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Eternal Thief – Chapter 59: Eva’s Choice Bahasa Indonesia

After some time, Ace gradually picked up on the situation.

“What kind of bond are you talking about?” Ask Ace in confusion.

He was having a hard time believing that the system would give this kind of information for free because there was just too much that the system has revealed to him.

Like his thief’s space’s true potential and its true use. Now he even knows about its future function. So, this bond must be something extraordinary.

“[When that halfling willingly asked for the host to put on the ring on her index finger, she has done an ancient ritual of devil clan. This ritual can only be done by devil clan members and they have to do it willingly.

“[Simply put, by putting that ring on her finger you have bond her soul with you. Meaning, if you die she will die as well but since you’re not aware of this ritual if she dies you’ll live.

“[It is kind of a marriage ritual in the devil clan all the pairs of lovers can to do this because after doing this they can never betray each other and it represents their eternal love for each other, but it is more like a life and death contract that can never be undone.

“[She made this kind decision mostly because you have opened the gates of darkness and she has feelings towards you before as well, but after opening your hidden gates of [Primordial Darkness] this feeling amplified by many folds.

“[Because she is a creature of [Darkness] and all creatures of [Darkness] will feel closer to you because of [Charm] that is an innate ability of [Darkness]. And unknowingly her feeling towards you become so great that she made the biggest decision of her life]”

Ace was flabbergasted by this sudden news. He starts to sweat profoundly because this shock was too much for him to take. He only has one thought in his mind right now, ‘That girl has gone super crazy! Wait, if that was a marriage ritual of devil clan doesn’t that mean she’s my wife now?’

Marriages at the age of twelve were the custom in the mortal world so he was not against it.

But he quickly throws that thought out of his mind because this matter was not about simple marriage it was about her life and death.

If she has told him about it, he would definitely not agree to it no matter what, because in his opinion it was like a life and death slave contract.

What Ace guess was close to the truth because the devil clan has stopped doing it long ago. The reason for this was very simple because there was a huge loophole in it and that was if one person was willingly doing this ritual and the other was not, then it was not less than a slave contract.

Devils are just too proud being, they can’t just hand their life to another person carelessly, right? So, only those who are truly in love with each other’s do this ritual, but even that was rarely seen because who wanted their lover to die with them?

Eva was too rash with her decision because of Ace’s power of primordial darkness!

She begins to love him because of what he has done for her. However, the moment she meets him right after he opens his hidden gates she was feeling even closer to him and she simply decided to give herself to him without a second thought.

Maybe she would do the same thing if she was given more time who knows?

This was one of the innate powers of [Primordial Darkness] ‘[Charm]’ no being with darkness can resist it no one!

The more Ace’s power grows the more he gets control over [Darkness] and more of his [Charm] grows.

Ace was now blaming himself for all of this and think that it was all his fault that Eva has made this kind of rash decision. The system has clearly said that this can’t be undone anymore.

“It’s all your fault for not telling me in the first place!” Cursed Ace at the system.

After some time, Ace was calm down and he starts to think about just what has Eva done and become gloomy. Didn’t this mean he has her life in his hands right now? If he dies she will as well.

Somehow, he felt warm and worried in his heart after thinking about how that silly girl has given her life to him like it was nothing, it was mostly because of that [Charm] thing but it has only amplified her feelings that she already harbor for him. He could easily tell this because of his soul sense.

Ace finally come to terms with himself and decided.

‘Now that I have a ‘w-wife’ I can’t treat her, stingily right? I have to tell her about this evaluation process and make her comply with me.’ Thought Ace as he head back to the cave.

Eva was trying to cultivate with her eyes closed, but she simply can’t concentrate because of what she has done. Every time she thought about this she becomes confused at first but quickly shook her head because she didn’t regret anything.

She loved Ace from the moment he freed her and he even put his life in danger because of her many times. Which girl didn’t want to be protected like a princess and wants her man to spoil her, and Ace has done everything.

It’s just that she can’t bring herself to tell Ace about their ‘marriage’. It was just too quick and she was somewhat ashamed to tell him about it. So, she simply decided to tell him when their relation made some progress.

“Hmph! It’s all that blockhead fault to make a girl do this kind of thing.” She muters with a huff as she pouts cutely.

Ace has just entered the cave and with his high senses, he heard her clearly. His face reddens and keeps walking like he didn’t hear anything.

But in his heart he really wanted to yell at her, ‘It’s was your crazy idea and you didn’t even tell me about it!’

Eva also found out that Ace has returned and she keeps pretending to cultivate but her face turns red after she thinks about what has happened not too long ago and her heartbeat reached breaking point!

‘Having a wife as beautiful as hers didn’t seem like a bad thing and it more like a blessing in disguised.’ Ace couldn’t help but wonder on his own about this after he saw her beautiful face and flowers bloom in his heart.

But he quickly suppresses that though because it was just too awkward to bring himself to think about it. After all, his grandmother once told him that it was very disgraceful to let a girl confess her feeling to you so you have to take the lead. At that time he didn’t pay much attention to this but after hearing Eva’s words he could tell his grandma was right.

‘Proper education is really important I guess.’ Ace made a vow to properly educate himself this time around, his knowledge is too shallow.

Little did he know there is not a single correct book exists in the love department.

“Ahem, Eva we need to talk about something.” To lessen the awkwardness in the air he coughs lightly.

Eva opens her fox-like eyes after hearing Ace’s voice. The moment she saw him, her gaze becomes even more tender, “What do you want to talk about?” She gently said in her charming voice.

Ace couldn’t help but think again after he saw her beautiful eyes and hear her voice, ‘Definitely blessing in disguise.’

Ace quickly circulate his HD-Qi and instantly calm down this was the marvel of HD-Qi he found when he was fighting with Mathies. It helped him a lot to remain calm in face of danger. He never would’ve dreamed that he has to use it to remain calm in front of this devastating beauty or his wife.

“It is like this I found this heavenly treasure for devil clan in Dulce storage ring it called Blood Rose…”

“As for how do I know about its uses and how do I have this kind of storage space I can’t tell you about it, it’s not like I don’t want to tell you or I don’t trust you, it just that this secret is too dangerous for anyone to know so I hope you can understand.”

Ace tells her about the whole situation and the evaluation process that the system has told him about. He didn’t dare to mention the ‘marriage’ because it would’ve made things awkward between them.

In the end, he still couldn’t bring himself to tell her about the system because after this was just too dangerous for anyone to knows, and technically she was his wife after all so how could he bring himself to put her in any danger. It was already enough that she has given her life to him without hesitation.

Eva was hearing his words with interest but the more she heard the more she become shocked by them, in the end, she was completely in bewilderment.

After Ace ended his explanation she snapped out of her stupor and said while shuttering, “I-is th-this Blood Rose ca-can really help me become as s-strong as you said?”

“Yes! With this you can no longer be half-devil you can become a full-fledge devil and eventually most powerful of any other devil in this world.” Said Ace with a faint smile.

He didn’t tell her about the 1st Heaven either because it would be too much for her to take. She might even think that he has gone mad.

“That means I will be able to protect you? If yes, then seal me!” She said without any sliver of hesitation in her beautiful eyes.

Ace was startled because this was not the kind of answer he was expecting from her.


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