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Eternal Thief – Chapter 391: Conversation with All-Knowing Parrot (1) Bahasa Indonesia

“… I am known by the name… All-Knowing Parrot!”

Ace’s eyes narrowed the moment this familiar name rang from the cube.

How could he not know about the All-Knowing Parrot, since he went after him for his secret information organization at one point and failed miserably?

He never thought the person he once wanted to find and capture would turn the table on him one day. He also seemed to thoroughly underestimate this All-Knowing Parrot’s capabilities of collecting information, and it seemed he wasn’t just a small-time information broker and syndicate boss, either.

Although he had already known about the Spica Syndicate for some time now, since he can’t get his hands on the boss, he almost forgot about it. But now the boss of this syndicate approached him out of nowhere and instantly put him in a disadvantageous position. How could he not lament his bad luck?

Ace couldn’t help but let loose a bitter chuckle as he said, “Who would’ve thought the rumors about Boss All-Knowing Parrot information network being the number one in the entire almighty demon empire would be true and well deserved.”

He admired this person’s abilities to collect information, and couldn’t help but felt bitter when he thought he didn’t have such a network, or he might not fall into such a situation at all.

All-Knowing Parrot said, “Heh, I can’t hold a candle to you Mr. Sky Stealer, you dare to provoke the royal zone despite knowing our positions and even taunt them again with your last ‘public stunt’ I didn’t know if you’re courageous or reckless.”

Ace pull a wry smile and thought, ‘It’s not like I wanted to do that, but I have no choice in this matter.’

However, his mind suddenly jolted at this moment, ‘Knowing our position… what did he mean by that? He also said first… I’m also like you… which implied something else. Could it be that he’s the real?!’

Ace couldn’t help but be startled by this notion, and just as he was about to question, the green cube dimmed down and returned to its dormant self.

Ace quickly opened it and saw the Qi stone has turned into powder, which implied it has been completely depleted within two minutes.

But Ace sighed in relief since it wasn’t broken. This means he just had to put more Qi stones to activate it again and he does so just that.

Again, the connection was established and All-Knowing Parrot’s cheeky voice sounded, “This Myriad Miles Communication Cube can burn quite several Qi stones, but it seemed you don’t have to worry about it.”

However, Ace wasn’t in the mood to discuss this Myriad Miles Communication Cube and quickly questioned sternly, “Are you a Hex Magic-User?”

He wasn’t a fool and could easily guess this All-Knowing Parrot also contact him because he also thought of him as a hex magic user, while he deliberately gave hints that he was the same as him.

Furthermore, he also found it quite strange that this person was so friendly toward him and even used this precious Myriad Miles Communication Cube to contact him. But he still didn’t trust him enough to show his face, but he wanted to use this precious communication cube to talk with, which also showed he wanted to see if Ace was worthy to meet him or not or was qualified to pull him on his side.

All-Knowing Parrot playfully questioned back without even intent to deny this, “Since you already know, why are you asking the obvious?”

‘Fuck, you dare to say this? You are easily living a comfortable life while being the biggest enemy of the demon race, while I’m being hunted despite not knowing anything at all and not having anything to do with you guys at all? Are you freaking kidding me?!’ Ace cursed inwardly, but he didn’t say it out loud.

First, he wanted the information about this hex magic, and second, this All-Knowing Parrot seemed to know about many secrets, so he wanted to see if he could use it to his advantage. Lastly, he wanted to see if he could fool this guy into revealing himself, so he could get his information network just like he wanted first.

Ace ambiguously answered, “Is that so? Why did you approach me?”

All-Knowing Parrot didn’t find this question strange since she also knows Ace was quite capable, and he didn’t need her help at all, nor did he have any reason to work for her when he can easily escape even demon dukes.

All-Knowing Parrot said truthfully, “It’s very simple actually, I have something which you won’t be able to refuse and we both need it, so I’m proposing a collaboration.”

‘Something we both needed? Means something court by a hex magic user and since he was to collaborate with me, this means he can’t get his hands on this thing alone. Let me see what you want.’

Ace quickly guess All-Knowing Parrot’s predicament and said coolly, “Oh, what kind of collaboration can you please tell me? If it’s something useful to me, I don’t mind working together with you.”

All-Knowing Parrot answered as if she already guessed Ace’s answer, “I know the location of Myriad Hex Manual!”

However, Ace’s reaction was only subpar when he heard this name because he had no clue what this Myriad Hex Manual was, nor he was interested. But All-Knowing Parrot can’t see Ace’s expression, so she didn’t know this, and this gave Ace an absolute advantage.

Ace pretend to be elated as he blurted, “What?! Tell me where is it and how do you know about it?”

However, All-Knowing Parrot wasn’t just going to give away all the information either. She was planning to hold this information to control Ace.

She said through the cube, “Heh, I know Mr. Sky Stealer will be interested in our most important secret manual which was taken away by the royal family after our tribes’ destruction since it can’t be destroyed. But I can’t trust you completely with such a thing. What if you escaped with it and I know you are capable of such a thing, and I know you won’t trust me either, right?”

Ace narrowed his eyes. He got quite shocked when All-Knowing Parrot revealed such a vital piece of information which gave him some understanding of this hex magic user thing.

‘So, this hex magic user was an entire demon tribe but was destroyed by the royal family, and it seemed they were quite capable since the royal family has to make a move personally. But this secret manual seemed even more astonishing since it can’t be destroyed. But he would be a fool to think if I would be agreed to snatch something from a tiger’s mouth,’ Ace mocked inwardly.

After inserting another Qi stone into the cube, he said, “So, what do you have in mind to make both of us trust each other?”

All-Knowing Parrot promptly said as if she was waiting for these exact words, “Since we are both remnants of Hex Demon Tribe, there’s no need to fight with each other and I know how it felt to live in constant fear and famine. So, if we’re able to snatch our tribe’s biggest legacy, the Myriad Hex Manual from the royal family, we can revive our tribe, and you don’t need to stoop to the level of a mere thief as well. So, we’ll form a Hex Soul Pack. With this pack, we can’t betray each other, and we won’t have to be wary of each other in the future as well. What does Mr. Sky Stealer think?”

‘Hex Demon Tribe…’ Ace’s eyes shimmered in understanding at this moment.

He finally had some understanding of what was going on here and what this hex magic user was about.

‘I’m dragged into this in this conflict of generations unknowingly, and it seemed this All-Knowing Parrot is determent to get his hands on his secret manual and even willing to form this Hex Soul Pack which seemed quite a big deal just by name.

‘If I agreed too quickly, he would suspect me and if I don’t agree then I’ll expose myself by alternatively telling him I’m not interested in this secret manual which might rub this guy in the wrong way, and I’ll make a powerful enemy for no good reason, and he knows about element sword intent which I don’t want to anyone finding out yet.

‘Who knows the royals might go crazy after finding out their arch enemy can use element sword intent, and they used the entire power to get rid of this future trouble, and I’m not confident in escaping this continent and I have no idea where to go from here so either I have to get rid of this guy or control him…’

Ace’s eye gleamed with a dark light as he said, “I agree with your suggestion.”

Ace merely said these words and didn’t open his mouth for anything else. He might give himself away if he tried to be smart.

All-Knowing Parrot ecstasy overlapping voice sounded, “I know Mr. Sky Stealer will see the bigger picture. Since it’s a Hex Soul Pack, we need to meet. But I know you can’t leave the blade domain, but we’ll get our chance very soon. I’m looking forward to meeting a fellow tribesman!”


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