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Eternal Thief – Chapter 4: I’ll Steal From Heaven Itself! Bahasa Indonesia


Today Ace goes toward the Alchemy Shops in the outer region pill market to buy alchemy pills for Alina.

Ace bought two black alchemy pills from a famous alchemy shop with eight gold coins. Since he knew little about the pill market after asking around, he found this shop and bought pills from here.

Now he only left with one gold coin after he purchased a rundown-hut in the slums for one gold coin. He was determined to save his little sister, no matter the cost.

In a hurry, little did Ace notice shimmering disdain in the shop owner’s eyes when he bought those two black pills. After Ace left the shop owner’s lips move upwards, he smirks cunningly and scornfully.

After feeding Alina that ‘Black Alchemy Pill’, Ace lets her rest for the night.

Early in the morning, Ace wasn’t able to sleep in anxiety. He was like this for three days now. He checks Alina’s condition for the tenth time again, but to his dismay, there is still not even the slightest bit of improvement in little Alina’s illness.

Ace assumed something was amiss with those Black Pills because before selling his old house, he inquiry about these alchemy pills and knew just how miraculous these pills made by alchemy were. These pills can even heal the illness much worse than his sister’s, but this pill is still not working on her. He was unconvinced about these alchemy pills will also not work on Aline like other medicines as well.

Ace went back to the pill market again. However, this time he will go to another not-so-famous pill shop of the outer region pill market.

Ace spotted a little pill shop much meek than the last pill shop and went inside. There was an old man, seemingly in his sixties, sitting in a long chair behind a small counter. He has white short hair & a long white beard on his wrinkly face.

When the old man saw Ace’s skinny appearance and then little tattered clothes on his body, he instantly knows he was a poor kid. The old shop owner was a kind-nature person, so he didn’t chase him away immediately.

He asks with a benevolent smile on his face, “Little brat, what do you want?”

Seeing the old man’s kind smile and his friendly way of speech, his tight nerve loosens a bit, and he spoke respectively to the old shop owner.

“Sir, yesterday I bought these alchemy pills from a famous alchemy shop near here for my ill sister. But it isn’t working on her illness at all. Can Sir, please inspect this pill and tell me if it’s not what she needs and requires some other pill.” As Ace made his request, he takes out that remaining black pill from his pocket and shows it to the old shop owner.

The old man smiled kindly after hearing Ace’s little request and he took the black pill from his hand and examine it seriously. The old man takes a little whiff of his old nose and his smile instantly froze.

He looks at the black pill gravely first and then at little Ace, who was nervously waiting there with both hands clenched together.

‘Sigh…’ Old Man sighed in pity as he looks at Ace and feels quite bad for this poor little boy.

Ace saw the old man’s grave expression and his heart nearly jump out of his chest because he knew something was extremely wrong.

After a moment of silence, the old man said grimly, “This is a ‘fail pill’ meaning it has no healing or curing ability in it. Simply put, it’s just a piece of trash. Sigh.”

When Ace here this he thought the world around him turn dark and he nearly lost his sentience. But he forces himself to remain composed because he could tell that old fat face bastard has duped him and he can’t do anything about it, so this tension would only harm him more. He can’t afford to fall into depression at a time like this when his sister’s condition was still unknown.

‘That fat bastard!’ Ace curses that fat shop owner millions of times in his heart since he can’t do anything to him other than curse silently.

Ace takes a deep breath and suppressed his boiling anger. Ace could guess this old man is a very kind-hearted person. He appraises the pill, asking nothing from him. Because Ace knew if it was someone else in the old man’s shoes, he would’ve kicked him out of the shop the moment he asks that kind of question or asks for compensation.

Because no one wants a poor commoner like him to step into their shops. Mostly rich merchants, especially in the pill market, disdain the poor and common people like him.

“Sir, thank you for your kindness. I’ll remember this favor in my heart.” After sincerely said those words to the old man.

Ace instantly bows deeply after that as he asks with a pleading but resolute voice, “Can Sir, tell me what kind of pill I need to cure my little sister’s illness!”

Ace wanted to know what kind of pill will cure his sister’s ailment and, most importantly, its price! Since he has already lost his money that he won’t be getting back, even if he reports it to the city guard post, he has to raise the money by some other method.

The old man becomes astonished and moves by Ace’s determine eyes and his firm attitude. “From your description, the illness of your sister resembles ‘Nerve Cold Illness’. It’s a rarely seen condition, so you need a ‘Nerve Heating Pill’ to cure it. It is a very expensive pill. It will cost you 1 Ruby Coin!”

(1 Ruby coin = 100 gold coins)

When little Ace heard the cost of this Nerve Heating Pill, he nearly collapsed there. ‘It’s too damn expensive!’

Even if he had his 10 gold coins, he would’ve still missing 90 gold coins. It was an impossible amount for a poor person like him, even if he sold himself!

Ace asks while clenching his teeth, “Sir, Can this pill be able to cure my sister’s illness?” He asks for confirmation one last time.

The old man nodded after seeing Ace’s firm determination because if it was some other commoner just after hearing the price of one ruby coin, he would have fallen into despair already. However, this little boy’s willpower is on another level.

The old man replies while grinning broadly, “I stake my Gale Galos name in it. This pill can cure your sister’s illness ninety-nine percent!”

When Ace sees the old man, Gale grinned at him he felt at ease. He nodded seriously and turns around, leaving the old man Gale Alchemy shop.

While Ace was going back to slums, he saw that fatty bastard shop, and see that fatty was smiling ear to ear as he was counting gold coins.

‘You’ll suffer heaven’s retribution one day!’ Ace grinds his teeth in anger and curses him more fiercely in his heart. He wishes he could steal that shameless fatty gold coins.

Just as he was cursing and thinking about stealing from that fatty bastard, he reaches his home,

Ace just opens the door of the hut when he saw Alina trembling even more and understood her condition was worsening. He rushes to her side and quickly hugs her tightly. She was freezing when he hugs her.

Alina was suffering from extreme cold when she felt warmth and immediately know her big bro was back. A weak smiles bloom on a fairy-like face and she feels a little better.

Ace’s eyes fill with tears when he saw Alina’s weak smile and thought faintly.

‘Life is extremely unfair to me. First My parents, then My Grandparents, and now my only little sister is going to leave me like them.’

“NO!” Ace shouts out loud subconsciously.

He muttered softly, “I didn’t want anyone dear to me to even dies again!”

His voice soared, “I want to fight against this unfair life, I want to fight against this unfair corrupted world, I want to even fight against this damn unfair HEAVEN itself!”

In the end, there was nothing but bitterness and resentment left in his heart.

“Just give the damn power and I’ll fight you all who wanted to steal my sister from me!”

His mind was in a mess after seeing Alina’s peaceful expression as if he was watching those icy bodies of his grandparents all those years ago. All the frustration, pain, and loneness that was hidden deep in his heart for all those years come out like a tidal wave.

Right, when he was denouncing and challenging the unfairness of everything, a strange thought surfaces in his mind, it was just a silly thought. It was so silly and out of this world that he laughs with tears flowing from his eyes.

He thinks,

‘Everyone is stealing from me. What If I have a power that can help me to steal from anything, even Heaven itself!!?’

‘Even if I would become a criminal of Heaven, even if I would become a criminal of Ages I would still steal from you all if it means happiness of my dear ones!’

‘I would steal everything, from this life, these detestable people, and this unfair High-Heaven!!’

Suddenly the Golden sky of the Golden Sky World became pitch black and everything fell into darkness with not a speck of light left. As if Darkness was here paying a personal visit to this small world.

This sudden blackness alarmed every race in the World. Everyone thought a calamity was going to befall them.

Abruptly, inky lightning clouds formed in the back sky. One could vastly view the flashing lightning and heard loud thunderclaps now and then. It was an enchanting sight to behold.

This scenario alarmed every top Expert of the Golden Sky World.

The inky clouds form a huge dark hole with lightning encircling it or a pitch-black portal with lightning as a source of energy. No one knows what that huge thing was, but everyone only has one thought in their minds and that was, ‘A disaster is about to descend.’

However, out of everyone’s expectation, a single Dark Blue lightning descends with a thundering roar.


A thunder boom echoes everywhere across the world.

Something even more absurd happens, that Dark Blue Lightning didn’t fade like normal lightning and instantly darts towards a specific direction like a shooting star, but it was more clear for everyone to see. It was as if this dark blue light has a life of its own.

It turns into a beam of dark blue light and it was so fast that it disappeared in a flash.

Everyone was flabbergasted by this sudden turn of events because after that beam of light vanished from everyone’s view, the dark sky and clouds return to normal as if nothing has happened.

No one knows what that strange lightning was, but since it was a world of cultivation, they instantly think that it was a Heavenly Treasure that falls from Heaven.

Some Top Experts of every race headed towards the light’s direction. But the light was so fast no one was able to catch or chase after it.

Its last direction was towards the Human continent, the Azure Wind Continent.

Top Sects of the Azure Wind continent were included in all this and when the experts of the ancient sects realized was coming in their direction, they immediately become happy, but they also couldn’t catch up with that beam of dark blue light,

It quickly disappears towards the lower-Level Lands.

Meanwhile River-Flower City in slums area.

After a burst of his emotions, Ace was finally calm down and felt quite ridiculous after thinking of his absurd concept of stealing from Heaven itself.

‘No one can steal from Heaven.’ Ace sighed helplessly.

A beam of dark blue light swiftly enters the River-Flower City.

Its direction was shockingly towards the slums area. It was so fast that no one noticed its arrival. In a flash, it enters slums and its target was a rundown Hut with holes on its roof.

It stops and hovers above the Hut roof as if it were observing the little boy inside who was crying and cursing heaven while holding a little beautiful girl in his embrace.

The beam of dark blue light flashes and it directly enters the boy’s head. Its trace of existence disappears like it never existed.

The little boy was none other than Ace.

He was just about to go out to look for a way to collect a Roby coin when he suddenly felt being hit by a melting iron road and felt this head split apart.

He faints on the spot. The last thing Ace remembers before fainting was hearing a sweet crispy voice in his head saying:

“The Installation began….!”


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