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Eternal Thief – Chapter 453: Light Silver Fate Map! Bahasa Indonesia

Thomas couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Damn it, we are really in a maze!”

Carlee questioned with a frown, “So, what now?”

“Any path we choose they will lead to an unknown place or more complicated pathways. It doesn’t matter where we go, we’ll still have to cross this maze, which we have no idea how long or where it led to. I wonder how they could find this place.” Said Alora with uncertainty.

“Let’s take the third pathway. Since we’re already in a maze, it doesn’t matter where we go. It all depends on luck.” Feng chuckled as he suggested.

Thomas gave a side eye to him, “Even though you are right, don’t you, taking it too lightly?”

“What, do you have another suggestion?” Feng looked at him teasingly.

Thomas fell into deep thought before he expressed seriously, “How about we go to the second pathway? It’s my lucky number.”

Everyone looked speechlessly at him and shake their head.

“Now I know which path I shouldn’t take,” Feng commented as he moved toward the third pathway and the two ladies follow behind.

“Hateful.” Thomas cussed before following them.

This time they didn’t encounter any more pathways, however, this time this pathway differed from before.

There was a layer of water on the surface, the ceiling cracked, and drops of water fell continuously. As they move forward, the water level was increasing.

“I think we should head back. If we continue, we might drown.” Alora couldn’t help but speak with trepidation.

Thomas sneered, “I told you guys we should’ve taken the second pathway. But no one listened.”

However, Feng shook his head and continue to move forward, “It’s a good sign. What if this tunnel leads to an open water source? Like a lake or a river? This might be the way out.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they quickly understood what Feng was implying and didn’t speak of leaving again.

However, thereupon, sudden ripples appeared on the water, felt by everyone.

“There’s something inside the water!” Carlee yelped as a violet wooden staff appeared in her hand.

However, Ace’s expression changed as he shouted, “Quickly, attack the wall and hide or grab something. This isn’t an attacker, but a flood!”

Thomas and the other expressions turned nervous, and they quickly create openings to support themselves, so they couldn’t wash away by that flood. They didn’t even have time to ask how Feng knows about this, but they trust his judgment.

Just a moment after Ace’s warning, a torrent of water appeared and filled the entire tunnel and a powerful water current, which was flowing toward the entrance, appeared.

Despite creating those small openings in the wall that wasn’t in the center of that water current, they could feel the water was pressuring them to move in its direction.

But it wasn’t the only problem because there was some kind of strange power within that gray water which was affecting their consciousness!

Even Ace felt numb, and he had to use his heavenly soul Qi to remain stable, but he could sense the others weren’t doing great either.

‘There’s something wrong with this water!’ Ace’s heart was filled with worry about this strange turn of events.

Thomas was the worst because he was a soul cultivator and his body wasn’t as strong as a martial cultivator’s body, and the water was affecting both his mind and body.

‘A river cultivator without water element affinity could stay alive underwater for three months. But their fighting abilities will plummet as well. Especially someone with a fire affinity. They are completely powerless if they aren’t strong enough.

‘But now they had to deal with this strange power in the water as well. Should I act or not?’

Ace’s expression was grave, as he could feel the water current was becoming more and more violent.

Although he could endure, it wasn’t the case for the others because they didn’t have his abnormal physique and soul!

They can’t even communicate because of the water while they were hiding in the distance from each other.

Right at this moment, Ace’s heart sank to rock bottom as he looked at the opening from where the water was coming from.

Soon, a worm-like body appeared, which was none other than the barbaric demon, and it wasn’t alone. There were three more behind it, and they were disturbingly at the fourth stage of the golden soul realm!

But the most abnormal thing was the water current was completely ineffective against them, as they were moving agilely in that powerful water current.

Ace instantly used his heartless stealth and vanished. He wasn’t confident in fighting with these four soul realm demons in this powerful water current. He might suffer!

But others didn’t have his stealth art or his soul sense.

They didn’t sense those demons coming in their way until they were a few meters away.

Thomas was the first was notice those demons and when he felt their powerful pressure, his heart palpitated, and he wanted to flee with the help of the water current, but before he could, the demon waved its hand, and without any resistance, Thomas turned into an ice sculpture!

Ace wanted to use his talismans to help Thomas when he abruptly stopped because those demons didn’t have any killing intent when they attack and that skill the demon just used didn’t kill Thomas but restrained him as he was still alive!

Alora and Carlee also suffer the same fate as Thomas, and then those demons looked in Feng’s direction, clearly confused.

Ace felt strong martial sense scanning multiple times, and he could guess they somehow know he was here and now searching for him since he had decamped.

After making sure there was no one, they grabbed Thomas, Alora, and Carlee’s sculptures and left toward the entrance. They were clearly not done yet!

Ace remain static in his position while he observed those demons with a solemn expression!

‘No matter how I looked at it, this flood only came after we entered the tunnel, which wasn’t led toward another tunnel in the fate mapping.

‘Now, those demons appeared right after the flood to capture us? There’s something on this tunnel’s end, and those demons aren’t just mindless. Something is going on!’ Ace’s eyes shone with a sharp glint.

He didn’t dare to go after those demons because he would be courting death, so he remained motionless for now.

As for their safety, he sensed the trolls were following them from underground, and the last one who stopped to find Feng, he also left after thinking that Feng had also escaped and followed them.

On the other side,

White Fire had a deep frown on his face as he calmly remained still in the water current, which was half as strong as where Ace was.

‘What is going on? There wasn’t any flood last time, and this maze was only a minor hurdle before the entrance of that ruined city.

‘Although Aura had said there wasn’t anything worth for soul realm cultivation, and he had already gotten rid of that soul realm barbaric demon. There might be something he missed.

‘They should’ve remained together, but little Prince insisted on going independently, and I don’t blame him, since that brat Feng is just too dazzling. But this variable is not good…’

He mused while deeply looking at the four struggling to keep their ground in the water current.

The water current remained strong for six hours before things started to calm down.

But in these six hours, Ace observed over fifty more worm demons appear from the same place and heading toward the exit.

They were going after the intruders, which made him even more curious about the end of this passage and their end goal.

‘I should go,’ Ace thought when he felt the water current won’t be able to stop his advance.

Without creating any undulations, he moved forward in stealth.

After swimming for half an hour, he finally saw the end, which was the end of the tunnel, and after making sure it was safe, he exited the tunnel and appeared in a vast body of gray water and that soul suppression was stronger here.

Ace observed the tunnel from where he appeared, and he was shocked when he saw the wall around the tunnel was filled with dark runes.

‘So, they didn’t want anyone to find this runic door, and that’s why they flooded the entire path and send those demons to capture the intruders from this passage.

‘But only intelligent demons are capable of such things, and these runes are quite profound, mostly in the seventh grade. Something is wrong with this place, which the blade domain has missed.’ Ace grimace.

“Moira, open the map.” Ace commanded.

“Yes.” Moira horridly obliged, and the fate map appeared.

His dark blue iris changed into a decagram before they went wide when he saw the fate map, which wasn’t gray anymore, but light silver!

“This is a Light Silver fate map?!”


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