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Eternal Thief – Chapter 46: Sky Like Despair! Bahasa Indonesia

The sound of the system was like some angel voice in Ace’s ears at this moment. He finally understands what this barrier was and what he needs to do to break it.

‘But how the hell a formation appeared in this kind of place?’ Ace grimaced.

One has to know that the formation was not something that a city should have, ‘Someone from a Kingdom is targeting me!’ His senses were extremely sharp and with little clues, he quickly guessed just what kind of a power he was dealing with.

Ace was distracted by the system for a moment but he quickly focused on the carriage. Because of the formation barrier, the rain has stopped falling inside the area of the barrier, and the two carriages doors were begun to open.

From the carriages inside, two people got down. The one with the robust body was the City Lord Quentin. He had a very small white beard on his old face, wearing a golden robe and adorned with shiny gold ornaments.

The other was Dulce. A girl with blonde hair and a graceful figure, with a gentle smile, she was wearing a green skirt. When she saw Ace and Eva those clear like water eyes suddenly glittered with a slight shimmer.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Dulce Golden and you must be the infamous thief of Rive-Flower city ‘Thousand Hands Ghost’ right?” Dulce swept past Ace with her two eyes as she introduces herself.

Both Ace and Eva become astonished after seeing who the owner of this carriage was, it was the same blonde girl they saw outside of the city herbs and weapons shop.

After hearing Dulce’s sentence, Ace becomes a little confused first because he didn’t know who this ‘Thousand Hands Ghost’ was but after he heard River-Flower City’s name his heart tightens. He finally understands why this girl was targeting him and Eva.


On Ace’s face, there was no fear. Although he was facing a noble figure from a Kingdom, he was still very calm. He could see that Dulce come prepared and knew who he truly was so, hiding his identity as a thief anymore was meaningless. He also felt Dulce and two men standing behind her, their strength had reached the Qi foundation building realm, especially that old man who comes out from the other carriage, he was more powerful than the early-stage Qi foundation building realm.

“You quite fearless even in this situation. Not like the thief that I heard about who can only escape after doing his deed.” Dulce said in disappointment, after seeing Ace was not reacting as she had imagined.

Ace didn’t say anything and he was still searching for the power source of this formation just like System suggests. He didn’t know what a formation plate was but it was definitely in the hands of this girl.

After all, who in their right mind would give this kind of thing that can control this kind of formation to someone else?

At this time, a group of people from the crowd rushed out and pointed at Ace as they cursed, and it was evidently clear from their black hooded-capes on their bodies that they were Baldy party who was searching for Ace inside the Inn moments ago.

“Little bastard! I’m going to kill you after I torture you for all your pathetic life.” One of them said grimly with cold eyes filled with killing intent. He reveals his face it was Rylan.

Ace becomes surprised after hearing this voice and when he sees the face of Rylan, he becomes shocked. ‘What is he doing here?’

All of them reveals their faces when Ace saw their face he was even more surprised, he didn’t know who the other three were but seeing their outfit was matching Rylan’s they were also from River-Flower City.

Ace didn’t recognize the other three but Eva does she lived inside the for many years so she was quite knowledgeable especially about Kelby and Grant family. “The middle-aged man is Sumyan Kelby, the head of Kelby Family, beside him is Asher Kelby, and, the other old man is Mathies the City Lord of River Flower City.” She whispered.

Ace’s eyebrows were continuously moving up and down after Eva revealed the three men’s identity. He has enmity with both Kelby and Grant’s family if they were the ones who were helping Dulce he could understand it but what the hell is the City Lord himself doing here.

Dulce saw Ace’s confused expression and guess what he was thinking, she was waiting for this exact moment. “You seem to be confused about why a city lord of the city was doing here abandoning his city. Let me enlighten you, the Rive-Flower City is no more. Meaning it was destroyed Ten Days ago.”

Ace’s face becomes extremely pale as if there was no blood left. Despair filled his eyes as he forgets that he was currently trapped inside the formation and asks Dulce in a trembling voice, “H-HOW? NO, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

Even Eva was shocked after hearing this, she didn’t care about that city much because she didn’t have any good memories about it, all of the memories she had about that city only held pain.

But Ace was different from her and that city was where he was born and his whole family grave was also in that city. He has very strong emotions attached to that place no matter how much he has suffered in there that was still a place he called home.

If this news was really real, Ace would fell into deep despair and become vulnerable.

This was the exact thing Dulce was aiming for from the start. She was extremely clever and a schemer. She didn’t know if he was from that city or not, but if there was the slightest chance he was from there then he would definitely fell for her schemes. She wanted to break his fighting spirit that why she left those four alive especially the city lord.

She saw Ace’s expression and smile broadly, ‘After all my guess was not wrong. Those idiots didn’t even think that ‘how can a thief suddenly appear out of thin air and an extremely young one at that, he definitely has some big secret. Who wants that trash ring anyway?’

She thinks happily, this was her real goal from the start. She wants Ace’s secret, not the storage ring.

Since a secret can make a little boy this powerful than what about her? That’s why she wastes so many resources just to search for him back then but she didn’t find him in that city. She thought that he has escaped and she would never be able to take his secret for herself.

But when she got the report of someone robbing Shila, she immediately investigates this matter. After finding out that it was the same thief she becomes extremely excited. She even used a precious ‘Light Barrier Formation’ just to make sure he would not run away and she succeeds in the end.

“If you don’t believe me you can ask your former city lord. Not a signal person remains alive except from these four or I should say six after counting you and that girl.” Dulce giggles as she points her finger towards Mathies.

Ace looked towards Mathies there was little hope in his eyes. He didn’t want this to be true. Mathies saw Ace’s hopeful eyes and a peculiar glint flash past his eyes. He takes a deep breath and said, “She’s telling the truth about the River-Flower City being destroyed. No one left alive except us and she’s the one who destroyed the city and kills everyone.”

Ace’s eyes turn bloodshot and he roars at Dulce in rage after Mathies confirms her claim, “WHY!?? THEY WERE ALL INNOCENT PEOPLE!”

“Heh, Innocent? They get what they deserve. They’re some rules that you lowly slaves can never break. That slave killed one of my kingdom’s people and practice our skills and techniques according to the rules they deserved to die.” Dulce scoffed as she pointed her finger towards Rylan.

Her words were like sharp daggers that directly stab Ace’s heart. In his eyes she didn’t seem beautiful at all, he could only see a ruthless bitch.


Ace’s words were filled with murderous intent, the majority of the crowd couldn’t help but have shivers run down their spines hearing his ear-piercing laughter.

Dulce wrinkled her brows, her face filled with anger, she said with a cold smile, “Punished me? I’m afraid it won’t be you because you don’t have the power and even if you have the power so what? You can never do anything to me I’m a princess of a Kingdom and you’re just a slave of a Kingdom the moment you’re born here! Even if I annihilate half of the land of cities no one will punish me, you know why? Because of the status and power, I represent! In a Kingdom’s eye, all of you are just THRALLS!”

Eva felt extreme pain in her heart after seeing Ace in this state and felt burning rage hearing Dulce’s ruthless words. She wanted to kill her right at this moment.

Even Rylan, Asher, Sumyan, and the crowd including Quentin felt rage burning inside their heart after they heard Dulce’s words. But what can they do but swallow their anger and stand there like idiots?


Ace laughs like a lunatic as he said those words but tears were flowing through his eyes as they become completely black. This was the first time he wanted to kill someone this bad.

All of the sudden, a cold black smoke arises from Ace’s body.

In the sky, thunder starts to rumble after that black smoke emerges from Ace.

Even Dulce could feel that this smoke was not normal she cold feels extremely cold sensations from that smoke. Everyone including Dulce felt the sudden rapid drop in the temperature of the atmosphere. Some guards with weak cultivation even start to shiver.

“Hurry attack him he using some kind of dangerous skill!” She shouts in a panic this was not in her calculation. She didn’t think this little thief has this kind of card up his sleeve.

Quentin with Dulce’s personal bodyguards attacked the moment they hear her command because even they could tell something was extremely wrong with Ace.

Eva panic as well she was the closest to Ace and the black smoke almost freeze her hand that Ace was holding. She endures the pain but she didn’t let go of his hand.

Ace didn’t know what was happening around him he has just one thought in mind and that to kill Dulce and annihilate her entire kingdom to avenge all those innocent people of River-Flower City. He only hears System voice in his mind,

“[Hidden conditions have been satisfied!]

[The host can now open the other Four Hidden Gates of Heavenly Gates with 600 TP]”

In System’s voice, there was excitement.


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