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Eternal Thief – Chapter 402: Mist Demon King Bahasa Indonesia

The Mist Domain was on the other side of the shadow mountain range and for some reason, it was always surrounded by a light layer of white mist and only the mist domain was exempt from this mist.

Although this white mist was only ordinary, some believed this was the doing of the Mist Demon King and the Demon King can control this mist at will and turn it into deadly poison anytime he wanted.

But it was still a baseless rumor since it had never happened before.

At this moment, inside the Demon Mist Castle,

A gray demon was running with a panic-stricken face, despite being a peak diamond soul realm cultivator.

He reached outside a towering white gate and shout urgently, “Gianluca requests an audience with Her Majesty!”

An imposing, euphonious voice sounded from behind the door. “Enter.”

The white doors parted, and an extensive library was revealed, with many old bookshelves and countless books.

Right in the center of this astonishing library were a small jade table and a throne-like white chair.

A graceful beauty was calmly sitting on this throne. She had an oval face with pale gray skin and royal blue eyeballs of the same color, long silky hair, and a pair of small horns.

However, if one looked carefully, one could see vague white mist around this beauty, giving her a mysterious charm and an unapproachable disposition.

She was none other than the Demon King of Mighty Mist Province, Mist Demon King!

Although Mist Demon King was a woman, there wasn’t a title such as the Demon Queen in Demon Race.

Mist Demon King nonchalantly looked at Gianluca, whose head was down. He didn’t dare to look at her because he knew Mist Demon King had a strange charm and anyone with weak willpower who looked at her will be bewitched and entranced by her.

Only Demon Kings’ level existences can remain calm in front of this charming beauty known as the Mist Demon King!

Gianluca dropped to one knee and quickly said with a hint of panic, “Your Majesty, Blade Demon King is here, and he had already broken into the inner domain and currently coming toward the Mist Castle!”

Gianluca clearly knows why Blade Demon King was here, and why he was being so aggressive.

It was all because Mist Demon King decided to hold the competition to hunt youths from Blade Domain, despite knowing Blade Demon King’s overbearing personality.

Furthermore, Gianluca also knows if Blade Demon King goes on a rampage here and Mist Demon King was forced to fight him, half of the Mist Domain might get destroyed.

A fight between two manifestation realms was not a joke, and the royal demon council forbade it, but will Lunatic Blade care about it? The answer was no, that guy will do things first and then think about the consequences!

That was why everyone now panicked, and they all knew this time it was clearly their fault to provoke that lunatic, and now he was here!

However, the nonchalant expression on Mist Demon King didn’t change at all as she coolly said, “Don’t stop him, escort him to the throne hall directly. I’ll be meeting our esteem guest.”

Gianluca was clearly speechless hearing her casual tone, but he didn’t dare to voice his opinion and nodded before leaving.

Mist Demon King suddenly smile beautifully after Gianluca left and mumbled with a hint of melancholia, “You’re as simpleton as ever, dear Blade…”

Ten minutes later,

Inside a beautiful throne room,

Mist Demon King sat on her white throne wearing a gorgeous pink queen dress and looked at the closed door of the throne hall with an impassive expression on her stunning face.


Right at this moment, the hall door smash opened as a tall, middle-aged silver skin demon with a sturdy build appeared, with a grim smile on his handsome face.

He wore a black king robe and two long blades were sheathed around his waist, but his both hands were tightly gripping those two blades’ hilts as he looked at the gorgeous demoness with a hint of complexity in his crimson eyes.

Mist Demon King remained impassive despite Blade Demon King’s barging into the throne room so brashly.

Blade Demon King said at this moment with a gloomy tone, “You owe me an explanation, Mist!”

He was naturally talking about the Mist Domain’s dirty move to hunt down his people and the moment he heard, he quickly departed toward the mist domain, but he didn’t stop the competition.

Mist Demon King coolly said, “You’re as boorish as ever… even after three hundred years, you still didn’t know how to conduct yourself like a Demon King…”

“Cut the crap. I’m not here to listen to your sermon about how to become a demon king. Although I ignore your past conduct on my domain for all these years, this time you have gone too far!”

Demon King Blade shouted as an invisible sharp aura suddenly appeared in the throne hall, and deep cuts appeared all over the throne hall.

However, Mist Demon King coldly harrumphed as a gray barrier appeared around her, and the two forces clashed. But no one got the upper hand, resulting in a stalemate.

The entire hall quivered at this moment, and this wasn’t even the full extent of these two, soul manifestation realm demon kings!

“You want to fight?” Mist Demon King sternly questioned, with a hint of killing intent.

Blade Demon King coldly chuckled and said provokingly, “What do you think?”

“Hmph, fine. I’ll give you an explanation. But don’t think I’m afraid of you. If I beat your sorry ass here, my domain will be destroyed.” Mist Demon King was finally back down as a peculiar glint flashed past her eyes.

“Heh, don’t make me laugh. We both know whose sorry ass is going to be on the floor!” Blade Demon King also retraced his blade intent.

Mist Demon King completely ignore Blade Demon King’s provoking expression and said, “I chose this training program to make those youngsters experience the feeling of fighting their fellow peers and experience what it likes to fight with each other with their life on the line.

“Furthermore, I know you also approved of this method and that’s why you didn’t stop the competition from your side. It’s just that you’re angry because you didn’t come up with this idea yourself. That’s why you’re here to throw one of your childish tantrums.”

Blade Demon King’s expression turn slightly ugly and retorted, “Stop spouting nonsense with that glib mouth of yours. I didn’t stop it because I know your side didn’t stand a chance in front of my side, and you’re going to bleed this time!”

Mist Demon King finally smiled slightly with a hint of sarcasm. “Oh, then why are you here? To see me?”

“I’m here to demand an explanation, as well as to know the exact reason you provoke me into coming here. Others don’t know you, but I know what kind of person you are, and you won’t do anything that won’t benefit you, even if it’s meant to sell yourself!” Blade Demon King didn’t mince his word and coldly utter with a hint of deep resentment.

“Cedric, you’re going too far!” Mist Demon King finally stood up from her throne with an ugly expression on her face, as her oppressive might skyrocket.

“What do you want me to reveal everything happened in the past? Or do you want to forget what you have done for power?” Blade Demon King didn’t back down at all as he kept raising this sensitive topic.

Mist Demon King gritted her teeth with a bitter glint in her eyes as she looked into Blade Demon King’s indignant eyes.

In the end, she didn’t attack and calm herself and returned to her aloof self as she said, “I won’t stoop to your level. Let me cut to the chase. I want the Soul Tracking Talisman in your possession, and I know you won’t hand it over. But how about if we make a bet on this hunting competition?”

Blade Demon King’s eyes narrowed at this moment and coldly said, “What makes you think I’ll bet the one the only high grade-6 soul tracking talisman in the mainland in this competition of youngsters, not to talk about with you of all the people?”

Mist Demon King coolly said as if she expected this response, “What if I bet Sky Sword Manual in my possession? We both know this Sky Sword Manual is as strong as your Blood Blade Manual. Your son Peter needed this manual if he wanted to make further progress in his sword path, and you’ve been searching for this manual for some time now. Am I right?”

Blade Demon King’s expression turned hideous at this moment when Mist Demon King grab his sour nerve, and he finally understood why he hadn’t been able to find this manual on that ruin, it was all because of Mist Demon King’s interception!

He gritted his teeth and said resignedly,

“You want not only my Soul Tracking Talisman, but you also didn’t want to give me Sky Sword Manual. But it seemed you didn’t have any other choice, since I would’ve never agreed if it was something else than my son’s future.

“That’s why you want to gamble instead of exchange to still grab both. You’re just as slutty as before. Let’s bet then… state the terms of this bet!”


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