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Eternal Thief – Chapter 353: Thief’s Charity (Inverse and Reverse) Bahasa Indonesia

The Ocean Demon City was bustling with visitors nowadays and this made the atmosphere of the duke city very lively.

As for its reason, it was all because the Ocean Demon Duke announced forming a team of his duchy for the upcoming Demon Gate Trial. He invited every heroic youth from his duchy to Ocean Demon City.

If this was all, then there might be some ambitious tribes who’ll choose the path of going alone and hoard all the benefits without sharing them with anyone, but now they can’t.

Because of the Blade Demon King’s decree about training every youth who was eligible for this trial in his domain and he’ll even bestow resources on promising youths.

Everyone knows about Blade Demon King’s reputation, so no one doubted his words.

That was why everyone chose to send their participants toward the King Demon and let them train under King Domain’s experts, and this will also increase their chances of passing the trail tremendously.

Furthermore, the Blade Demon King wasn’t the only one who made such promises every Demon King in eight provinces announced as such and now every tribe was sending their youths toward King Domains, which were always off-limits for title tribes below Demon Marquis.

Demon Duke Livy had given two months’ worth of time to everyone to get here, or he won’t care about those who were left behind. No one dared to disobey him and even if those demon marquis tribe wanted to head over toward King Domain, they don’t dare offend Livy, because offending Duke Livy will not go in their favor because of the connection between the old ocean duke and the demon king.

Moreover, everyone knew the tragic fate of Iron Demon City and the Dark Gibbon Tribe. Those tribes vanished in a single night, leaving only a black wasteland in the Iron Demon City’s place.

This naturally made every demon in ocean demon dukedom terrified, and they thought it was Duke Livy’s doing, so they didn’t dare to antagonize him.

Livy was also flabbergasted with the Iron Demon City condition first and the disappearance of Henrik, but he got the Blade Demon King’s letter about Henrik’s death, which made him depressed to no end.

Henrik was, after all, one of the four soul realm cultivators of his tribe, so how could he not be depressed when he died just because of a thief?

But he can’t do anything about it. He knew the person behind Henrik’s death was a terrifying existence who can make the ocean demon tribe’s fate the same as Iron Demon Tribe and Dark Gibbon Tribe.

So, in the end, he just suppressed the news about Henrik’s death and pretend as if nothing has happened, and didn’t mention Iron Demon City ever.

But he remained vigilant because Blade Demon King warned him that the hateful thief was still on the loss and to keep an eye for him since he appeared twice in his territory.

This made Livy, even more, perplexed his hatred for this thief was too deep, and he didn’t want to suffer the same fate as the Iron Demon City, so he had all his men patrol around the city twenty-four hours and check every demon thoroughly who enter the city.

If he had the choice, he didn’t want to let any other demon enter his city, not until that thief was caught or appeared somewhere else from his duchy. But just like any other demon, he would not miss this chance to plant his clansmen into the royal zone, so this risk was worth it!

However, what Livy wouldn’t ever expect was the thief was none other than the foreigner who appeared mysteriously in his city over two years ago and escape with the help of a traitor.

He almost forgot about those two, since they were just some insignificant characters in his eyes. He just suppressed the news about the foreigner being escaped his imprisonment and since no news come in these years, he has completely forgotten about them, thinking they’re killed by those wild tribes.

But what Livy would never have thought was those two insignificant fugitives were currently eyeing his city gates from a distance without any good intention!

Ace looked at the long line of carriages outside the Ocean Demon City and chucked, “It’s quite lively here, huh?”

Noa’s eyes were icy as she looked at the tall city walls and snorted, “That bastard, clearly vigilant of the Leader coming here.”

“Well, I don’t blame him. If he still didn’t become vigilant after the Iron Demon City tragedy, then he’ll be an idiot.” Ace chuckled coldly before saying, “Do you think they’ve found out about your tribe’s secret passage?”

Ace was hoping to enter from the same hidden passage they escaped from last time. It was extremely convenient and Noa can also live there since it was quite spacious.

Noa didn’t have any means to change her appearance like him, so it won’t be good if someone managed to discover her real identity, and Ace knew there was a chance her identity might be exposed since she live once in the city. So, he wanted her to remain in that hidden passage and only came out after she master her movement technique.

Noa also understood Ace’s intentions, so she replied, “I don’t think they discovered it, and it’ll be the perfect place for our hideout.”

“Let’s go then. I still need to find a new face, though.” Ace smiled faintly.

They both move toward the direction of the hidden passage.

Just as Noa said, no one found the hidden passage of her tribe, and they didn’t find anyone else trails.

After they cover their tracks, they go toward the hidden room, which was connected to the alleyway in the ocean demon city.

Ace turn around and looked at Noa. He could feel her anxious emotions and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do this without you, but you still can’t go out right now, not until grasping your movement skill.”

Noa nodded in understanding, but there was still a hint of unwillingness in her eyes.

Ace sighed before he took out two untied books from his thief’s space and handed them to Noa.

“See, if you could learn those skills, they’re created by me and very handy when it comes to stealing and spreading your fame. The first one is ‘Soul Threads’ and the second one is ‘Thief’s Charity (Inverse and Reverse). Both skills are soul skills and go well with each other. I explain the usage of both of them as well. I know you’ll like them!” Ace smiled ambiguously.

He was giving away his core stealing skills to Noa right now. Especially the Thief’s Charity (Inverse and Reverse), was the improved version of Thief’s Charity. Not only it can send a small item sneakily, but it can also pick-pocket small items like storage rings.

Although it wasn’t as powerful as the original pick-pocket that can steal any size of items or as stealthy as the actual skill, it was still enough for Noa as long as she used it carefully!

One had known the original pick-pocket was a skill; fuel on heavenly Qi, and it was the only basic skill Ace was still using, and it has not lost its effect at all!

On the other hand, Noa’s eyes were open wide with astonishment when she heard Ace saying he created those two skills himself, and they were also soul skills on top of that!

She wasn’t like Ace, who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. She knew just how difficult it was to create a skill, and only someone with extremely deep comprehension abilities can achieve such a feat.

Nevertheless, Noa knew Ace was very young, and he wasn’t even a river core cultivator yet, but he still created those two skills. That’s what made her truly shocked. His sky-like potential!

If Ace told her this wasn’t the only skills he created and there were still his sword skills and movement skills, she might curse him.

A thought surfaced in Noa’s mind, and she asked quickly, “L-leader a-are you a soul cultivator as well?”

She clearly remembered seeing him using martial Qi, but she now felt doubtful when she thought about Ace’s mysterious abilities like ‘soul search’ and now he was giving her soul skills and without any prior understanding of the soul path, he can’t create these skills.

But even she didn’t dare to believe he can use both soul and marital Qi together. She didn’t think it was possible, even if you have the help of a goddess!

“I’m a soul cultivator…” Ace smiled ambiguously, “But also a martial cultivator!”


Noa’s mind went blank when she heard Ace confirming her guess, as she stared into the void for a long time. She didn’t even know how to react. She didn’t have words for it. Furthermore, she just felt she was daydreaming.

Ace chucked amusingly, he expected this kind of reaction and said jokingly, “It’s my cultivation method that only I can cultivate and that’s why I’m your leader!”


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