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Eternal Thief – Chapter 373: Title with Drawbacks & Benefits (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Ace was currently standing in front of Clay while wearing a solemn expression.

The same ocean demon elders were standing right behind Clay with a pacified look on their faces. There was also another middle-aged demon with green skin and yellow eyes and short hair.

This middle-aged demon wore a gentle smile on his face as he looked at Feng. He said faintly, “I never thought I would meet another sword path genius besides His Highness Peter in his province. You’re indeed very good!”

Ace heard from Clay that this middle-aged demon was an envoy, specially sent here from the king domain by Blade Demon King!

Furthermore, this envoy was here to take him to King Domain, which made Ace frown since it would foil his plans and he can’t leave for King Domain right now because of obvious reasons.

He never thought this title would cause this situation.

However, he also knows this was Blade Demon King’s way of protecting him as well as showing appreciation for his talent.

‘The rumor about Blade Demon King being generous and righteous seemed quite true. But I can’t go to the king domain right now. I have to stall his envoy somehow. This is a hazard as well as a chance!’ Ace mused.

He replied while greeting this envoy, “I’m just a nobody, while his highness Peter is someone with great fortitude. I can’t take this senior praise.”

Peter was none other than the Blade Demon King’s son, and also the only sword path genius who comprehended the half sword intent until Ace showed up.

The Blade Envoy smiled broadly, “Indeed His Highness, Peter had great fortitude, but you’re not bad yourself.”

Right now, everyone knows about Feng’s history because of his sudden rise.

‘He isn’t like describe in those documents. How could someone who walks on the path of the sword be that nauseating? It was clearly a façade to fool everyone and to protect himself. He’s indeed worth of His Majesty’s praise and care.’

The envoy was one of the closest aids of Demon King, and he followed him for almost a thousand years. He knew his master’s disposition very well.

Although he was sent here to fetch Feng, he was also here to judge his character and disposition. If Feng was really the same as the documents described him to be, he would report it to the Demon King, and he knew Feng would be in big trouble then.

But if it was just a sham to cover himself, then Demon King will, even more, appreciate Feng’s character and deemed him worthy of nurturing.

Until now, Feng hasn’t shown any kind of pride or arrogance, nor did he give off any wicked feeling. If he does this, the envoy would definitely know because of his bloodline ability, ‘Aura Discrimination’. Which allowed him to sense wickedness from others.

He didn’t sense any kind of wickedness in Feng at all, which gave him a wonderful impression of Feng as well.

“Elder Clay, please proceed with your title bestowment ceremony. I won’t hinder you anymore.” The Blade Envoy said apologetically to Clay.

Clay laugh lightly and said, “I have heard about the famous Aura Blade Envoy long ago and the rumors can’t relate to the real things at all.”

How could Clay doesn’t know about this Aura Blade Envoy’s special ability?

The moment he showed up, Clay knew Blade Demon King wanted to test Feng’s character. That was why this Aura Blade Envoy showed up, and he also wanted to see if Feng’s attitude was just a façade or if he was really humble.

And it seemed Feng had passed the test, which greatly elated him as well.

Ace, on the other hand, had no idea about this at all.

Clay looked toward Feng solemnly as he took out a golden paper with a long string of wordings.

This paper was eighteen inches long and ten inches wide, and there were thousands of symbols engraved on its four borders.

Ace’s eyes dilated when he saw this golden paper. ‘A loyalty contract?’

He was too familiar with these loyalty contracts, and he didn’t think the royal demon council used them. Thomas also didn’t tell him, which could only mean two things. First, he was also bound by some conditions of this contract, or he simply didn’t care about this contract.

Clay said in a solemn tone, “Feng, this is a loyalty contract that every entitled demon has to sign on his entitlement. Although our royal demon council is very lax with its members, there are some rules which can never be broken and as a warrior of the demon race we are abided by these rules and this contract is just to make sure it remains the same.”

He handed the contract to Ace, so he could read it without saying another word.

The Aura Blade Envoy also looked solemn. He was also titled Aura Demon Duke, entitled by the royal demon council, and he himself had signed the same contract. He knew even Demon Kings had to sign these contracts, so they never rebelled against the crown.

Or, it was impossible for the crown to give the management of over half the continent to eight king tribes without even worrying about the rebellion. This contract had become stricter after the Hex Demon Race rebellion.

Although these titled demons got many benefits after entitlement, these benefits came with a price, and the price was their lifetime loyalty toward the crown.

They can order these title demons in the time of wars or invasions, and they can’t refuse at all.

But the world was at peace for a long time and no one dares to pick a fight with the demon race if they didn’t have a death wish, that is. This was also the reason these demons just sign it off without being worried about the call and live their life in luxury and limelight.

Ace also notice these points and all in all this contract was only to stop these demons from rebelling and harming the royal demon council in any way, and they have to lend a hand if the council or royal zone experienced any kind of danger no matter what.

Furthermore, two points confused Ace, these points were,

‘Point 18: No ‘Hex Magic’ shall be practiced at any cost!’

‘Point 19: If the signer had practiced ‘Hex Magic’ before, then this contract cannot be signed and the ‘Hex Magic User’ shall die as a result!’


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