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Eternal Thief – Chapter 394: Demon Prince Bahasa Indonesia

After Kori announced the first phase of the training program, every young demon’s blood boil as they were eager to start this competition as soon as possible.

However, some young demons have ambiguous expressions on their faces as they were scanning through the surrounding crowd with hidden coldness.

Kori’s thunderous voice rang again, “Now, everyone heads toward the Training Guild for registration and after this was done, please head toward the west domain gate for further instruction!”

Finishing her sentence, Kori left the platform and all those young demons quickly left the plaza in a hurry and head toward this training guild.

Ace, with Thomas, was also going toward the training guild as well.

Thomas said at this moment, “It’s more like a survival trail than a hunting trail. What do you think, brother Feng?”

Ace was startled for a moment and nodded in agreement with Thomas and said, “Yes, killing those late stage third grade demonic beasts is not difficult for most of us since almost everyone is on the same level, but what is truly difficult is founding those hundred beasts.

“If my guess is right, there might be over thirty million demons taking part in this training phase and individual hunts a hundred beasts each we would need over three hundred million beasts and I don’t think this many demonic beasts of satisfactory rank even exist in the shadow mountain range.

“So, those who wanted to pass this first phase had to plunder from others, and no one will let go of such an opportunity just like that. In the end, it will be a bloodbath, a survival of the fittest!”

Thomas solemnly. He had the same thought as Ace.

He sighed and said, “This is the easiest way of getting rid of the weakest bunch and only the strong will remain. I don’t think only the blade demon king is doing such a thing, and it might happen all over the mainland as we speak.”

Ace chuckled and said, “Well, no one can blame them since this demon gate trail was becoming so big they had to use some methods to cut down the numbers. If you’re afraid, why don’t you go and accompany sister Milly, huh?”

Thomas sneered at Feng’s joking words and said, “Fuck off, who’s afraid? Those brats better pray they won’t encounter me, or they can say goodbye to their dear life. You, on the other hand, have to hide since everyone seemed to after your title.”

Ace smiled. He knows what Thomas was saying. He was a demon earl and didn’t have any big background, so everyone might target him for his title and fame.

He said while shrugging his shoulder, “I just have to run then.”

“Shameless!” Thomas spat in frivolity with fake disdain.

They had become close friends these days and always joke around like this.

Just like that, they finally reached an enormous building which look newly built and there was a golden signboard in the front ‘Training Guild’ and there were fifty long queues right outside the entrance slowly moving.

Thomas couldn’t help but exclaimed while cursing, “Shit, we have to wait for hours like this and there are still demons coming!”

Ace also frowned, seeing the long queues.

“Waiting is only for weak, strong made their own way!”

At this moment, an imposing voice sounded from behind them and many demons turn around to see just who this arrogant guy was with cold eyes.

This newcomer was 2.5-meter-tall with a toned build. He wore plain violet color robes with a silver blade insignia on its back. His face was overly handsome and masculine, with bright silver skin and crimson eyeballs like burning flames. His long red hair was fluttering in the wind like a raging fire, while his two silver horns were as sharp as two thin blades.

A long sword was sheathed around his waist in silver scabbards. He had a provoking smile on his pale silver lips as he looked at Ace.

Ace frowned. He could feel faint hostility from this guy, and he was giving him a familiar feeling for some reason, but he knew he had never seen this guy before, or he knows from his soul signature.

At this moment, a demon exclaimed within the crowd of demons, “T-that… crimson eyes and silver skin and sword… could it be the Sword Genius of Silver Blade Clan and youngest son of His Majesty Blade Demon King… Prince Peter Silver Blade!”

This small voice was like a stone in the calm river, which create many ripples as everyone started exclaiming in low voices and looked toward this demon with reverence in their eyes.

Peter was the youngest prodigy of the dominant clan of Blade Demon Tribe, and he was the only one of his brothers and sisters who walk on a different path from his father, the path of dual blades!

Furthermore, he even achieved startling progress and achievement in the sword path by comprehending the half sword intent before the age of seventy, becoming the youngest genius of mighty blade province.

Until someone else appeared not younger them him and that sole genius status shattered, this person was none other than Rising Sword Earl, Feng Demon Sword!

Peter didn’t hate Feng to snatched his fame at all, on the contrary, he saw Feng as his rival and wanted to compete with him because from a young age Peter had no rival of the same age nor did anyone dare to provoke him because of his status and father. This made him somewhat lonely.

But after Feng appeared, Peter felt this person was worthy of being his rival and looking forward to competing with him.

Peter didn’t need to take part in these competitions at all, but he insisted on doing to test Feng and see if he was worthwhile his attention or if he was also just like others and only barked with no prowess at all.

Ace naturally heard the whispering of the demons around them and Thomas also seemed to identify this demon as he said with a smile, “Heh, I never thought I would meet His Highness in a place like this.”

Peter seemed to finally notice Thomas as he heard his easygoing voice without any hint of fear or respect.

Others also found Thomas’s behavior quite darning and couldn’t help but thought he was offending a tiger without being afraid of being eaten alive.

Peter’s eyes flashed with a hint of enlightenment and said ambiguously, “I never thought I would meet someone other than him who can give me some challenge.”

This comment made the other demons flabbergasted because it was like Peter acknowledged Thomas’s existence and prowess, which made everyone wary of Thomas.

Peter naturally knows about the existence of five Wild Demon Kings, and he had heard one of the heirs of the Wild Demon King was also here to train for the demon gate trial, and he was a soul cultivator.

So, the moment Peter sensed the deeply hidden soul Qi fluctuation from Thomas, he quickly knows his identity but didn’t expose him.

In a sense, Thomas’s status was equal to Peter’s, it just that it can’t be made public, but since he already knows who Thomas was, it would be rude for him to treat him like a side character.

Thomas merely chuckled at this moment. He had already guessed this guy had found out about him, just like Feng.

A weapon cultivator’s sense was always sensitive toward danger, and a soul cultivator like him was extremely dangerous!

Feng finally spoke at this moment. His tone was not supercilious nor overly polite. “Waiting is only for weak, strong made their own way… His Highness’s words are wise. This Feng is convinced of his highness’s wisdom.”

Peter’s eyes narrowed slightly. He could tell Feng wasn’t afraid of him at all and only speaking out of courtesy, nothing more.

“Hand them over,” Peter said to the old man behind him, who seemed to be invisible all this time, and everyone finally noticed him.

The old man smiled slightly as he suddenly threw something toward Feng and Thomas.

They both caught it with slightly knit brows.

Even Ace felt this old man was extremely powerful, as even he didn’t notice his presence and thought of him as a mortal and became even more vigilant toward him.

Nonetheless, they saw they were storage rings and looked toward Peter for an explanation.

Peter chuckled, “There are your participant tags and other information you needed to know about this training season. You both don’t need to stand here any longer. Follow me now. I’ll take you to a good place where only someone like us can enter! Of if you’re afraid, you can just return them to me and enter those queues.”

Thomas looked at Ace, and Ace nodded with a smile.

“Please lead the way, your highness.” Both of them said in unison.

Everyone looked at those two leaving with Peter with envy, but they know they didn’t have the qualification to enter the Demon Prince’s eyes, and they can only prove themselves with this competition!


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