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Eternal Thief – Chapter 42: Brewing-Storm Bahasa Indonesia

Following, Ace and Eva’s departure, in the City Herbs and Weapons shop there was a huge uproar inside the shop.

Someone steals a storage bag of Shila Casen the sister of the city lord and the individuals under the suspicion were two teenagers. She makes a huge fuss about this because she said that in her storage bag were millions of ruby coins and a peak 1-Star weapon that she treasures dearly.

That day only two of them were gone to Shila’s floor therefore, she could only suspect them.

Everyone sneers at this claim and some laugh at her secretly because Shila was a peak Qi Gates expert and according to her she didn’t feel any Qi from both of them. But no matter how much they disagree with her or made fun of her they didn’t say it out loud.

This incident got quite some popularity because no one dares to mess with Casen Family inside the Red-Mountain City.

Shila was quite an arrogant person and never suffer this kind of loss on her own turf and the most disgraceful thing was about this is she suffered at the hands of some brats. That’s why she didn’t want to tell anyone about it first, but she just can’t take this sitting and watch those two damn scoundrels roam freely.

She knows everyone was laughing at her in secret but she can do nothing to them, it was all her fault. That’s why she even used her brother’s power in her rage and made a wanted poster. She was going to issues an arrest warrant with Ace and Eva’s portraits on the poster.

She didn’t even know how they looked like because she didn’t pay much attention to them like all other ‘unimportant personnel’ and those two portraits were made according to the description of that attendant.

This incident didn’t only get attention from normal people but it attracts the attention of a Qi Foundation Building level expert. It was not the city lord because he was running an errand this expert.

That other Qi Foundation expert was none other than that beautiful blonde girl that Ace saw this morning!

Currently in a luxurious Courtyard inside the Casen family territory. A blonde hair girl was holding sheets of paper in her jade-like white hands.

On her left hand were the portraits of both Ace and Eva, which was a wanted poster that will be issued by the City Lord’s mansion very soon.

But on her other hand there was also another wanted poster there was also Ace’s but Eva’s face was not there because there was a Black Fox Mask Girl portrait in this wanted poster!

That blonde girl’s eyes were twinkling like stars when she saw that Ace’s face was matching the other portrait. “Are you sure this boy appears right after we leave that shop?” Ask the girl to a maid who was currently kneeling there.

“Yes! Princess Dulce, according to the information provided by the Casen Family the timing is the same.” Answer the maid politely.

“Heh heh. I can’t believe that the famous ‘Thousand Hands Ghost’ of River-Flower city was here and he’s so arrogant that he didn’t even change his appearance. He even robbed the sister of City Lord Quentin in their own shop in broad daylight. And here I was searching for him in that little barren city.” Dulce laugh joyously, but her laugh was very sinister and now her beautiful face didn’t appear beautiful at all.

Even that maid starts to trembles seeing Dulce’s evil smile.

“Go bring those slaves here, and order that old bag to not post these wanted posters without my permission. Now we don’t want our prey to become alert, would we?” She orders her maid while giggling.

That maid didn’t dare to delay even for a second and quickly run to complete her order.

“I really wanted to see how will you react after seeing the big gift I prepared for you ‘Thousand Hand Ghost’. This will teach you a lesson not to be too arrogant in the future. Hehehe, it’s not like you’ll live to see the future.” The dark laughter of a witch sounded from the courtyard of the Casen family that night.

Ace and Eva were both oblivious that their identities have been found out by Dulce. It was not their fault to be carefree because in their mind they only robbed a worker of a shop and it’s not a big deal.

Even if things go south they can always escape using their unnatural skills.

Ace was, after all, still a twelve and half-year-old boy and didn’t know that with continued success and victory, came a lethal poison called Arrogance!

One has to be very careful not to be blinded by it or it can even blind even a deadly snake. The snake thinks no one can kill it because of its venom and he’s invincible in the land. But when an eagle suddenly strikes from the sky above, even that arrogant snake can do nothing but to be a mere food for that eagle.

Ace thinks no one would be coming here from the River-Flower city this quick and the time the news of him reached the Red-Mountain city he’ll be long gone.

But a variable occurs differently from his prediction. A girl who he has seen the first time this morning has already found his true identity, and he didn’t even know about it.

Dulce has already stop Shila from posting the wanted posters of Ace and Eva.

Now only the news was spreading around the city, and no one knows how those two teenagers look like. Even if Ace knows of this he will not be alert by only news. Now the enemy was in the dark and he was in the light.

After Ace returned to the inn. It was already dinner time; the black clouds were forming in the sky and winds were howling outside. “It seems it’s going to be a stormy night.” Said Ace while he was eating dinner with Eva.

“Yes, my mother used to say whenever a storm comes something bad would happen somewhere,” Eva said frowningly, she was also looking outside of the window towards the dark sky. There was also deep sorrow in her eyes when she mentions her late mother.

“Well, it would be bad for all those shops for sure that you emptied today.” Ace didn’t want to see her sad so he made a joke about her shopping spree that she has done today.

Even he was afraid of going out with her now.

“Humph! It was their fault for only having so little stuff for sale. Well, I still wanted to buy some things but my two storage bags got full. ‘Sighhhh’.” Eva sighed regretfully.

“We should’ve bought two or three more bags, but now that we robbed that old hag, we can’t go there again. But she would be going crazy about her storage bag right about now, right?” Eva giggles delightfully, “Hehe…hehe, I wish I could see her face.”

Bullets of sweat start to form on Ace’s forehead when Eva said she still wants to ‘buy more’, She bought more than two storage bags worth of clothes and other girly stuff, he has to give her another storage bag. She even shopped for him and all those things were inside his storage bag and it was almost full. One has to know that the space inside the bags was 5 Cubic meters and she had full them in half a day. According to the system, these storage bags were trash grade and they can only maintain space inside them for 10 Years.

‘I should pretend to be ill tomorrow.’ He made an important ‘decision’ in his heart. He didn’t want to be her ‘shopping partner’ anymore.

After eating dinner, they both left for their room. Ace sighs of relief after he thinks he was finally free from Eva’s ‘evil clutches’.

Ace sits on bedding and takes out some new and old books from this thief storage space and begins to reads those books.

Staring from those books he gets free from that aunt today. He smiled after thinking about her, ‘I wonder if her anxiety was because of the money. I hope, with all those ruby coins she’ll be able to solve her problem. I’ll visit her before leaving the city.’

Ace has felt that lady’s anxiety with his soul sense that’s why he left all those ruby coins.

After clearing his mind, he read those books about the Lands of Cities, (Level 4 Lands in Azure-Wind Continent) and other common knowledge about the Azure-Wind Continent.

“So, where we humans lived is called the Azure-Wind Continent and it’s divided into 4 Levels of lands [Royal, Empire, Kingdom, and City] and a wasteland.”

Ace has some idea about Level 4 lands and little information on a kingdom from Eva but he didn’t know about the name and the classification of the entire continent.. He did hear about Devil, hunters, and Blood Continents from the restaurant owner where he used to work as a dishwasher because that owner likes collecting the stories about those top three races of the world.


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