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Eternal Thief – Chapter 421: Astute Thomas Bahasa Indonesia

In the middle of the night, sounds of heavy steps were reverberating in this silent part of the middle region, and strong Qi undulation could be felt in the cold air.

A silhouette was jumping from tree to tree in succession, while five more silhouettes were chasing silhouettes chasing behind this silhouette, two from trees and three from the ground. One rugged silhouette was holding a glowing white array plate with a black dot on it, constantly moving.

That person shouted viciously, “You can’t escape this Qi Marker Array Disk, Thomas! Just give up struggling!”

This silhouette being chased was none other than Thomas, and he had many injuries and bruises on his face and body.

He had been hunting leisurely for four months, but just today, he bumped into this group while following the trace of a demonic beast.

This group instantly ambushed Thomas as if they were hunting for him, and Thomas knew why; when he discovered the leader of this group.

Thomas shout back while winding on the trees with a taunting tone, “Jaxx you sister fucker, if my dear second brother hasn’t given you Qi Marker Array Disk with my Qi Mark, do you think you can find me this easily, much less chase me?!”

Qi Marker Array Disk was a grade-4 array whose function was very simple: to track the person who had its Qi mark ingrained in it.

Every person had a unique Qi Mark and this Qi Marker Array Disk was made to track the person whose Qi Mark was embedded on the array plate when it was made, and it didn’t have any other function.

Although it didn’t have an absolute range, as long as the owner of this Qi mark appeared within a thousand miles radius, it will react and lead to the person.

These Qi Marker Array Disks were used by Demon King Grade Clans and influences to track down their important personals if they fell into some kind of trouble or went missing in some area.

They can even discriminate if the bearer of a Qi marker array disk was dead because, after a person’s death, their Qi mark would naturally vanish and these array plates would also be shattered.

Last but not least, these Qi marker array disks can be duplicated three times without needing the bearer to infuse a new Qi mark on it again.

Thomas naturally had one Qi marker array disk in his clan, since he was a direct decedent of the demon king and a genius.

However, this seemed to backfire on him right now because his second brother had somehow created a duplicate and handed it to Jaxx, so he could easily assassinate him whenever he felt like it.

That was why these Identity Array Plates would be kept in absolute security because they could also become a fatal dagger if they fell into wrong hands, just like right now.

Jaxx’s expression fell when Thomas called him ‘Sister Fucker’ and coldly roar, “Take that blabbermouth bastard down for me!”

Those two demons, who were following Thomas from tree to tree, start shooting arrows at him in rapid succession.

Jaxx group was originally made of 12 demons, but Thomas had killed seven of them with his soul attacks while being chased, and now only those five had left.

However, this also exhausted Thomas’s soul Qi, and he hadn’t got the chance to recover because Jaxx wanted to achieve this same result, and he wanted to tire Thomas out before killing him.

If not for his powerful body, Thomas would’ve been killed a few hours ago, but now he was really on his last leg and those incoming arrows make it even worse for him to even breathe.

‘If I somehow managed to escape this disaster, I’ll let them know the consequences of chasing me!’ Thomas cussed as he dodged those arrows, but three of them still pierce through his shoulder, and two on his back.

He gnashed his teeth and used his Qi to pull those arrows, and more bleeding wounds appeared on his back.

Jaxx couldn’t help but ridicule with a sinister smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Milly for you, you can go in peace!”

Thomas’s eyes turn extremely frosty this time and thick killing intent leak from his eyes. Milly was his reverse scale, and he would let nothing happen to her, even if it cost him his life.

“Soul Phantasmagoria; Dream!” Thomas’s gray eyes turned misty as translucent smoke gushed out from his body before covering those two archers.

Jaxx’s expression sank, and he roared, “Don’t breathe that smoke, or you’ll be dead!”

However, his warning came too late and two miserable screams rang from the trees before two bodies fell to the ground.

Yet, this wasn’t the end, that translucent smoke directly moved toward Jaxx and his remaining two minions.

Jaxx coldly snorted before a jade black hand fan appeared in his hand and he waved it, “Wind Sweep!” whistling winds gather around the fan before sweeping through the translucent smock, blowing it away.

“Your Soul Phantasmagoria Art is useless as long as I don’t touch the Phantasmagoria Smoke, and my wind element is your natural counter. While your soul attacks are useless, as long as I had a soul guard pendant. So, Thomas, do you have another trick?” Jaxx menacingly uttered while looking at the tree with killing intent.

Thomas’s figure appeared as he breathes heavily while he holds a short sword in his hand. He looked ashen after using that soul art, and his eyes were filled with helplessness.

He knew it would be extremely difficult to drag Jaxx into his Soul Phantasmagoria Art, as long as the Phantasmagoria smoke won’t come in contact with Jaxx’s body.

While his other soul attack was rendered useless because of Jaxx’s defensive soul treasure, he can also protect the other two around him w

This put him in a bind and his soul Qi was now almost gone after using the last attack to kill the other two, and he was exhausted because of running all day and sustaining many injuries and loss of blood.

A decisive glint flashed past Thomas’s eyes at this moment, which made Jaxx flinch slightly, and he felt something was amiss. He roared furiously, “Ramiro, Seamus, quickly used your strongest attack. That bastard is up to something!”

The hand fan in his hand also shimmered brightly while releasing a sharp aura, and Jaxx swing it fervidly toward Thomas, “Wind Blade Storm!”

The heroic demon youth behind him in indigo armor who was Ramiro also plugged his long spear toward Thomas and blue water Qi gushed out, “Spear Arrow!”

The stone skin demon standing next to Ramiro wore cestus with golden knuckles punched toward Thomas and a stony fist phantom formed, “Mighty Stone Punch!”

Thomas coldly stared at the three-incoming attack, but he didn’t move from his place, and a yellow paper talisman appeared in his hand before he activated it.

The very next moment thereafter, white light illuminates the entire place, and a warm yet sharp sensation filled the three demons’ hearts.

Jaxx’s heart trembled before a green paper talisman appeared and vanished right in front of him, forming a green barrier.

Ramiro and Seamus also felt that strange sensation, but they didn’t have a defensive talisman to block this soul attack, and it didn’t take long before their heads popped like watermelon!

Jaxx’s heart turn cold when he saw two of his strongest followers die within a few moments after that soul talisman was released.

‘Not good!’ His countenance changed again when cracks started to appear on the green barrier.

“Bastard, I’ll make you pay!” with gritted teeth, two more same green paper talismans appeared in his, and he used them with no hesitation and two more green barriers appeared.

The first barrier shattered like glass in that white light, and the second barrier also started to crack.

At this moment, Jaxx’s heart palpitated when he saw a very thin and fingernail size black streak abruptly flash past his defensive barrier, and he put the hand fan in front of his head to black it.

But the small black streak target wasn’t him, to begin with, and it directly landed on the Qi marker array disk handing on his belt, crashing it!

At this moment, Thomas’s scornful yet icy voice rang in Jaxx’s ears, “I’ll make you pay to force me to use these two precious talismans and for all this ‘care’, hundred-fold!”

Jaxx’s expression was a sight to behold when he regained his sense and saw the broker array plate, and he understood Thomas has used another lower-level soul talisman to brake the Qi marker array disk, and he knew he has been had by Thomas!

“Thomas, you better not let me see you!” He roared indignantly.

Jaxx never thought a single Thomas would be enough to annihilate his entire group with his tricks, and he finally understood just how dangerous Thomas was, and he was now his enemy as well.

If he didn’t get rid of Thomas soon, he might die with regret!


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