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Ace knew he was in trouble because he didn’t have any choice in this matter now since he can’t throw this System Treasure away he didn’t even know where it was hiding.

Ace knew that this ‘System’ was in his body though because every time its voice sounded in his head and only he can see the panel or hear it. He also thinks that this ‘system treasure’ would not harm him because he was the system’s ‘Master’!

The fact was, his life will not be normal anymore!

Ace thinks of another commanding word that can control the system and thought, “System Shop.”1

The Transparent Panel change into another one and the on the top right a new symbol glowed in silver. It was like a cart.

[System Shop]

[Available Skill Books]

[Available Cultivation Technique]

[Available Weapons]

[Available Pills]

Four glowing options in silver appear on the panel. There was a symbol of a ‘Book with a blank eye’ for ‘skill books’, a ‘Round Pill with nine circles’ for ‘Pills’, a ‘cross swords’ for ‘weapons’, and as for techniques, there was a ‘book with a coin engrave on its cover’. In front of every option was their name in the language of ‘ancient gods’.

Ace becomes a little excited after reading all the options and hurriedly communicates with the system through his mind, “Show me Available Pills”.

It filled his heart with anticipation and excitement, because if this system is some kind of supreme treasure, then it should have some extraordinary abilities. Maybe he can heal his sister without that pill.

The glowing screen change again.

[System Shop]

[Available Pills]:

[Basic-Level Healing Pills: 1Can heal any serious Injury and Disease below ‘Heavenly Qi River Realm’]

[Price: 25 Thief Points (TP) Per Pill]

[Basic-Level Heaven Qi Recovery Pills: Can instantly recover Heavenly Qi]

[Price: 10 Thief Points (TP) Per Pill]

[Lowest-Level Heaven Stealer Pills]

[Price: 150 Thief Points (TP) Per Pill] [5 Pills Available]

When he saw the description of the Basic Healing Pill and its use, Ace becomes so excited that was going to jump with happiness, he didn’t even see another word.

He didn’t know what that Heavenly Qi River Realm was and even if he knows he wouldn’t even care about it, because his eyes were fixed only on those three words ‘Heal any disease’.

He hurried demands loudly, “System gives me a Basic Healing Pill Now!”

But he only gets an emotionless answer,

“[No Enough Thief Points (TP)]”

“WHAT!” He was just going to curse the system when he suddenly remembered about Thief points.

Ace took another glance at the system shop panel hurriedly and finally spots a prize column of whole 25(TP) right below the Healing Pill. He only has 15 (TP). There were also other pills, but he didn’t know what they’re used for and didn’t care at all so he ignored them.

Ace finally calms down a bit and thought grimly, ‘Do I have to steal to earn Thief Points (TP)? No, I have to do that. It’s better than earning 1 Ruby coin and I still didn’t know if that Pill will work or not. Although that Old Gale gives grantee and he seemed to be a nice person but I can’t trust anyone but myself.’

He takes a deep breath and asks calmly, “System, tell me what things I have to steal to earn thief points (TP).”

“[Missions given by the system and any kind of Honorable Thieveryies]”

Ace hurriedly see the Mission Column on his main panel but there was currently “0”.

“How will I get missions?”

“[Missions will trigger based on a host life’s special events and when some special conditions satisfy the criteria set by the system.]”

Ace became speechless, “How the hell I’m supposed to trigger these life events?” He yells in his mind furiously, ‘This system is no help at all. It just spouting bullshit’.

Just as he was about to give up on the idea of doing a mission, he hears the system’s sweet voice again.

“[A New Mission is Available!]”

“What didn’t it say it only triggered by some bullshit events?” Ace mutter in confusion.

But then he becomes happy with this immediate coincidence, ‘I can finally earn Thief Points (TP) without doing the robbing stuff.’Ace thinks happily as he opens the ‘Mission Panel’ in excitement.

It was a hand holding a coin symbol.

[Mission Panel]

[Revenge Mission: Steal All the Treasure from Shop No. 8 in River Flower City Outer Region Pill Market. Let that Fat Shop Owner know an Honorable Thief can’t be cheated.]

[Rewards based on Host Performance]

[Days Left: 7]

[Mission Failure Punishment: Death]

Ace was extremely happy when he saw the mission, but when he finally saw what the mission was, his joyous expression changed to an angry one.

‘W-what it wants me to steal from that fatty shop just for revenge??! I admit I want to smash that bastard shop with stone and steal his gold coins. But I just said that in anger it’s not like I want to do it, Even I want to do it, how the hell am I supposed to do it. The Outer Pill Market security is tight at night and every shop has its security.’ Ace mull over it angrily.

He angrily saw the mission panel, then his eyes landed on the Rewards section.


Confused by the reward, his eyes go down on time section, ‘7 Days huh even if it was 70 days I can’t do it no matter what!’

When Ace’s eyes landed on the punishment section, he was a pause for a moment, then he started rubbing his eyes to confirm if he saw nothing wrong. Ace saw again, but there was still a “Death” word there. He even waves his hand to see if the panel screen had dust on it but his hand had gone through it.

After confirming it was the word “DEATH”.

Ace nearly had a stroke and he couldn’t take it anymore. He cursed this black-hearted system as he bark, “HONORABLE THIEF YOUR MOOOMMM!!!!”

Ace was so angry and terrified that his eyes turned bloodshot and even forget about Alina right next to him.

Alina was jolted awake by Ace’s scream and ask in a weak voice, “W-what h-happened!?” She was still in a stupor state and didn’t know what happen to Ace, but she was quite worried about him.

Ace was shock awakened from his mad-like mental state when he heard little Alina’s worried voice and he quickly reassures her, “N-no-nothing happens. Big bro was just scarred by a rat!”

When little Alina heard his silly excuse, she smiles weakly just as she wanted to say something but no words came out because she faints while smiling.

When ace saw this, his anger and fear faded like smoke and he quickly holds little Alina in his arm and said in a panicked voice, “Little sis! Alina!” No matter how much he calls or shook her, she didn’t answer him.

Ace felt a surge of anxiety raising over him because Alina’s body temperature was dropping and he could feel extremely cold in his hand just by holding her with blankets.

He forgets about the death punishment that the system has given him a moment ago and said in a begging tone, “System, please give me that pill and I will rob whoever you told me to just give it to me right now!.”

He was even ready to sell his soul to the devil, much less a trifling robbery. But he was destined to disappoint.

“[Rewards can only be given on Mission completion.]” system response emotionlessly.

Ace’s breathing becomes rigid after hearing the answer, ‘Will I lose her like everyone?’

Just as he was going to plead again with everything he has system spoke again,

“[But System can diagnose this Girl for 1 Thief Point (TP).]”

Ace becomes silent when he hears this and thought angrily, ‘She can’t give me TP but wants it instead!??’ Ace grinds his teeth and said, “DO IT!”

At least it was much better than Old Gale’s diagnosis that he just randomly guess and Ace also wanted to see this thing’s capabilities as well. If it was a supreme treasure, then he didn’t mind becoming a thief!

A dark blue light shone in Ace’s eyes and he was surprised because he can see information floating on Alina’s head. It was exactly like his status panel.

[Alina Silver]

[Race: Hunter (Ice Elemental Bloodline)]

[Cultivation Level: Qi Gates Realm [1st Gate]]

[Weak state: She is currently going through her bloodline awakening. She needs an ‘Extreme Ice Qi Pill’ to successfully awaken her elemental bloodline. But if she didn’t get any ‘Extreme Ice Qi Pill’ she will die in 3 days.]

When Ace saw her status, he was completely dumbfounded by this and bark out loud, “You are saying she is not human and a legendary hunter who lives on Blood Continent?!!”

‘Blood continent’ was where the Third Rank Race of the Golden Sky World ‘The Hunters’ live and it was much bigger than the Azure Wind continent of the Human Race.

Ace was very confused at this moment, ‘How a hunter appeared in River Flower City. The funniest thing is a hunter becomes my little sister.’ Ace lament and is completely taken over by this sudden truth.

Ace saw she was also a cultivator and didn’t know what realm this Qi Gate was, but when he compares it with his mortal status, it was something extraordinary. He couldn’t help but look back at unconscious Alina profoundly.

‘She didn’t even tell me her full name.’ Ace sighed and become extremely calm after seeing her status.

Ace has some thoughts about her identity first and presumes that she wasn’t normal from start. Because how could a little girl come to the city and remain unharmed and even accept the offer of going to a stranger’s house instantly? However, he never would’ve dreamed that she was not even a human altogether.

Maybe the reason for him not to question her before was that he was alone in this world and she filled a deep hole in his heart.

‘So she didn’t have that ‘nerve cold disease’ either. It is her Hunter Bloodline that was awakening. Doesn’t that mean that the ‘heart heating pill’ would also not have worked on her either?’ His expression darkens even more after thinking about it. If not for the system, he would’ve killed her with his ignorance.

Ace spoke with a calm yet serious expression, “System, I know you’re not from this world and I also know you chose me for some special reason and you even have so many abilities that even I didn’t know about them yet. But I know you need me and I need you. So just tell me do have that Extreme Ice Qi Pill or not!”

Now was not the time for him to worry about himself he only has three days, and this all-knowing black-hearted system was his only light in this darkness.


“How much”? Ace closes his eyes.

“[30 Thief Points (TP)!]”

Ace opens his dark blue eyes that were now shimmering with determination.

Ace lay unconscious Alina on the rug. Then he stood up and open the hut door and head out. His destination was the Outer reign Pill market!!


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