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Eternal Thief – Chapter 366: Royal Demon Council Pavilion Bahasa Indonesia

[Host has just made the first Thief Promise]

-Thief Promise: An unbreakable promise of a Heaven’s Stealer

-Abstract: Theft is not just about stealing for one’s own benefits and motives. Sometimes a theft was done for the greater good and for others who were in need.

-Description (1): A Thief Promise can only be triggered when the host willingly agreed to take a mission from someone else who’s desperately in need of host thieving abilities.

-Description (2): The system will instantly trigger a mission when the possessor of a Thief Promise declared their reasonable request.

-Description (3): If the bearer had any malice against the host, the Thief Promise will be deemed void by the system.

[Host has gained a one-time reward for triggering the Thief Promise, one of the creeds of Heaven’s Stealer!]

[Reward (s): 100,000 EXP, 100,000 SP]

[Do you want to use the EXP and SP?]



Ace was gobsmacked by this sudden revelation by the system. He never thought his one promise will trigger this Thief Promise thing, which he had no clue was even possible.

Furthermore, he could easily see that this Thief Promise can’t be just triggered because he gave his promise, but it also depended on the other party’s sincerity as well.

‘Doesn’t this mean if Thomas had any malicious thoughts, or he wasn’t in need of my abilities, I would still be in the dark about this? Well, at least I know Thomas is sincere about his words, and I’m glad I make such a promise,’ Ace mused.

However, his expression changed the next moment, and he quickly asked while gazing at Thomas, who was deep in thought about that strange feeling.

“Hey, system, don’t tell me you tell Thomas about it? And don’t release this EXP and SP I can’t breakthrough here!”

If this was the case, then doesn’t that mean his identity will reveal?

Although he wasn’t sure if Thomas will still have such veracity after finding his real identity. But he was sure Thomas will definitely raise his guard against him, and he had a soul embryo realm cultivator protecting him!

This could instantly turn bad for Ace!

“[Don’t worry, host, a Thief Promise is a sacred promise made by a heaven’s stealer, and it’s his duty to complete it. But if the other knows about it, then there’s no need to make such a promise, which can be used against a Heaven’s Stealer and threaten his life.]”

System coldly assured Ace.

Ace sighed in relief because it would really be a disaster if others can use this absurd unbreakable promise against him, and it seemed the system won’t let anyone take advantage of this loophole at all.

But he still felt deep respect toward his predecessors, Heaven’s Stealers, to give such promises to help those who were in need and for the greater good.

This also clarified that Heaven’s Stealers weren’t someone evil or heartless bunch, they were thieves with principles, and Ace felt proud of walking this path now more than ever!

Thomas finally snapped out of his stupor and thought that feeling was just his imagination, but he still felt quite grateful to Feng for this promise, which was more than enough for him.

“Brother Feng, your words are enough to show your goodwill, and you really consider me a genuine friend. I’m glad I came here and befriend someone like you.” Thomas said with an elated expression.

‘He’s really clueless.’ Ace smiled faintly, “Brother Thomas, I’m also quite glad I meet you here. But my previous promise still stands as long as there’s anything I can help you with. I will do it. Don’t hesitate to tell me. My promises are nothing to joke about.”

Ace jokingly said the last part, but he was telling the truth in a sense, and now it was on Thomas to use Ace’s thief promise wisely, and he naturally won’t tell about it to him.

“Hahaha, don’t worry. I won’t let you go back on your words, either.” Thomas chucked.

“Young Master, we arrive at the royal demon council branch.” The coachman’s voice sounded at this moment.

“Heh, time sure passes quickly. Let’s go. I want to see those old men’s baffled expressions.”

Thomas jollily disembark the carriage and Ace followed suit.

Ace saw in front of him a twenty-story pavilion with a beautiful design and craftsmanship. There was an imposing golden sign board which speed ‘Demon Royal Council Pavilion of Ocean Demon Fief.’

“Quite exaggerating, right? It’s only natural since they collected absurd taxis from all over those provinces for the royal zone. We, on the other hand, didn’t need to pay anything since we lived in mountains and forests.” Thomas scoffed with a hint of disdain.

Ace also nodded. He had memories about the ocean demon tribe collecting half of the demon sword tribe’s annual resources, and they were naturally unhappy about it as well.

They both enter the pavilion after Thomas showed his demon earl token. Those guards didn’t dare to stop them.

The interior of the pavilion was quite lavishing and spacious.

It wasn’t too crowded, and only fifteen demons were gathering around a big counter where three female demons were managing those demons.

These demons were also here to try their luck at the ‘Noble Demon’ tile, which was the lowest title amount of noble demon titles.

There were six individual noble demon titles that the royal demon council could issue, ‘Noble, Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, and Duke. As for a King title, it can only be gained from the Demon Emperor.

But all these six noble demon titles were very hard to gain because they had absurd trials attached to them, and titles like Marquis and Duke can’t be gained just by completing the trial.

These individuals had to earn some merits for the royal demon council by completing dangerous missions, and only then they can reach the requirements to attend the trial of Marquis and Duke level titles.

Even Noble Demon Tittle wasn’t easy to get not to talk about, there was also a mortality rate of 95% as well!


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