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[Quick Report of Thieveries]

[Successful Pick Pocket Count: 9]

[Total Rewards: 132,000 Thief Points]

[Thief Point(s): 13,785,400]

[Killed Nine Complete Qi River Stage, Mist Demons]

[Total Rewards: 900 EXP]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Dark Sea [Stage-7]]

[EXP: 77,745/1,000,000]

[Soul Cultivation: Orange Wind Soul Core [Stage-7]]

[SP: 29,575/1,000,000]


Ace merely glanced at the notification and turn his focus toward unconscious demonesses with killing intent at the edge of this barrier set by Santos.

“I should finish…”

However, before Ace could move and end Alora and Carlee’s life and end this matter for good, his eyes contracted in shock when an astonishing change occurred on the Live Fate Map!

Because of Moira’s advice, he kept the map open despite the huge amount of soul Qi exhaustion, and after the Silver Location appeared he thought it was over, but he still decided to hold it for a while until he finished Santos off and others to see if something others occurred in the map.

Although he didn’t have any high expectations, he never thought the change would arise and this big at that…

In the Live Fate Map, Ace saw Alora’s red point start to change, and another ring started to form around her fate point, and it was Light Golden!

‘Fate can be changed by a simple action or variables…’ Ace suddenly thought about this phrase again, and he trembled slightly with a frigid chill.

“Moira, I think I understood something. Tell me if I’m wrong… If I haven’t interfered right now and killed Santos and his group, those two women were supposed to die, right?”

Moira replied, “Yes, that demon’s purpose was to kill one of them in the first place. However, since sir Ace interrupted and killed this demon before he could kill her, it was akin to changing her entire fate.”

Ace closed his eyes and took a deep breath and calm himself down. It was like he had grasped something, but only for a moment, but he wasn’t brooding over it.

He continued with his eyes closed, “I wasn’t supposed to be here and Santos was supposed to get out of here alive, while she was supposed to have died by his hand. However, now, because I killed Santos, she escaped her impending death from Santos’s hand.

“Her entire Fate changed with my single action, and I’m a variable that took this action. Now she had turned into a golden fate point as a result. Since this golden point wasn’t present before, this means she’s also supposed to lead me somewhere like this guy.

“Although, I still didn’t understand how this all works and how can this will change other things. But this is a huge windfall for me nevertheless, and now I can’t kill her, or I would shoot my foot. But I didn’t think it will be too easy, like the silver point. Am I right or wrong?”

Moira replied uncertainly, “Yes, a Silver Point and a Golden Point differ greatly from each other, and she’s a guiding point like the demon. I don’t think she would reach that golden destination anytime soon.

“Unless someone or something interferes and makes her reach there faster, which is almost impossible. But one thing is clear, as long as sir Ace remains imperturbable, she will guide you in that place eventually or someone might kill her before she served her purpose and this opportunity will also be completely erased.”

Ace’s eyes narrowed. “Just like I killed Santos and changed her fate. If someone killed her before reaching that golden destination, it would completely vanish, right?”

“Yes, variables can appear at any moment without any warning, but these kinds of variables are too rare and only sir Ace had the means to create these variables because of me,” Moira said in affirmation.

Ace’s lips curved upward in a content smile, “You know what, I’m truly glad I found you and make you my eternal provenance life soul treasure, or I won’t get such an astonishing ability that can literally give me the power to mess with this fable fate.”

“I am flattered.” Moira’s voice rang in jubilation.

Ace chucked and looked toward the unconscious Alora with a sly smirk on his face and thought, ‘Well, I don’t think it would be a problem to follow her around as long as she remained in this competition.

‘As for her confrontation with Santos group, it can be easily resolved as well. I just have to give up on this soul beast’s soul core and let her take it since she seemed to be here for it. She won’t be foolish enough to disclose such information and put her own life at risk.

‘Furthermore, she never saw me taking care of this group, and they would vanish from this world in the time she woke up. Heh, now I just have to protect her until she woke up and took this beast away. Besides, the more she grows stronger, the more it benefits me…’

Ace had already let Alora glow and calmly waited for the right time to reap the reward, and he didn’t mind helping her since she would take him to a golden destination in the future.

‘But first I have to see this glittering silver location and see what kind of treasure I can…’ Ace’s focus turned toward the dark swamp again.

He didn’t dissolve the barrier put by Santos for now and adjust it to cover Alora, Carlee, and Blazing Soul Crocodile’s carcass, so they won’t suffer any mischief while he was investigating this silver location.

He also burned and turned Santos and nine mist demon corpses into ashes with his lightning, completely erasing every proof of their existence. Likewise, he didn’t forget to take Santos’s disguise mask as well…

After making sure everything was taken care of, he dived into the dark water and swim toward the silver location which was three hundred meters away, but he soon found out that this swamp was quite deep as he kept diving deeper and deeper.

‘This place didn’t have any demonic beasts, it seemed that crocodile had killed everyone here and completely occupied this territory…’ Ace thought as he used his heavenly sense to the fullest, ‘Half of my soul Qi is gone, I should hurry up…’

Ace quickly reached right into the silver location and found nothing besides darkness and grimaced.

But this swamp was just too deep, and he continued to dive deeper, and from his estimate, he should be already two-hundred-meter-deep in his dark water.

Suddenly, Ace felt something astonishing when he reached a 250-meter point, and he was bewildered.

The system’s voice rang at this moment.


[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]

[Host has absorbed 1 SP]


‘What?!’ Ace was completely flabbergasted with these notifications, and they weren’t stopping at all.

‘This is just like when I cultivate normally?! The soul Qi here is too thick and pure that the system started to absorb it on its own! This…’ Ace’s heart raced as he continued to dive deeper while the notifications about SP rang in his head.

He never thought he would encounter something like this because even with marital Qi as thick as the demon continent couldn’t make the system absorb it on its own, heck he didn’t even know it was possible at all!

One had to know soul Qi was hardest to refine because it wasn’t as much as martial Qi and that was why he hated to cultivate normally because it was just too damn tidiest. He would rather spend his time practicing his skills and techniques.

Ace couldn’t help but think, ‘Could it be some kind of soul treasure is hidden here, and that was why that Blazing Soul Crocodile could reach platinum level?’

At four hundred meters, Ace finally felt the surface, but there wasn’t anything. However, Ace could feel the pure soul Qi was coming from the underground of this swamp surface.

Although there was substantial water pressure around, Ace completely ignored it with his powerful body and started to move around to investigate carefully.

‘The glittering silver area is around a 65-meter to 70-meter radius wide. I have to check every corner or even dug if I have to!’ Ace’s eyes shimmered with anticipation as his soul points continue to rise.

Even if he found nothing, just by staying here can give me free Soul Points, which were extremely precious to him!

After half an hour of searching, Ace finally found an anomaly on the swamp’s dark surface. He ‘saw’ this particular area wasn’t like the other muddy floor, but it was hard and somehow crystalline!

Without his heavenly sense, he would never spot such a difference.

Ace squatted down and just as he placed his hand on this dark crystalline floor, he heard an astonished notification that was going to completely change…!


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