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Eternal Thief – Chapter 406: Mist Domain Interference Bahasa Indonesia

Ace’s expression clouded when he saw the memories about how Jaxx was here to assassinate Thomas, and it was the second prince of Cheveyo Tribe who was using his relationship with Jaxx to end Thomas.

‘According to Ramiro’s memories, Cheveyo Tribe’s ranked second and Wild Wind Tribe ranked third among five wild demon king tribes, and they had a good political relationship between them.

‘Now that Cheveyo Demon King had suddenly announced the ludicrous inheritance trial and bound it with the entry in the demon institutes in the royal zone.

‘The first three Cheveyo Princes aren’t qualified to participate in this trial, eliminating them spontaneously, which made those three princes baffled and vindictive.

‘Especially the first Cheveyo Prince, who was also the former crown prince before the demon gate trial was announced, and the second prince who was fighting with the first prince for the throne in the dark. But all of their effects became worthless by Cheveyo Demon King.

‘Now there are four more princes who are qualified to inherit the Cheveyo Demon King title and Thomas is the Sixth Prince and the most talented among his brothers, which made him the prime target of First Prince and Second Prince.

‘That’s why Thomas was here to recruit allies that can help him in the demon gate trial and enter one of the demon institutes. But how can such talents easily rope in?

‘But that idiot didn’t even tell me, it seemed he didn’t want to drag me in this mess anymore, and he might’ve already known his elder brothers will not sit around and use every means to kill him and the other heirs before the demon gate trail. Then the old demon king would have no choice but to choose between those three.’

Ace got all the information about the abrupt inheritance trail of the Cheveyo Tribe and understood Thomas’s situation and couldn’t help but smile wryly.

This was the matter of Wild Demon King Tribe, and it might bring him huge trouble if he helped Thomas. Because those two Cheveyo Princes had a long range of contacts in all five wild demon king tribes, and there might be more assassination attempts.

This will not be good for him in any way if he caught the attention of wild tribes as well and who knows they already had marked him because his friendly relationship with Thomas wasn’t a big secret.

‘This identity had become a colossal headache suddenly, but it also had its advantages. Furthermore, Thomas had never taken advantage of our friendship and even left me out of it despite I took advantage of him, and he knows very well about it. But he still leaves me out of it nevertheless. Heh, what a fool.’

Ace smiled warmly before his eyes turn sharp, ‘Although killing wild demon princes will cause a huge commotion, I can still help that guy shunning hidden dangers while Maddux is not around him.

‘But I have to do it without killing those scions of wild demon king tribes. As long as I don’t touch them, no one would make a tremendous fuss about it, and Blade Demon King also won’t sit ideal either if I show him Feng’s talent and how much he could help Peter. Others can only blame their bad luck if they come in my way.’

Ace smiled deviously before moving into another area to find another demonic beast and also Thomas before Jaxx could make his move.

Besides, he wasn’t too worried about it because Jaxx’s top priority was the resources of Blade Domain, and he had to remain first if he wanted the most precious resources. He would also strive for the top position because he was a wild demon prince!

Thomas was only secondary to Jaxx since in his view it could hunt Thomas down at any time he wanted and there were still three months before the competition ended.

However, Jaxx had never thought someone would raise his grand plan to the ground!

Furthermore, the blade domain competition had become extremely chaotic in these past two days because unknown youths were appearing in blade domain participants’ hunting ground, and it appeared they were hunting them instead of demonic beasts!

This news quickly started to spread in the wild mountain range and after some strong youths from the blade domain captured one of these intruders and integrate them they found out these intruders were participants from the mist domain and their target was to hunt participants from the blade domain!

The most astonishing thing was that not only did the blade domain didn’t take any actions against these youths, but they also didn’t even comment on this and let this situation be like they didn’t notice it.

Many blade domain participants were extremely dissatisfied with this response, and they thought the blade domain was weak and that was why the mist domain was bullying them while the blade domain was only helplessly watching.

Some of them even try to leave the shadow mountain range, but they soon found out that the boundaries that led to the exit were filled with poison mist, and anyone that can touch it was instantly plunged by deadly poison that killed within two days even if they were grazed by it!

This new development greatly alarmed the blade domain youths that wanted to run for their life, but it seemed this was only wishful thinking.

Those with some brains quickly guessed that this was also part of the blade domain competition, and they had to survive under the assault of the mist domain while also completing their targets.

This also made blade domain participants stop fighting among each other and work together in the face of a common enemy, and this turn the calm, gloomy mountain range into a deadly battlefield of survival.

However, this news was only spreading throughout the outer region and the participants in the middle region did not know about this sudden development. They were all busy farming kill points and fighting with each other.

But it won’t be too long before they would face the strongest force of mist domain that was heading toward their way and the clash between them was inevitable!


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