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Eternal Thief – Chapter 90: Beginning Of Thivery! Bahasa Indonesia

From the Luminous Library, Ace goes straight to the busy market of the Luminous City. He bought some ‘important stuff’ for his big thievery and returned to the Weston Villa in the evening.

Ace was in good mood, he has finally completed everything he needed to and scout the entire library as well.

Now was the time to leave the Weston Villa. He didn’t like it here but they didn’t treat him that badly except for all those ridicules and contemptuous eyes.

And it was not a bad experience for his first time posing someone and he somewhat even enjoyed it. Maybe he becoming more and more like a real thief, who knows.

However, before leaving for good, Ace gave those two guinea pigs… ahem, maids some good fortune. They truly serve him well in this one month and even helped him train his soul ability.

He knew they were both sisters and orphans, that’s why he left them ten million ruby coins and a secret letter with it. With it, they can live the rest of their life happily.

As for Javier, he didn’t care because he knew everyone would be happy, not sad because of this rotten egg disappearance.

After everything was taken care of, Ace wait for the night.

At night, outskirts of the Prince Manor territory,

A silhouette was moving like a phantom towards the tightly close tower-like manor gates. It was obviously Ace.

Ace has changed into an inky hood with a silver lining on it. This was the same 1-Start Armor Hood that he bought in the red mountain city with Eva. He didn’t have time to use it before but now was definitely the perfect time.

This one-start hood was nothing to Ace but since he bought it with Eva and it was his last thievery in the land of cities he whores it, just for the sake of it.

Besides, he has already changed Javier’s appearance to his handsome self. But a fully black mask was on his face. He couldn’t help but nostalgically remembered his first thievery four years ago and smile lightly.

As for doing thievery with Javier’s face, Ace didn’t do it because he simply think it wasn’t worth it and the biggest reason for it was the system!

On his last thievery, the system has told him little about how it evaluates his performance, and didn’t want to lower his grade just because he used another face other than his own.

After all, the system has clearly said it wanted him to become famous not someone else!

Now, Ace was standing a hundred meters away from the exit gate and thinking, should he open it or just jump off the wall.

In the end, he chose the second. The walls were three hundred meters high but for a mid-stage heavenly foundation cultivator like him, it was nothing.

Ace saw the surrounding from the tall wall as the cold wind brush past him. It was the middle of the night but outside was sill lit with the moonlight and lamps polls.

He truly enjoys this peaceful view.

‘Sighs… In the end, I have to leave this city as well.’ Ace lament while sighing heavily.

Ace truly didn’t like the part where has to flee the city after thievery but he knew he can’t stay here even he wanted to because this land of cities was not enough for him anymore.

Ace wanted to experience the outside world and experience more marvels of the cultivation world.

This tiny land of cities was just a fragrant of the humongous Golden Sky World and stepping stone for Ace.

But first, he had to complete the mission!

Watching the beautiful city one last time, Ace jumped. He landed like an agile cat and didn’t feel a thing.

No one notices him leaving even with this much security. If Dion know he would definitely kill all those guards in anger.

After leaving the prince manor Ace didn’t waste any more time and head straight in the direction of Luminous Library with an evil smile on his face. ‘Old hag I hope you’re doing well.’

In half an hour, Ace was standing outside of the library, watching it with his starry sky-like dark blue eyes behind the mask.

His pupils turn golden as he used the true and false eyes skill but didn’t find anything because this skill was not enough to see these formations. He sighted ‘I truly need new skills.’

But he didn’t faze by it as a yellow pam-sized ball appeared in his hand. This yellow ball is called an Explosion Bomb!

It wasn’t anything special in the cultivation world as it can’t even leave a scratch on a Peak Qi Gates Cultivator and only mortals used it in large fights. It was quite easy to find and Ace bought quite a few different varieties of these fascinated bombs.

Ace was after all a normal mortal for twelve years of his life and knew quite a lot about these kinds of stuff. He didn’t think all those boring stories of the restaurant owner came in handy one day.

Ace’s complexion darken when he thought about the restaurant owner’s face and all those workers, whom he used to work with and treat him somewhat nicely. Now everything was destroyed and he can’t see them or that city surrounded by beautiful flowers again.

His hatred for Dulce reached a level higher!

Ace quickly calm himself and return to this usual self.

He looks coldly at the silent library while lit the string attached with the explosion bomb aflame. It was his first time using this ‘toy’ so he didn’t know just what kind of commotion it would make.

He was quite worried though, what if its sound didn’t wake that old hag and make her come out? Did he have to use an invisible bead in the end?

After all, Ace did all this just because he didn’t want to waste those two remaining beads here, now that he knew just how potent they truly were. They were like two life to him now.

Ace throws the bomb outside the library gate and hides nearby, watching the string becoming shorter and shorter with anticipation.


The aflame string finally enters the yellow bomb.


A huge booming sounded rang in the silent area as it creates powerful ripples in the air.

Dirt was flying everywhere as Ace saw all this with alarm. Cold sweat breaks out when he remembers why that owner didn’t let him test it inside the show and even cursed at him.

If he really tests it inside the shop and that shop was full of these things, it would’ve definitely blown away hundreds of meters of the area around it.

‘I should be careful with these things in the future. I don’t want to alarm the whole city now.’ Ace nodded seriously while taking a mental note.

Nonetheless, the explosion bomb really did the trick and the whole area around the library was alarm because of it.

“Damn it! Who dare to use explosives inside the city and in this hour!?”

“Fuck that damnable bastard! I nearly peed my pants!”

“But your robe is already wet?”

“Shut the fuck up! Do want to die??”



Ace heard this kind of commotion and was quite embarrassed about it. He pretends as if he didn’t hear anything and only focused on the library that is still silent.

‘Should I use that orange one?’ Ace thought.

He was about to take the big gun out when the library gate open and an old woman stomp outside with an ugly face full of fury.


She was sleeping like log while having a nice dream when she heard a piercing explosion just outside of the library.

First, she thought it was an enemy attack and was scared shitless but when she finally snapped out of her drowsy state, she remembered this was the luminous city, not the kingdom. Who will dare to attack this place?

Her fright turns into fury as she came out to teach that rascal a lesson. But found nothing except for curses coming from different directions just like hers.

“Who dares to mess outside the luminous library???? Don’t let me found you or this is the last thing you have ever done. YOU Wrenched Rascal!” Since Aspen can’t find the culprit she cursed some more with an ugly mug.

All those guards who were coming here to investigate the matter hurriedly turn back when they spotted Aspen because they knew she was bad news. It was also the same case for those who were cursing a while ago.

They somewhat knew the person probably did all this just to piss her off and she was mostly the one who offended them first. After all who in their right mind blow the explosion outside the library?

Well, she was quite famous around the area from the name of Old Mountebank.

Aspen was about to swear again seeing those damn guards escaping without investigating the matter when a light cold voice enters her ears from behind.

“Do as I said or die!”


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