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Eternal Thief – Chapter 460: A New Demon King Candidate? Bahasa Indonesia

On the same night,

Inside a spacious camp,

There were currently imposing demons sitting around a table, and every one of them had a scary aura around them. If anyone saw them together, they would be shocked silly because seven of them were the backbone of eight provinces, the Seven Demon Kings and only one was missing!

While the other five weren’t as famous as the eight demon kings, but their authority wasn’t a joke because they controlled the Royal Demon Council in eight provinces, they were none other than five high elders!

If other races know twelve manifestation realm cultivators were gathering together, they would have thought it was going to be a war.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere wasn’t harmonized because these demon kings didn’t get along with each other and rarely came in contact with.

However, the allure of the old demon emperor’s inheritance was just too great for any one of them to reject that summons. Even if they didn’t get any, they would’ve come on their own.

Blade Demon King broke the silence in an impatient tone. “What are we still waiting for?!”

High Elder Lora retorted as her pair of silver and golden eyeballs shone with hostility. “Just as impatient as ever!”

“I don’t have time for you right now. My son was abducted by that animal and I didn’t see the point of waiting anymore since we all are here!” He scoffed, completely ignoring Lora, which made her grit her teeth.

The burly demon with violet skin and sky-blue eyes spoke, “I agree with Blade Demon King. Our men are ready to storm that place.” he had an icy demeanor, and he was the Moon Demon King from Might Moon Province.

This time, High Elder Crimson Flame replay amiably, “We know both Kings had valid reasons, but there’s still someone missing and I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave that person behind.”

A tall demon with an imposing demeanor sighed, “Let me guess, royal zone?”

He had a pair of crystal red bullhorns, his skin was crimson like blood, and his eyes were filled with bloodlust. He was the Blood Demon King from Mighty Blood Province.

A demon with ash pale skin curled his lips. He had a demonic face with ghost-like, empty eyes. “Indeed, we are waiting for our commander.” There was a hint of ridicule in his voice.

He was the Ghost Demon King from Might Ghost Province, and he was also very ruthless because the Ghost Province was at the edge of the demon continent, and it was not relatively safe, as the other provinces were.

He wasn’t there because he was weak, but because he was far more capable than anyone present to watch the front gate of the demon continent!

The Ghost Province had an excellent relationship with Blood Demon King because they were the closest and helped each other occasionally.

“Well, it can’t be helped. How about we discuss the soul crystal source?” A brawny demon with sharp amber eyes and bronze skin spoke, drawing everyone’s attention to the Mist Demon King, who was surrounded by dark mist.

He was the Spear Demon King of Mighty Spear Province.

Mist Demon King’s melodious yet icy voice rang. “I have already told everyone what I found. There weren’t any soul crystals left at that place, and it was completely absorbed. Even if there were soul crystals there, it won’t be your turn to demand them.”

Spear Demon King sneered, “I don’t like your tone, Mist, even if you lose a son, this didn’t give you the right to talk with your superior!”

Blade Demon King’s expression turned frosty at this moment.

The Spear Demon King was the most arrogant of them all because he was the overseer of the seventh province and was also quite greedy.

He naturally wanted soul crystals, which were quite a rare commodity, and he won’t let this chance slide by, even if Mist Demon King lost her son.

She was the only one in this room who received the map of that place, so this naturally arouse others’ doubts. But no one was as direct as him.

The mist around Mist Demon King started to flutter as the cold aura surfaced. She was about to attack.

“That’s enough.” sharply spoke the high elder, with a three-centimeter diamond shape black gem embedded right between her eyebrows. She was called Grim Jade.

The black gem between her eyebrows shimmered in a faint dark light as the aura released by Mist Demon King vanished while the Spear Demon King who was scoffing, his expression changed as he caught up blood and looked at Grim Jade with anger and fear.

Grim Jade narrowed her eyes and warned, “We all know your nature, Spear, so don’t provoke her, or I don’t mind teaching you a lesson like old times.”

“Hmph!” Spear Demon King harrumphed coldly but said nothing. He knew these High Elders weren’t easy to trifle with, and only some of them were their match or stronger them those five.

“We should discuss this All-Knowing Parrot. Don’t you all find it strange just how it had all this information and is so accurate at that?” A demon with brown skin and emerald eyes said in a doubtful tone.

He was the Earth Demon King of Might Earth Province, and he was the wisest of all demon kings.

Dark Hole replied, “We already did, but it hid its traces too well. As for those demons who delivered the scroll, they were just mortals with slave marks and according to them, they didn’t even know who enslave them and when.”

Earth Demon King’s eyes shone brightly as his lips curled up. “That’s why we should try another approach. How about offering him the title of Demon King?”

Everyone looked at Earth Demon King as if he was a fool.

How can a Demon King title be given to just anyone?

The first and foremost important threshold to become having a Manifestation Realm cultivation, which everyone knows was almost impossible, and the acknowledgment of the royal zone came afterward.

Although there were wild demon kings, they all deserve their titles.

As for All-Knowing Parrot, it was a ghost, and no one knows what kind of tribe it belonged to or how strong it was. So, the Earth Demon King’s suggestion was more of a joke than something worth considering.

However, White Sword, who was silent for all this time, finally spoke with a hint of interest, “Please continue.”

Now everyone looked at White Sword with doubtful eyes, but they didn’t say anything. No one in eight provinces dared to go against or retort this demon, no one!

Earth Demon King said respectfully, “I think Senior White Sword had already noticed it. But I’ll still be blunt and overstep my boundaries.

“Did any of you ever consider how this All-Knowing Parrot managed to create the biggest information network right under our noses? Not only do we have nothing on it, but we also didn’t even know its gender.

“Don’t’ you think this kind of person is worth having in the royal council? We have all been trying different approaches all this time, but those approaches have one thing in common: we were trying to find and control this fellow, right?

“But we never try to recruit him even once, since we are too narrow-minded and blinded by small benefits. This person had the capability, and imagine if we provide him with ample resources and have him create such networks on other continents?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up, they clearly understood what Earth Demon King was implying here.

Crimson Flame spoke with a hint of disbelief. “So, you want to create an ultimate spy?”

Earth Demon King nodded with a smile, “Yes. There wasn’t a person like this before, but now there is, so there’s no need to have a hostile relationship with it when it can be our strength, right?

“Besides, I think this person had other intentions to disclose such information to us and not release it to the common public. Nonetheless, as long as it won’t come in our way, why don’t we reward him for this merit?”

White Fire nodded with a faint smile. “I have always heard rumors about Earth Demon King’s wisdom, but witnessed it myself. I have to say, the rumors didn’t come close to the real thing.

“Not only do we have a valid reason to reward this All-Knowing Parrot now, but if this royal beast was really a spy from the beast continent and in the possession of old Demon Emperor’s inheritance, I don’t know why we can’t recommend him for a Demon King title.”

Earth Demon King smiled and shake his head, “Senior, I know you must’ve thought the same. In the end, we all just thought about what is best for our race and this person is an asset.”

The other also fell into deep thought. They couldn’t help but admire Earth Demon King’s judgment and also White Fire, who was willing to look at the bigger picture.

Right at this moment, a haughty voice sounded, “I hope we are not late for this party!”


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