seemed useless, not even lasting one exchange.


Gu Hai swung his saber as he ran around.

Five hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators were five times more than earlier, which also meant five times the danger.

“Gu Hai! Taste my sword strike!”

Suddenly, a huge manifested sword swung down, and a strong aura rushed at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s pupils constricted as he quickly dodged.

“Golden Core Realm? Humph! I’ll chop you down later!” Gu Hai snorted coldly before turning to charge in another direction.

“Don’t run! Stand still!” that Golden Core Realm cultivator shouted.

However, the many spirit-assimilated cultivators around hindered that Golden Core Realm cultivator’s movements.



“My arm! Argh! Demon!”

“Gu Hai, I will not let you off! Argh!”


Gu Hai started killing amid the crowd, provoking an endless series of miserable shrieks.

Gu Hai killed some in one strike, and the Life Ender Saber finished off the rest. After just a while, ten-odd more skeletons appeared.

When the spirit-assimilated cultivators saw the dry bones on the ground, they felt a chill in their hearts.

“Exhaust him! Gu Hai cannot last long. He cannot last long if he is sending out saber qi this freely!” a spirit-assimilated cultivator shouted.

“That’s right! He cannot last for much longer! Argh!”

“He will be drained soon! Kill! Argh!”

The spirit-assimilated cultivators did not know that Gu Hai did not need to worry about his energy. As he kept killing, streams of energy from the Life Ender Saber replenished his energy.

Several more wounds appeared on Gu Hai. However, he did not care, recklessly continuing his slaughter.

The more he killed, the more ferocious he became.

At this moment, these demons were like lambs to the slaughter, and Gu Hai, a demon.


As Gu Hai roared, he continued charging. He risked his life as he continuously used the Life Ender Saber in his hand to fight.

After suffering another three more wounds, Gu Hai managed to stab his saber into that earlier Golden Core Realm cultivator.

Gu Hai showed a ferocious expression as he said, “I told you I would chop you down later!”

After that ferocious statement, Gu Hai pulled out his saber and rushed off in another direction. The Golden Core Realm cultivator that he stabbed had already been reduced to a pile of dry bones on the ground. Surging black energy followed him as he went to kill more.

Outside the ritual array, the twenty thousand ordinary people and dozens of cultivators heard the miserable screams coming from inside.

The ordinary people rejoiced. However, the cultivators exchanged looks, showing horrified expressions.

“That was the three hundred fiftieth scream. Has Gu Hai already killed that many demons?”

“Isn’t he an Innate Realm cultivator?”

“It seems that when we first came to Nine-Five Island, we were dreaming of snatching away his Century Lifespan Immortality Peach?”

The screams coming from the ritual array scared the cultivators into gulping.

While the cultivators outside felt chills, the spirit-assimilated cultivators inside were utterly terrified.

Gu Hai had already killed most of the five hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators. Although he had sustained numerous wounds, he did not seem fatigued. In fact, he grew more ferocious the more he killed.

“Stop eating! Stop eating the corpses already. Hurry! Come out together! Come out together and kill Gu Hai! Hurry! Hurry!” the elders shouted to the demons in the valley.

Over four thousand spirit-assimilated cultivators in the valley stopped eating and leaped out of the valley to look into the distance.

One person—just Gu Hai—was currently chasing more than one hundred spirit-assimilated cultivators despite being alone.

The spirit-assimilated cultivators’ eyelids twitched.

“Kill Gu Hai. Be careful of his saber! Keep your guard up against it! Attack!”


The many spirit-assimilated cultivators hissed loudly as they rushed at Gu Hai.

A flood of spirit-assimilated cultivators surged over. Even Gu Hai, who had been mentally prepared, felt startled at this scene.

However, he did not shrink back. Instead, he showed a ferocious look as he charged forward.


Emanating a ferocious air, Gu Hai sent out a saber qi.


Gu Hai chopped down another spirit-assimilated cultivator before ferociously rushing into the crowd.

“Demons! Demons! Demons! Kill! Kill! Kill! Hahahahahaha!” Gu Hai’s maniacal laughter came from amid the demons.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

Although wounds riddled Gu Hai, and he felt intense pain, he did not fear the pain at all. Rather, his strong determination helped him achieve his goals. No matter how intense the pain, it was nothing. Gu Hai killed as he ran, avoiding the Golden Core Realm cultivators and rushing about the Innate Realm demons.

Demons! Demons! Demons! Kill! Kill! Kill! Gu Hai’s hair flung about, making him look like a powerful demon reaping the lives of ordinary demons.


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