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Eternal Thief – Chapter 85: Famous Throughout The Land Of Cities! Bahasa Indonesia

Meanwhile in the Jade Pavilion Grad Hall,

Five people were sitting around the jade table.

They were Zelda, Vance, Dion, Wes, and of course Colton.

“How’s the distribution of wanted posters going?” Vance asked agitatedly.

Dion answers coolly, “Don’t worry Master Golden, right about now every city in the western lands has the poster of that littler thief. As for the eastern lands, it will take some time.”

Zelda chimes in at this moment, “Eastern lands have already received the wanted poster. Therefore, you guys just focus on western lands.”

Everyone take a deep breath and looked at her shockingly. This women’s background is really scary.

One has to know that it will take almost three months to travel between western and eastern lands at the top speed of a carriage pulled by demonic beasts. But she has somehow done it in a single night, how could they not be wary of her?

The most astonished of them all were Wes and Colten. This was their first time sitting between all these esteemed figures.

Vance speaks firmly at this moment, “I appreciate everyone’s help, especially Grand Prince. But I think we’re underestimating that thief even now. Do you think he can’t change his appearance?”

“I know what Master Golden is thinking but he can’t escape from our grasps with me here, I can assure you.” Zelda guarantees with full of confidence.

Actually, Zelda has not told the entire truth, the power behind her has already covered the entire lands of cities and the moment that thief appeared, he would fell into an inescapable trap! Even if he changed his appearance they had treasures that can see through any disguise below Qi River Realm.

In their eyes, that thief was only a Qi Gates Cultivator, and even if he disguise it won’t be at the level of a Qi River because it was almost impossible to this kind of disguise treasure appearing here of all places.

Hence, Zelda was not worried at all. Every city was currently being browsed with that treasure and that power was confident in finding that thief in ten days.

And when that happened before anyone notices; that thief would have already vanished with Zelda in tow.

Vance didn’t speak anymore, because he knew, now he was at the mercy of this mysterious Green Flame. But he was not a pushover either and watching her every single move.

The moment Vance finds this girl was deceiving him he would use his full power to take her hostage and threaten that mysterious power. He got nothing to lose now since he was at the end of his life. If he can’t live anymore what is the point of being extremely cautious?

As for the Golden Hammered Kingdom, he didn’t bother anymore.

Living is more important for him than anything else even if he has to sacrifice everything that he once holds dear!

This is also how most humans react when they saw death awaiting, even those hot-blooded ones would waver in the face of absolute death!

In the evening Ace finally, return to Javier’s room in dismal.

Ace has investigated what he could do the whole day and find out that his wanted posters have spread around the whole western lands.

Everyone is talking about him and wanted to hunt him down because the alluring warrior-grade skill is unrestrainable!

Because the warrior grade skills are almost impossible to find in the land of cities and whoever has it would turn into history!

Yet, now a kingdom itself is giving it how could those families not be excited? Even those high and mighty families begin to search for him wholeheartedly like Ace was a precious treasure!

Furthermore, Ace also assumed that two of the top ten kingdoms were looking for him right now and form an alliance. That’s could only mean one thing; the Luminous Kingdom also knows about the Blood Rose!

However, Ace didn’t know even more terrifying power was searching for him because his scope of reasoning was still low.

Yet all this pressure gave him a thrill from the bottom of his heart for some reason. he does not know why but he was excited at this moment. His mentality has long been undergone an immense change from the moment he experience the power of Heaven himself.

Now all these worldly trials were just stepping stones for him to become more powerful! He didn’t want to be helpless like last time in face of heavenly punishment anymore, he wanted to fight against it and show he was not an ant!

Ace looked at the stars in the sky and lament, “Life of a thief is not easy. But I like it! Even heaven is my enemy what this bunch of mortals are? Do you all want to find me because of a mere first-grade herb? How about I steal from this place and give you all a pleasant surprise?”

A sudden dark current flashed past Ace’s eyes.

“A thief should also have a heart and soul of a thief. I’m the darkness and darkness is me, even heaven steal so what if I steal? A Thief’s Soul is key and heart is the door…”

Ace fell into a trance, he suddenly begins to whisper Heaven Stealer Technique, Black Wind Soul scripture.

Ace was enlightened at this moment! He finally comprehends the last part of Black Wind Soul that was stopping him from entering the next realm.

Inside his true soul, the yellow wind soul core begins to revolve at high speed and shine brighter like the sun.

After a moment its yellow hue begins to change and slowly it starts turning darker! This was the sign of a new soul core appearing!

Ace felt a huge surge of Soul Qi inside his true soul and that qi form a vortex right above the soul core that has begun its transformation. That vortex sucked a huge amount of Heavenly Soul Qi and pour it into the soul core.

After five hours, the transforming of the soul core was finally complete and the yellow soul core was now bright orange.

He has finally formed the Orange Wind Soul Core and it is equant to the Qi River Realm of martial cultivation!

However, the transformation wasn’t complete yet, his true soul begins to expand and so did his other senses. After expanding for two hundred and fifty meters this transformation was also completed.

Now the Orange Soul Core was rotating slowly inside Ace’s true soul and emitting an ocherous haze.

Ace opened his eyes and felt the world has become clearer and more colorful. He could feel his senses now expanded to 250 meters and his heavenly soul qi was now orange in color.

[Congratulation Host!]

[You have formed the Orange Wind Soul Core!]

[Due to Host martial cultivation is too low, the Host can not use the Element Soul Qi of any Kind!]

[Your soul cultivation status has been updated]”

Ace frown seeing this notification and asked, “What do you mean I can’t use any Element Qi, did I have more than one element qi?”

“[Yes, the host has more than one element soul qi. However, the host is currently in the early stage of the Heavenly Foundation, and using Heavenly Soul Qi of Element is harmful to the host body that is why it is sealed.]

Ace was amazed because he didn’t know if someone can have two types of elements qi but he never heard of it. Since he can’t use it, he didn’t mind it that much and focus on the other thing.

Every time he broke through to a new soul cultivation realm he got some kind of innate ability. The first time, he got Soul Sense and Heavenly Sense. The second time he got the Soul Signature ability.

Now he breakthrough for the third time and it was time for the new ability but before he could figure it out,

“[Soul Probing is also sealed because of Host insufficient cultivation!]”

It was as if someone has poured a bucket of cold water on him and he roar in his mind, “Then why the hell I break through for?! If I can’t even use it???!”

“[Host can now cross stages by using only EXP!]” A jaunty voice rang inside his mind.

Ace immediately remembered the benefits of having higher soul cultivation!

However, he said suddenly, “Who are you? You’re not the system, right?” He finally gets a chance to talk with this mysterious voice that would come abruptly and disappear after!

Before Ace didn’t have the skill to tell the difference between the system voice but now he was a soul cultivator equal to a Qi River Martial Cultivator.

Moreover, he knew just how heaven-defying the system truly was and this voice clearly wanted him to find its existence or with his meager cultivation how could he discovered it. Whoever was inside the system, it has to be some terrifying existence!

Some moments passed but no reply come from the system. Ace knew he has no control over the system and could only give up the idea of talking with this mysterious voice. But he wasn’t discouraged by it in the least bit.

‘One day I’ll find out just who you really are and what’s your goal is!’ Ace sworn!


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