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Eternal Thief – Chapter 52: Escape! (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Dulce was desperately searching for Ace when suddenly she felt like someone has stuck her with a huge hammer in the back of her head.

She instantly fell to the floor. She tried to rise back to her feet quickly, but the pain was too severe. vomited out a puddle of blood.

Her bodyguards begun to panic seeing her vomiting blood. They thought that Ace has sneak attack her and quickly starts to manifest Qi and ready to protect her with their life.

Pain starts to fade after some time and Dulce finally regains her sense.

Her face was ashen after what just happen. She knows exactly just where this immediate pain has come from. A vein popped out from Dulce’s temple, “T-That thief has somehow erased my Qi-mark from storage ring!”

A tinge of astonishment flashed on Baldy’s face as he mutters under his breath, “T-that impossible! He can’t do that, n-nobody can!”

Dulce clenched her jaws so tight, her gums were in danger of injury. As she berated him loudly, “You think I’m telling lies?!”

‘Even I don’t understand this how can someone erased a Qi-Mark from a 4-star storage treasure without killing the owner? Is he from an ancient sect?’ The moment that notion surfaces in her mind she promptly shook her head.

If he was really from an ancient sect he would never have to steal from all these lowly cities and her.

Because the wealth of an ancient sect disciple can even rival the first-grade empire!

They didn’t need to steal, they all were extremely arrogant and proud beings. They even consider coming to these lower lands beneath them much less stealing.

‘That thief must have something amazing on him, that can even open storage space treasures. I must take it no matter the cost!’ Dulce thought gravely but there was intense greed in her eyes.

“Search separately if you see him fight him to the end! Buy as much time as you can until help arrives. If anyone dares to flee I’ll kill that person myself in the cruelest way!” She gave her command and start searching madly.

After her Qi Mark was forcefully erased from the storage ring Dulce was in a weak state but she didn’t care. All in her mind was Ace’s mysterious secret!

On the fifth floor in the room where Eva was hiding. It has been fifteen minutes since Ace has left and she was worried sick about him.

But she can’t go look for him because even she knows that she’ll only get in his way so she can do nothing but pray for his safety.

Suddenly, she hears some commotion outside but she didn’t dare to move towards the window, what will happen if she gets spotted? She was strong but she can’t fight or escape Qi foundation building realm experts without Ace.

The door starts to open slowly and Eva snaps out of her thoughts. She holds the hilt of her sword tightly and was ready to battel if needed.

“Eva!” A whispering voice sounded in the room.

No matter how low the voice was she would never forget who this voice belongs to. She quickly abandons her hiding spot and runs towards the owner of the voice.

Ace was vigilantly looking around the room to see if Eva was still here or she changed her hiding stop. He has searched the entire floor or maybe the whole building if that was the second case.

Before he could use his heavenly sense to search for her, a shadow emerges from the room and move towards him, she throws herself into his embrace. He could’ve dodge but with his soul signature ability, he knew who this was so he didn’t dodge.

Ace felt Eva’s soft body and her warmth. The air was change and filled with her fragrance, it was like fresh roses. Ace didn’t have time to enjoy all this because Eva was looking at him gently with tears in her beautiful eyes.

“You make me so worried!” Complain Eva softly. Even with her fake face, she was looking extremely cute.

Watching her acting like even in this situation Ace smile helplessly, but he felt warm inside and said while holding her, “I’m fine and I even find a way out of here.”

“Really? Let’s go then why are you wasting time taking?” She said with a charming smile. She was enjoying his embrace though.

Ace shook his head helplessly as he beamed at her, “Fine but you don’t have to do anything this time around.”

Eva become confused after hearing him and was about to ask what he meant by those words. When she felt Ace Qi on her hand and the last thing she remembered after that was, darkness.

Ace has put her inside his thief’s space. This was the main reason he decided to unlocked this function so he can safely put Eva inside and she didn’t have to face any danger while he escapes from here.

But this thief’s space has its limitation as well as he can only put a single living humanoid begin inside. If he wants to put another he has to upgrade thief’s space to 1000 (Cubic Meters). He learns it from the system when he asked if he can put Eva and Mathies both inside without any problem.

After learning about this he chose Eva over Mathies because he still didn’t trust Mathies, he was still hiding something about his parents from him, and that is why he can’t bring himself to trust him competently.

Mathies was not like Eva who trusts him blindly and tells everything, she was his first friend and wanted to face danger with him in this kind of situation, even it means death.

Hence, Ace didn’t want to put her in danger just because he was appreciative towards Mathies.

After he put Eva into his thief’s space he moves towards the third flood to find Mathies. Time was extremely tight, he didn’t want Dulce to figure out that he already has the method to open her storage ring and escape from here unnoticed.

Little did he know that she already knows about it because storage rings were made by unique mortal-level space runes formation and if you serve the connection with the owner forcefully the owner would felt it just like Dulce.

Rylan didn’t find out about it because his storage ring was made by a novice rune crafter with just five runes symbols who was still learning about runes symbols and that storage ring was the lowest quality.

But Dulce’s ring was the highest grade storage ring that you could ever find in the Land of Kingdoms and made by a 4th ranked mortal rune crafter!

Kingdom and Empires have three grades. First Grade is this highest and third is the lowest. You could only find rune crafters in the 2nd Grade Kingdom or higher.

Rune Craters have 9-Mortal Ranks. Only the top five 1st Grade Kingdoms have Rank 4 Mortal Rune Crafters. And every single one of them treated as a nation a treasure.

Ace didn’t know about this because Land of Cities didn’t have the permission to disclose this information to the masses only city lords of cities like new moon city that was about to reach the rank of a country have the right to know about it.

Mathies was still pretending to search. He enters an empty room when he felt someone was standing behind him. He turns around and saw it was Ace and smile. “Do you succeed?”

He could tell that Dulce was inside the Inn and was heading in this way after hearing the commotion of guards.

“Let’s go we don’t have time to waste.” Ace enters the room and heads straight towards the window and jumps from it without looking back at Mathies.

Mathies didn’t delay and gladly comply with Ace’s order and jump after him.

Outside was wide open and no one was guarding the area. Because Dulce has ordered every single person to search Ace in panic without thinking he would escape from outside like before.

Ace saw the bright barrier and take out the formation plate from his thief’s space. Mathies was astounded after seeing a formation plate with mysterious symbols.

After Ace pours his Qi into the Plate it starts to shine and Ace felt a torrent of information about how to use this formation appear in his mind. It was the work of the system!

This was his first time seeing this kind of formation and become surprised seeing all that information.

‘This formation can even trap a Qi River realm expert for an hour.’ He thought excitedly and finally know the wonders of formations.

The formation plate starts to hover in Ace’s hand and suddenly the huge barrier suck inside the plate and the sky turns cloudy again as the rain starts to fall heavily.

Ace and Mathies didn’t stay there and quickly escape in the direction of the city gate.

Dulce has just reached the third floor of the building when she saw the rain starts to fall outside. Her forehead began to crease further in a frown after thinking about what just happened.

“H-he escape?” mutter Dulce in bewildered.

Dulce’s ferocity was so strong that she was feeling faint. She never thought that such a would happen. She has lost to a petty thief!

“I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU RASCAL THIEF!!!!” She vomits blood and faints with anger after roaring.

Her anguish howl shocks the entire Inn.

This incident is going to become the greatest blemish of her life.


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