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Eternal Thief – Chapter 77: An Ancient Sect! Bahasa Indonesia

A veil-woman with a remarkable figure elegantly walks into the grand hall. Her silk-like hair was falling like a waterfall, she was wearing tight azure robes that showcase her hourglass figure. She was giving the feeling of aloofness.

But on her perky chest, there was a small peculiar embroidery on Azure Robe and the same kind of pattern in a larger size was also in the back. This pattern was of a ‘Silver Pill inside the Golden Flame’!

Both Wes and Colton didn’t dare to look at this veil woman’s fairy-like figure with ill intent and when they saw that ‘Flame Pill’ symbol, there was a hint of terror in their eyes.

This woman was the Pavilion Master of the Jade Pavilion Restaurant and her ‘Azure Flame Pill Robe’ represented an ‘Azure’ or Fourth Grade Alchemist!

There were Eight Distinguished Gades of Alchemists below the Royal-Level Lands.

White and Green Grade Alchemists can be discovered in Low-Level Lands.

Blue and Azure Grade Alchemists in Middle-Level Lands.

Purple and Black Grade Alchemists in High-Level Lands.

Silver and Golden Grade Alchemists were like legends below royal-level lands, they can only be found in Ancient Sects.

Alchemists were very rare especially Blue Grade ones, even in Empires they were treated with respect and in Kingdoms, their status was equal to a King!

As for the Flame Pill Pattern, it symbolized the Flame Pill Organization! If anyone wanted to be recognized as a ‘true’ alchemist they had to join this organization or no one will consider them an alchemist even if they could produce Golden Prade Pills!

One can find branches of this organization only in the top ten Kingdoms of middle-level lands. As for the high-level lands, this organization was all over it.

One might wonder why only after joining this organization one considers a true alchemist and why not join any other organization? Well, the answer to this is very simple, there simply didn’t exist any!

Because The Flame Pill Organization is created by an ancient sect, The Soul Flame Sect! And if someone wanted to contest against an ancient sect, they simply courting death!

Soul Flame Sect is a sect of Alchemists and Rune Crafters and almost all the alchemy and rune crafter talents in Azure-Wind Continent wanted to join this sect. Because It was not easy to find high-grade techniques and skills of these two domains easily especially Rune Crafters. Their techniques and skills were even scarce than Alchemists.

Now, this Jade Pavilion Master was a Blue Grade Alchemist and can create Fourth Grade or Four Circle Pills, and most importantly, she was an alchemist acknowledged by the Pill Flame Organization! With this kind of status alone even the Emperors of Empires have to give her some face.

Those two middle-aged men also know this and that’s why they answer her summoning as quickly as possible. They both were big short of the Luminous City but in front of this Pavilion Master, they were nothing but drudges.

The reason for her being here was a mystery because she abruptly appears a year ago when New Moon City got promoted and she replaced the old master of the Jade Pavilion.

Everyone was appalled and scared out of their wits after finding out a Blue Alchemist recognized by Flame Pill Organization had come here to become the owner of a mere restaurant. And only then did the higher-ups of the city discovered that the Jade Pavilion was a business of Flame Pill Organization!

Furthermore, restaurants with the same name were spread almost in every city below royal land.

This gives them even bigger trauma and only then did the Grand Prince reveals; this restaurant was build here when the Luminous City was founded.

Now, every big shot of the city knows about the terrifying background of this restaurant and even more scary new Owner! Besides, this Pavilion Master was also a Qi River Cultivator and only the Grand Prince was a Qi River Cultivator in the whole city.

The Pavilion Master didn’t even glance at those two horrified clowns and indifferently sit in one of two empty chairs. She closed her gem-like watery eyes after sitting as if she didn’t notice or stop these two early squabbled.

Just as the Pavilion Master closer her eyes when the door of the grand hall creak opened and a handsome 1.8 meters tall man in his late thirties enters with a smile plaster on his face. His eyes were full of energy and his long black hair was flickering. He has a majestic aura around him, he was the Grand Prince of the city Dion Luminous!

Even this Grand Prince1 of the Luminous Kingdom has to come here after her summoning!

Dion was also the sixth generation ‘Cursed Prince’ and has to spend 150 years before he could leave this hell hole. Meanwhile, his responsibility was to train the next-generation cursed prince who happened to be his nephew but he didn’t have good feelings toward him.

Dion’s life here was black and white until this beautiful Pavilion Master come. He fell for her at first sight even if he didn’t see her face just by looking at her other features he could tell she was not ordinary at all.

After that, he begins courting her relentlessly, he didn’t care about her status since he was stronger than her which gave him some courage. Although she always ignores him, this didn’t discourage Dion, and he tries even harder to impress her.

Today she summons him and Dion came like storm winds, smiling ear to ear. He even found his dull nephew who he didn’t like but since he was in a very good mood he gave him some pocket money.

However, now seeing those two ‘old’ fellows’ sitting beside his heart goddess Dion’s smile vanished and his eyes turn sharp.

‘They dare to come between us! It seems I have to pay them a personal visit. Hmph!’ Dion takes a mental note while smile grimly at Colton and Wes.

‘He’s also here??’ This thought comes in both Colten and Wes’s minds. Nonetheless, their tighten hearts loosen a bit, and were very happy since they were quite uncomfortable and frightened sitting with this terrifying woman alone.

But their joy spontaneously turned into bitterness after seeing his cold eyes and grim smile. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because they know this Old Guy fell in love at this age and was extremely narrow-minded when it comes to Pillion Master. Now, they could only pray; he could understand their complicated situation.

Since the Pavilion Master was present Dion didn’t dare to show his displeasure and smile warmly at her even if her eyes were close. “Pavilion Master summoned this Prince at such short notice, I wonder if Pavilion Master miss me?”

Colten and Wes roll their eyes at some time as they snorted disdainfully in their heart, ‘You didn’t even know her name. So why are you being so shameless?’

On the other hand, they truly admire this lovesick guy’s guts. He might be the only one who dares to tease a Blue Alchemist from Pill Flame Organization! He simply playing with death.

Pavilion Master finally opens her beautiful watery eyes and narrows them into a slit, since her face was half-covered with a thick veil no one can see her facial expressions clearly, but the look she gave Dion was icy cold.

Dion sits in the final empty chair around the jade table while still smiling genially as if he didn’t notice that lethal glare, this fellow was truly brazen. If not for his cultivation being higher than her she would long ago beat him black!

The Pavilion Master decided to ignore this lecherous fellow and said solemnly, “I summon all of you here because I just receive a report about, why did Dulce Golden behave like an imbecile at hundred-year trails and why did Vance Golden beat his most cherished niece.” Her mild voice was pleasant to the ears.

Nevertheless, the room atmosphere becomes solemn after she tells them the reason for her abrupt summons, even Dion’s amusing face turns serious. Because this sudden event one year ago was actually quite odd and big.

Everyone was curious about this especially the top Ten Kingdoms since they all keep a tight eye on each other every single move.

Anyone with a brain can tell there was definitely something fishing about that event of hundred years trails, But the Golden Hammered Kingdom conceal it too well and no one could find anything about it.

This Pavilion Master also came here after this exact incident and this makes it even more mysterious in everyone’s eyes. That’s why everyone’s expression in the room turns grave.

Pavilion Master approved after seeing everyone’s serious expressions and continued, “I know this because Vance Golden contact me through Flame Pill Organization and tell me everything himself…” An ambiguous glint flashed past her eyes.

Those three fellows swallow their saliva because they clearly knew Vance; he is also a Blue Alchemist! Also, it wasn’t strange for these two alchemists to know each other.

“He told me…” She takes a deep breath before saying, “There was an Herb higher than Golden Grade in Red Mountain City Blood Rose!” Even she’s having difficulty believing herself!

“WA…WHAT?!” Everyone gasps in unison and inhales a deep breath of cold air!


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