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Eternal Thief – Chapter 66: Spotted In The End! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace’s complex was ashen because of this sudden change in the area around the guardian. If not for his strong willpower he would’ve collapsed by now.

The light element Qi was oozing out from the orb guardian like smoke. Its aura and pressure were skyrocketed because of it and Ace was no longer able to move forward.

The only relief was that the guardian didn’t seem to find Ace’s position even after using his unique element Qi of light. Moreover, the guardian was still standing in its position but his aura was not getting weaker because it seems to be on high alert and waiting for his aura to react to something.

This is how powerful and alert the guardians of the elemental orbs were. The moment they even sense a sliver of threat to the elemental orb even if that were just their institution they would react instantly.

Right now, this guardian was feeling something wrong with the current situation and that feeling was coming straight from the vague consciousness of the light elemental orb.

Because the light elemental orb first sense that something has broken into its core area after overcoming the natural traps and that is why it released its guardian to deal with that intruder.

It could sense the intruder’s existence because this whole area was filled with the roots of the grey tree and the light orb was connected to the grey tree, it was like the light orb fortress.

However, the trace of the intruder suddenly vanished in thin air like he never exists before just a couple of seconds ago. That’s why it gives a strong signal to the guardian to be on high alert.

Ace was having a hard time breathing with all this pressure of light Qi and he can’t even move a muscle.

‘I only have twenty seconds lefts!’ Thought Ace gravely.

However, nothing seems to work right now he was stuck here on this spot. If he didn’t complete the task or escape in time he would be dead at the moment his invisible bead effect ware offs.

The pressure was like a mountain and the Light Qi was as if it has life and wanted to enter his body through its pores so it could destroy him from inside. This was the terror of element Qi and Qi River realm cultivator.

Even if you didn’t saw your opponent you can simply release your element Qi and if the opponent is weaker than you it will lock on the target.

‘My Qi is running out as well and without it, I can’t withstand this pressure and fight this troublesome Element Qi. What to do…’ Ace was at his wit’s end when suddenly something came to his mind.

He quickly stops fighting the light qi and lets it enters his body. Before the Light Qi could do anything, Dark Void starts to devour it like it was its meal.

Ace has made a huge gamble this time. He remembered the experience with Mathies Qi and thought that if the Dark Void can devour his Qi then it should be able to do the same with this element Qi as well.

Ace wouldn’t normally do this but right now he didn’t have any choice in the matter because if he didn’t do this he would be dead anyway, and if he takes a risk and it paid off then he would have a fighting chance at least.

If dark void won’t able to devour that element qi his position would be instantly locked on by that guardian. Moreover, his meridians would be destroyed because of the power of the element qi.

However, his gamble has paid off and the dark void didn’t let him down.

Ace felt the pressure on him has almost vanished after the dark void starts to devour the light qi and convert it into his HD-Qi.

‘Worthy of being a gift from the system.’ Ace was delighted after this since the pressure was now neglected he can move smoothly again.

Only ten seconds lefts.

Ace moves at his full speed towards the fast healing grey tree. The gap was almost completely healed and the elemental orb was hazily visible. He has to move fast.

Ace finally crossed the guardian that was standing there like a tower. He didn’t dare to breathe loudly what if he alerts it?

No matter what. that thing was still in Qi River Realm and if he was found out by it no matter what he does, nothing will work in the face of absolute power.

The elemental orb felt the gap of the tree has finally been closed and it stop releasing the white color mist. The intruder didn’t come close to it but it was still unable to find its presence. This was the first time that something like this has happened in its hundred thousand years of existence.

Throughout the years If anyone came here, it could easily deal with them in that illusion tree maze. They would die after running out there supplies or commit suicide because of loneness. But this time someone has managed to come this far and that’s why it was so alert and released it, guardian, immediately. However, in its process of ‘healing its ‘fortress’, the enemy has vanished in thin air. It was very strange.

Right at this moment when the elemental orb stop spinning, like an arrow a hand enters the tree space through the tiny bit hole that was about to get closed and grab it.

Before the elemental orb could signal its guardian, it felt that its connection with the grey tree and the guardian was cut off for some strange reason and that hand was also nowhere to be seen anymore.

It was still floating peacefully in darkness like it always has but this place was even darker than the tree space. It keeps on trying to contact the guardian but nothing seems to work. It tries to release its white mist again but it didn’t work either it was as if it has trapped in an isolated cage where it could do nothing but stay put and wait for the slaughter to come.

Ace has finally made it in time and before the tree gap is closed completely he throws caution to the wind and grabs the elemental orb. The moment he touched it with a thought he sends it inside his thief’s space.

Ace was finally thanking his decision to open the living storage space before. If he didn’t have this space he can’t store this orb in normal storage space treasure. Since it has a conscious it considers a living being.

After sending it inside his thief’s space he finally relaxed he knew that the orb can do nothing after he sends it inside his thief’s space because the system is too powerful so this little orb was doom to become his stepping stone.

“[System has detected Light Elemental Orb in host thief’s space.]

[All the condition has been completed.]

[Do want to start the process of absorbing it into the Dark Void and start the first [Heavenly Thunder Punishment of Body and Soul]?]”

System cold voice sounded in Ace’s mind.


But before Ace could reply, a piercing howl rang in the area that nearly turns his soul to dust.

The guardian has sensed his connection with the elemental orb got cut off just now and used its most powerful long-range attack to fish out the culprit behind the disappearance of the light orb.

Because, if the elemental orb got consumed or destroyed the guardian of the orb will be parish as well. It is like a lifeline of the guardian and the moment you cut the lifeline it would be the same as taking its life.

The effect of the invisible bead also ends at this moment but Ace can do nothing because his soul was currently dismayed since he was so close to the guardian. Because of it, his mind is completely blank. He was like a sitting duck there.

Ace yellow soul core inside his mind senses immense danger and begins to spine on its own. It released a huge amount of yellow color soul Qi. Soul Qi circulates inside his body and he finally starts to regain his consciousness.

The first thing he saw a grey claw was coming straight towards his head. If it connected his head would explode like a watermelon.

Ace was spotted by the guardian the moment his invisible bead effect wore off.

Ace didn’t even have time to activate his skills. With a thought, a silver shield came between his head and the incoming claw.


The impact cause ripples in the air and Ace was sent flying like a broken kite and crashed against the grey tree. The silver shield turns into pieces. It was a 3-star treasure.

On the other hand, Ace was not in optimal condition either.


Ace vomits a lot of blood it forms a small puddle on the ground there was his teethes mix in it. His face was almost unrecognizable because that attack nearly crushed his head.

If not for the thief’s space effect and he could summon weapons one foot around his body he would be dead right now.

That silver shield has taken almost ninety percent attack for him!


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