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Eternal Thief – Chapter 456: Elemental Orb’s Altar! Bahasa Indonesia

At this time, a five-meter fox appeared, but it had a silver patch of fur between its eyes and an imposing aura.

Noticing this fox’s arrival, Fifth Elder and the other foxes lower their head with respect and greeted.


The big fox was indeed the patriarch of this fox clan, Gage!

Gage nodded in acknowledgment. “At ease.”

He looked at Ace with great interest since he managed to break into their small haven without alerting anyone except the ancestor, and he could guess if they weren’t warned, it would be pretty fatal for them in a long run.

Nevertheless, he still thought this demon was over and above his head to dare infiltrate this deep into an enemy camp, instead of running away or calling for help, and now he was at their mercy or the Ancestor’s mercy.

He smiled ambiguously and spoke in demon language, “It would be a lie to say, I’m not impressed by your courage, but it’s a pity you’re not one of us.”

Feng replied without showing any nervousness, “It’s indeed a pity, or I would also have to hide here.”

“Impudent Demon!” Fifth Elder howled as his icy aura locked on Feng.

But to everyone’s surprise, Feng remained unaffected and smiled disdainfully.

“And here I thought the ancient beast race was something.” He shook his head in disappointment, while his voice was filled with scorn.

Gage’s eyes turned cold, and he was also about to act when the imposing voice rang again.

“Bring him to me without any harm!” that oppressive voice rang again, but this time it was in demon language, which means it meant to Feng to know who was protecting him.

Gage and others quickly calm down, but they looked at Feng with deep hostility now.

Gage said coldly, “Follow me, but I’m warning you, if you keep this appearance in front of Ancestor, no one will be able to save you.”

“Whatever.” Feng shrugged his shoulder, completely brushing off Gage’s warning.

“He’s too arrogant.” Fifth Elder spoke in beast language.

“Hmph, he won’t be for too long. Throw those other demons and demon slaves into the dungeon for now.” Gage snorted disdainfully as he ordered.

This time, only Gage and Feng moved toward the peak without anyone following them.

Ace’s eyes shimmered subtly. ‘It seemed that the ancestor wanted something from me, and he needed me alive. But I have to put that arrogant demon front in the face of inferior races all this time, or that ancestor might suspect something.’

Everyone in this world knows demons would never bow their head to another kind, even if they were mortal. They would rather die than help another race or become their servants.

Ace finally notice the pink mist around the top and felt a very dreadful aura from it.

As they approached, the pink mist suddenly opened a passage, and Cage also become somewhat fearful as he took every step like he was treading on thin ice. Ace remain calm as he followed Cage.

When they reached the end of the passage, they entered a snowy field, and right in the center of this ice field was a small pond filled with translucent water, and there was a figure sitting in the center of this pond, but for some reason, Ace couldn’t see the appearance of this person, and it appeared blurry to him.

‘An illusion skill?’ Ace thought.

However, when Ace noticed the floating white crystal-like platform with myriad profound patterns under this figure, he nearly jumped in surprise and almost screamed out loud.

‘Elemental Orb’s Altar!’

Although the color of this altar was crystal white, but could never forget those strange patterns and when he thought about that barrier above his head and that gray lake and the ghost worms which were born from that lake according to Hailee.

He instantly connected the dots and reached an astonishing conclusion!

Ace’s heart raced as he quickly questioned the system, “System, did that person have the elemental orb or that altar is the Elemental Orb’s Altar and that small lake is the Orb’s essence?!”

Because he knew if it was true then this mean this person had defeated the orb’s guardian, and now he was in possession of the elemental orb, and he might be controlling this entire space with that altar and this was probably the reason he got busted so easily.

But if that was the case, then it would be far more complex to acquire it from an intelligent being than the mindless guardian.

Furthermore, he knew this person was out of his league, and now he could only hope this was all just his speculation.

The same oppressive voice rang at this moment. “Gage, wait outside.”

Gage felt he was just pardoned and quickly prostrate himself before leaving Feng and the blurry figure alone.

However, Ace’s focus was on the system’s answer he just received.

“[That is indeed the Ice Elemental Orb’s Altar and the Elemental Orb’s Essence. But the orb isn’t present in the vicinity!]”

Ace’s heart jumped hearing this, but his expression changed, and asked, “Ice Orb? This isn’t on my list, right?”

He clearly remembered the eight elemental orbs he needed to collect, and Ice Orb wasn’t part of that list. So, he felt somewhat relieved.

However, the system’s next answer shattered that relief.

“[When an Elemental Orb reached a certain level of intelligence and age, it can also mutate and become stronger. The Ice Orb is the mutation of Water Orb.]”

“Why didn’t to tell me sooner?!” Ace screamed, he was completely vexed.

“[It was an irrelevant detail at that moment. A mutated elemental orb can only appear by heaven-defying chance, so it is a variable. Nonetheless, it won’t change the fact that the host still required that orb because there won’t be a water orb in this world anymore.]”

Ace sighed helplessly because he knew the system was right, but the problem was if that orb wasn’t here, then where it was, and who took it?

Because if those normal orb guardians were that scary, then what about the guardian of a mutated orb? He didn’t dare imagine.

‘At least I now know there’s no water orb and someone had already taken care of the guardian for me. But this also means that the orb can be anywhere in this vast world,’ He mused with a grim expression.

“Tell me, how do you cross the soul suppressing river?”

Ace was snapped out of his thoughts by this voice, which was now speaking the demon language.

‘Well, it seemed this beast stumbled upon this place and somehow managed to control it with the orb’s altar. At least I don’t need it anymore, or it would be difficult to snatch it.’ Ace became completely relaxed now and regain his composure.

He played his part and answered impassively, “That kind of suppression didn’t influence me because of my sword intent.”

“A complete Sword Intent!” That voice sounded in surprise.

Feng shook his head as he unsheathed his sword, and thereafter it suddenly shone in a white sheen.

“A half intent.” The voice instantly noticed and praised, “But still impressed for someone of your age to comprehend the half sword intent and also able to hide in the presence of soul realm cultivators.’

Feng sneered coldly, “Just get to the point. I know you’re hiding here and once the news got out, the entire demon race would attack this place. So, it is better if you let us go, and they might show some leniency or…”

“Heh, that damn demon pride of the demon race. But you said nothing wrong. I was sent here as a spy, but someone trapped in an ancient ruin for five hundred years before I found this place, which was a blessing in disguise.

“Now, I’m no longer a pawn but a king, and I’m planning to remain the same. So, I’m giving you a chance to pledge yourself to me, and I’ll make sure you’ll get far more than you could even get from your own race.”

Feng coldly snorted, completely fearless. “I would rather die than be a traitor!”

However, Ace smiled slyly, ‘Just do it already. Why the chitchat?’

From the moment he appeared here, he had noticed the hysteria in the eyes of other foxes and also fear, and when he thought about the soul brand technique, he knew this person was very cautious and won’t let any variable appear under his nose.

That was why from the moment the ancestor started talking, he knew it was just a front because…

“Sigh… it wasn’t a choice, little demon. If you had accepted my soul brand willingly, your soul would’ve remained intact. But now, however, I know you are as stubborn as a mule just like your kind, so it’s pointless to talk anymore.

“Now, if you survived this or not will depend on you!’

Just as the voice trailed off, a pinkish streak shot like lightning and directly drilled into Feng’s forehead without giving him any chance to resist!


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