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Eternal Thief – Chapter 476: Luring the Life Grandmaster Bahasa Indonesia

“What did you say?!”

The Life Grandmaster Gatlin’s fossil-like face was filled with fury and instigation as he looked at the kneeling demon with thick, killing intent.

This demon was the same protector who followed Noa an hour ago when she suddenly vanished into thin air.

Gatlin’s reaction was only natural after he heard the ridiculous explanation of the event that transpired in the Life Wine Pavilion. He knew the capability of this demon, so he was even more aghast when he thought about how his cherished disciple has vanished without a trace.

The demon replied with shame, “I’ve failed my duty as young miss protector. I’m ready to receive any punishment. But I think there’s some kind of conspiracy going on against our association, and we need to be careful.”

Gatlin inhales to calm himself down. He completely agreed with his servant about the conspiracy, especially after the mysterious assassinations.

He had been secretly searching for the assassin and even doubt Lana for a while, but he quickly brushed it off since it was impossible because of the loyalty contract, nor did she have any reason to betray him. Furthermore, he treated her like his daughter.

However, now, another incident happened, and it was again connected to Lana. This made him even more perplexed, and he didn’t know if she was involved or not anymore.

But after he heard she was there to meet someone, he had his own theory on this now.

“She’s a good girl. I think someone is threatening her with this. Her background is clean, and she only showed her alchemy talent after she encountered a fortuitous opportunity when she was traveling here.

“As for the Evil Blade Clan, they’re likely framed, but I want to see myself. But if they’re involved!” His eyes shimmered with murderous intent. “There’s no demon king here to protect them right now, humph. We’re going to the Evil Blade Demon Estate!”

Ace was sitting between a tree crown at this moment. He was wearing his hood and was completely invincible to the eye because of his stealth.

But his attention was on the thief’s house.

Noa had already entered her room, which was the same as Winter’s.

Winter seemed to have no clue that another house member has been entered the thief’s house, as she was still in a hibernation-like state after she ate a pill. But Ace could feel she was recovering at an extremely fast pace with the thief’s house space.

Noa was also quite happy about the room space and she had long found out that her cultivation technique had a special reason with this place and for some reason, she felt extremely safe and cozy here from the bottom of her heart.

“So, how’s the room? Do you like it?” Ace’s voice sounded.

Noa was startled for a moment before she looks around, but Ace wasn’t there.

“I can only talk like a ghost here, but can’t enter because of some annoying restriction.” Ace’s perplexed voice sounded again.

“Oh, did the goddess restrict you?” She couldn’t help but questioned after she understood what Ace mean.

“Yeah, that damn goddess just won’t let me live in peace.” He snorted.

Noa couldn’t help but covered her mouth. “I think you shouldn’t talk like that, or she might punish you more.” There was a hint of a smile on her lips.

Ace coolly replies, “I have other punishment to worry about. Anyhow, how were you in that association? Will you miss your master?”

Noa’s expression turned completely cold as she replies, “That place is filled with pesky fellows who scheme all day and run after wealth. Only some of them are serious about cultivating and truly focused on alchemy.

“As for my teacher, although he’s one of the latter and nice to me. But he wasn’t qualified to be my teacher anymore. I had learned his technique and skills in the first month and then I have to pretend all the way and hid my true skills, which was quite irksome.”

Ace couldn’t help but smile wryly. ‘She is quite cold, despite getting so much from her teacher. Sigh, she’s really a coldhearted assassin.’

Noa didn’t seem to be interested in that topic as she asked, “Is that room with the Faceless Thief Winter nameplate of a new member?”

“Yes, she’s the third one and currently recovering from soul injuries. You’ll meet her soon.” Ace told truthfully.

He knew of all the house members, Noa was the most reliable one, nor did she question him all the time, so he didn’t hide things from her.

That witch and fox were probably cut out from the same cloth, so he kept them in the dark unless it was necessary.

Noa’s eyes shimmered coldly. “What about the second one?”

Ace’s ambiguous voice sounded, “Heh, you’ll be surprised since you know her.”

‘She’s also a woman!’ Noa’s eyes turn colder. “Hmph, could it be one of your maids?”

Ace felt the unhappiness from her words, ‘It seemed she didn’t like Flora and Dolly.’

He replies, “Regretfully, no. Do you remember the first chain mission I have given you?”

Noa thought a moment before her eyes widen slightly, “All-Knowing Parrot?!”

“Yes. She’s quite a piece of work.” Ace smirked.

‘Piece of work? Is she that beautiful?’ She completely took Ace’s phrase the other way.

“I can’t wait to meet her. She once made me fail my mission. I have to test her capabilities!” Her eyes shone with cold intent.

Ace felt something was amiss, but he knew these three women had their personalities, so he just let the nature take its course and could only hope they get along.

“Why did you take me with you?” Noa changed the topic. She was quite curious about this move of Ace.

Ace replied, “It’s related to my plan of emptying the treasure pagoda. I’m going to steal your teacher’s storage ring.”

Noa’s eyes widen slightly, “But he’s extremely powerful. Especially his soul sense. I heard he’s very close to becoming a manifestation realm.”

Although she didn’t feel any belonging to her teacher, she still respects his strength!

Ace’s nonchalant voice sounded again before he cut off his connection.

“Well, it’s already too late!”


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